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The Right to Inspire

  • Episode 43: Sam Horwitz - PTSD & Surviving Trauma

    3 SEP 2021 路 Welcome to The Right to Inspire, a show about inspiring people dedicated to making change. Sam Horwitz is a former Secret Service Agent and 9/11 first responder who struggled with PTSD and even thoughts of suicide after that day in 2001. She explains what life is like after trauma and weighs in on the evacuation and attacks on US military and citizens in Kabul. To find out more about Sam visit: or Follow us on @therighttoinspire on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Visit for previous episodes. #therighttoinspire #thestrackhouse #freedom #podcast #digitaltv #rsb #rsbn #rightsidebroadcastingnetwork
    26m 50s
  • Episode 42: Deborah Alessi - Giving Sex Trafficking Victims a Fighting Chance

    29 JUL 2021 路 After being a victim of domestic violence herself, Deborah Alessi has made it her life's mission to help abuse and sex trafficking victims heal from the inside out. Learn about all she's doing with Face Forward and how she's calling on doctors around the country to get involved! Visit to find out more. #therighttoinspire #thestrackhouse #freedom #podcast #digitaltv #faceforward #sextrafficking #deborahalessi
    10m 14s
  • Episode 41: Victor Avila - Securing the Border as an 'Agent Under Fire'

    21 JUL 2021 路 US Homeland Security Investigator, Victor Avila, talks about his time in service after he was shot three times on a covert mission and weighs in on the souther border under the Biden Administration. Find out more about Avila and his full story at #therighttoinspire #thestrackhouse #freedom #podcast #digitaltv #victoravila #southernborder #bordersecurity
    27m 2s
  • Episode 40: Donna Richardson - Pivoting During the Pandemic

    10 JUL 2021 路 After her thriving fitness business came to a screeching halt due to the pandemic, Donna Richardson decided to inspire those around her in a completely new way! From touring the country with the first lady to getting a Nike sneaker named after her, she's done it all, and has now broken into the food business. Listen to her inspiring story! 馃帣馃帴馃嚭馃嚫馃摵 Visit to find out more. #therighttoinspire #thestrackhouse #freedom #podcast #digitaltv #donnarichardson #bunsofsteel #fitness #health #mamalaverneschickenandwaffles
    14m 56s
  • Episode 39: Ashley Smith Thomas - Fighting for Freedom

    1 JUL 2021 路 From countering threats from terrorist organizations to helping those fleeing from religious persecution, Freedoms Fund USA is focused on fighting for those who need freedom the most. Hear from their founder, Ashley Smith Thomas and her mission to restore freedom to people in the US as well as across the globe. 馃帣馃帴馃嚭馃嚫馃摵 Former episodes on "The Strackhouse" on social and streaming platforms. #therighttoinspire #thestrackhouse #ashleysmiththomas #freedomsfundusa #freedom #podcast #digitaltv
    47m 49s
  • Episode 38: Amy Robbins - Fighting for Sex Trafficking Victims and Responsible Gun Ownership

    1 JUL 2021 路 Her mission is to empower women to take safety in their own hands. We speak to Amy Robbins on her focus to help victims of sex trafficking and how her company, Alexo Athletica, is making women feel more confident to defend themselves. We also get her thoughts on the second amendment under the Biden administration. Former episodes on "The Strackhouse" on social and streaming platforms. #therighttoinspire #thestrackhouse #amyrobbins #podcast #digitaltv
    20m 40s
  • Changing the name to "The Right to Inspire"

    1 JUL 2021 路 Want to know why we changed our name from The Strackhouse? Take a listen! Former Episodes: "The Strackhouse" on social and streaming services. #thestrackhouse #therighttoinspire #womenatwork #inspiringstories #podcast #digitaltv #tv #network #broadcasting
    10m 22s
A show featuring people creating the change they want to see in the world. You have the right, the freedom, and the power to do it too!
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