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The ROI of Why

  • ROI of Why S02E03 - 12 Habits of Authentic Leaders

    25 APR 2022 · In this week's episode of ROI of Why, Graham and Drew link up with JD Messinger to discuss the 12 Habits of Authentic Leaders. Jonathan D. (JD) Messinger is a corporate visionary, #1 best-selling author, inspirational speaker, and personal advisor. He began life as a fireman and went on to become CEO of Ernst & Young Consulting, South East Asia. Nominated as CNBC Asian CEO of the year, he was an advisor to the Singapore Prime Minister, Fortune 100 companies, members of parliament, and dignitaries around the world on global, industrial, and human evolution. His writing has been featured in major publications around the world.
    41m 59s
  • S02E02 - Small Giants Making a Huge Impact

    28 JUN 2021 · On this week's episode of the ROI of Why, Graham and Andrew link up with Hamsa Daher of Small Giants to discuss the massive impact they have made within the purpose driven landscape. The Small Giants Community is a designated L3C organization, a hybrid between a for-profit and a nonprofit entity that prioritizes mission and social purpose. Passionate, purposeful business leaders from around the world look to Small Giants to train and develop future leaders in their organizations, connect with like-hearted peers, and learn how to run a values-driven business.
    34m 36s
  • S02E01 - The Fellow Travelers

    3 MAY 2021 · Graham and Drew kick off season two with a bang. They discuss silver linings, business as a force for good, and the concept of fellow travelers.
    27m 7s
  • S01E41 - Reflecting on a Season of Purpose

    4 MAY 2020 · For the last episode of season one of The ROI of Why, we’re celebrating all the good we’ve discovered in our business community by looking back on our favorite conversations on this show. We’ll share the moments that inspired and enlightened us—and how we can apply these lessons to the unique world we live in now.
    26m 15s
  • S01E40 - How GivingTuesday is Supporting Nonprofits’ Missions Throughout the Pandemic

    20 APR 2020 · As everyday life shifts into a strange new normal, we’ve seen several nonprofits wonder how their fundraising fits in. These are tough times for everyone, but nonprofits can’t just pause their mission—those they serve still need them. GivingTuesday, the organization that usually facilitates charitable donations the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, has created GivingTuesday to take some pressure off concerned nonprofits. On Tuesday, May 5, GivingTuesday is hosting an online giving event that allows you to give to your local nonprofit organizations. Today, we’re discussing Firespring’s and Do More Good’s roles in GivingTuesday and how we can help nonprofits utilize the resources GivingTuesday provides. To learn more about GivingTuesday and how your nonprofit can participate, get in touch with us—we’re happy to help.
  • S01E39 - How to Build a Purpose That Actually Resonates With Your Team

    13 APR 2020 · Electronic Contracting Company has provided custom designed electronic solutions to clients across the Midwest for over 60 years. Part of the reason they’ve survived for so long is willingness to adapt without compromising their service or vision. Matt Thorne, the executive vice president of Electronic Contracting Company, has been with the company for 24 years and is helping usher its culture into a new era. This week, Matt talks us through the process of redefining company culture by getting all team members involved in identifying company core values. When core values come from within and reflect the reality of all team members, everyone can take ownership of the principles that drive their purpose. This episode was recorded on 2/25/2020
    30m 34s
  • S01E38 - How Compelling Core Values Can Help Any Organization

    6 APR 2020 · Allo is a fiber optic internet, phone and cable provider powered by hundreds of team members based across Nebraska and Colorado. Allo’s core values—be honest, exceptional, local and hassle-free—are not only a reminder of what Allo stands for, they drive how the company acts and grows. Our guest this week, Dave Miller, Allo’s director of ethical engagement, discusses how and why core values should be a powerful driving force in any company. Even large, decentralized companies like Allo can benefit from staying honed in on their value system. As Dave says, “When your core values are the loudest voice in the room, everybody wins.”
    28m 7s
  • S01E37 - How Launch Leadership is Building the Next Generation of Purpose-Driven Leaders

    30 MAR 2020 · Today at the round table of purpose and impact, we are joined by Randy Hawthorne and Graham Pansing Brooks to talk all things Launch Leadership. Randy, the executive director of Launch, has been involved in the organization for years and watched it grow from a student council organization to a comprehensive summer leadership workshop. The key tenet of Launch is that every student has the potential to be great leader in their own way—Launch provides them the skills and tools to put their leadership in action. This week, we discuss the power of developing leadership from a young age to build a stronger, more purposeful future. This episode was recorded on February 3, 2020. Visit for updates on their summer programming.
    30m 43s
  • S01E36 - How Companies are Bringing Hope Through Crisis With Graham Pansing Brooks

    23 MAR 2020 · In such a strange time as this, it’s not strange for individuals and organizations to feel a bit lost. And that’s okay—we’re all in this difficult time together. Luckily, there are a lot of amazing people and companies working hard to support their communities right now. Today, we would like to discuss some of the organizations we’ve seen go above and beyond to serve others in hopes of bringing our ROI of Why community some hope and inspiration. Stay safe, stay positive, stay rooted in purpose.
    33m 8s
  • S01E35 - How Businesses Can Build With a Legacy Mindset with Graham Pansing Brooks

    16 MAR 2020 · Graham Pansing Brooks joins us on the podcast once again this week with a treasure trove of knowledge from the Stagen Reunion—a conference for businesses who plan for the long, long game. Companies move quickly these days, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t value in planning through generations and legacy. Taking an occasional glance outside the scope of the day-to-day can provide a perspective that helps us set foundations that are built to last. Listen in for Graham’s experiences, insights and lessons learned from this future-focused conference.
    26m 1s

Seeking to uncover the correlation between purpose and business, The ROI of Why explores all things impact related within different markets and sectors. Every week, Graham and Andrew investigate the...

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Seeking to uncover the correlation between purpose and business, The ROI of Why explores all things impact related within different markets and sectors. Every week, Graham and Andrew investigate the growing shift that is placing people over profits. The two connect with business owners, entrepreneurs, and influential members of organizations to better understand what drives their business models to place a heavy emphasis on doing good within their communities, their markets, and the world.
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