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The Risk Advisor

  • S2 E42 Ransomware- How To Protect Against It

    20 MAY 2021 · Ransomware can paralyze a single PC to the entire network, incapacitating businesses and organizations. It’s one of the biggest security problems on the internet and if you don’t protect yourself, you’ll pay the price….literally. Even with protective measures in place, it is still possible to fall victim to a ransomware attack. Preparation is key to ensure information will not be seized or lost. What do you do and when? Listen to today’s show to learn what you need to know.
    36m 27s
  • S2 E41 Security Planning for Civil Disobedience – A “New” Normal

    7 MAY 2021 · Are you ready to accept the “New Norm” in protest planning? The rules have changed and the old way is now the wrong way! Today we interview Joshua Skule, Senior Vice President of Allied Universal to talk about the need to understand how the protest landscape has changed and what you need to do to be better prepared for the tactics and aggression you may face.
    38m 2s
  • S2 E 40 SOC vs EOC Security Operations Center vs Emergency Operations Center

    29 APR 2021 · EOC vs SOC Are you contemplating building an operation center? Would you call it an EOC or an SOC? Does it really matter? The answer is….. Difficult. In today’s politically correct world, what you call it is as important to what it is and how it functions. One side will say Security Operations Center is big brother watching and of limited value. The other side says Emergency Operation Center is much friendlier. Who really cares and why does it matter? Listen to Sal and Jim talk about the plus and minus of both and what it all comes down to in this episode
    35m 53s
  • S2 E 39 Video Trends In Physical Security Part 2

    23 APR 2021 · In Part 2 of this series, we talk about Hyper-Convergence and how analytics play a key role in designing your new CCTV video surveillance system. What you don’t know can cost you dearly… What are some of the miss-steps that are made when setting up a video management system? What about the new technology that will make your system obsolete? Can you be secure in today’s world? Get the answer to these questions and more in this episode!
    42m 8s
  • S2 E 38 “Security Lessons Never Learned”

    8 APR 2021 · In security, we learn nothing from history, until it’s too late! In this episode, we talk about history repeating itself. Lessons never learned from past experience. How? Reducing security because of the absence of attacks is tempting, but dangerous! It removes the deterrent that deflected attacks to softer targets elsewhere. People want to live and work where they feel safe. The visible presence of security is a necessary element in creating and sustaining the perception of a safe environment. Even a small amount of crime coupled with visible reduction of security presence erodes the perception of safety. So what do most people do when nothing happens? They cut security!
    36m 2s
  • 1m 19s
  • S2 E 37 - Video Trends in Physical Security

    1 APR 2021 · We’ve Come a Long Way…. Part 1 of a 2 part series Real-time video surveillance applications have come a long way over the years with so much information we are going to do a two part series. In this episode we chat with the Director of Advanced Systems Architecture at BCD International about where video started and what is on the horizon.
    46m 33s
  • S2 E36 In Case of Emergency: Venue Security

    18 MAR 2021 · Ever asked yourself, “In an emergency, what intelligence is real and what is fake?” When responding to a crisis, it is important to have critical intelligence information at your disposal to be able to make proper decisions. Since active shooter situations have increased over the years, new technology has been created to help solve this problem. Today we talk to a CEO who has 25 years of experience in high threat / high crime countries who believes she may have an answer.
    35m 2s
  • S2 E35 Broadening the Talent Pool - Women In Security

    11 MAR 2021 · The security industry, especially electronic security has long been male dominated – but that is changing for the better! Women are becoming a bigger part of the industry and making people take notice! There are now women technicians, engineers and in key leadership roles fighting their way to the top. Todays guest is an advocate of inclusivity and diversity, and champion of our next generation industry leaders.
    34m 57s
  • S2 E34 Lighting-The Critical Overlooked Element Of Security Surveillance Systems

    4 MAR 2021 · Camera performance has advanced tremendously in the 50 years since they were introduced as a tool for security systems. However one fact remains a constant- without light there is no video. Beyond that simple reality, the issue of lighting type, intensity and placement is often totally ignored or not afforded adequate consideration in the design and implementation of security surveillance systems. Did you know that beyond poor image quality, poor lighting drive increased cost for storage of video? Hear all about the issues we never really contemplate that are costing you money.
    38m 31s

The Risk Advisor podcast for C-Suite and security leadership, features lively discussion on security issues that matter in today's kinetic environment. Gain valuable insights to make smart business decisions for...

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The Risk Advisor podcast for C-Suite and security leadership, features lively discussion on security issues that matter in today's kinetic environment. Gain valuable insights to make smart business decisions for tomorrow's security!
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