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The Republican Zone

  • Civic Conversations with Linwood Holland in The Republican Zone

    9 AUG 2023 路 Welcome to "The Republican Zone" with your host Drew Murray! 馃嚭馃嚫 Join us for an enlightening and engaging conversation as Drew Murray sits down with a prominent figure in the GOP, Linwood Holland, Jr. - a true advocate for change and a passionate voice within the Republican Party. Linwood's Journey: Born and raised in the heart of Strawberry Mansion, North Philadelphia, Linwood's journey in politics began at an early age. His involvement in the Youth Leadership Institute exposed him to the world of politics, where he represented Philadelphia and honed his skills as a future leader. After serving in the United States Navy for eight commendable years, Linwood transitioned into various administrative roles, leaving his mark at institutions like Temple University, SmithKline & French Pharmaceuticals, and the Community Behavioral Health System of Philadelphia. From Community Engagement to Party Leadership: Linwood's commitment to community development has been unwavering. He took on the role of Administrative Assistant and Community Relations expert, organizing health events and mentoring troubled youth. In 1997, a co-worker introduced him to the Republican Party, igniting a passion for political activism. His dedication propelled him to become the Ward Chairman of the 35th Republican Ward, a position he has held for years. Linwood's impressive journey continued with his appointment to the Pennsylvania State Committee, serving as the former Vice President of the Republican Voters League (RVL), and as a Registered Community Organizer (RCO) for the 35th Ward in Philadelphia. Family and Mission: Linwood, a proud father of four and the eldest of seven siblings, has consistently drawn inspiration from his family and mentors. He credits his upbringing for molding him into a strong and dedicated individual, committed to serving society. Linwood's mission is clear - to impact lives positively, working towards the betterment of our communities. Don't miss this insightful episode as Drew Murray delves into Linwood Holland's journey, his unwavering dedication to the Republican Party, and his vision for a brighter future. Tune in to "The Republican Zone" for an inspiring conversation that transcends political lines and embraces the essence of civic engagement. Subscribe and turn on notifications to stay updated on the latest episodes of "The Republican Zone." Join the conversation, share your thoughts, and be a part of the dialogue shaping our political landscape. For more info visit our website and follow us on social media: Website: Email: YouTube: USALA Media Network Facebook: USALA Media Phone Number: (215) 739-1000
    28m 24s
  • The Republican Zone with Host Drew Murray and Guest Robert Jones

    3 AUG 2023 路 Join Host Drew Murray and Guest Robert Jones; President of the Republican Log Cabin on "The Republican Zone" for a captivating political talk. From taxes to unity, we explore crucial issues and inspiring stories. Subscribe now for thought-provoking discussions and positive change!
  • Philadelphia Mayoral Candidate, David Oh (The Republican Zone)

    20 JUL 2023 路 Welcome to "The Republican Zone" with Drew Murray! In this exclusive YouTube interview, join us as we sit down with Philadelphia Mayoral Candidate, David Oh. Get ready to delve into the vision and strategies that David Oh brings to the table, as he outlines his plans to uplift Philadelphia and address its pressing issues. As a seasoned political figure, David Oh offers a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective on how to make Philadelphia a better place for its residents. From economic growth and job creation to tackling crime and enhancing public safety, David has a comprehensive roadmap to lead the city towards progress and prosperity. Join us as we explore his innovative ideas for education reform, sustainable development, and building stronger communities. Discover his vision for inclusivity, social equality, and fostering a sense of unity among Philadelphians from all walks of life. Be part of the conversation and witness firsthand the potential transformation that David Oh's leadership can bring to the city. Tune in to "The Republican Zone" for an engaging and insightful discussion that aims to empower and inform voters about the future of Philadelphia. Subscribe now and stay tuned for this exciting interview as we uncover the promises and plans that David Oh has in store to improve Philadelphia and create a brighter future for all.
    42m 7s
  • The Republican Zone Secretary of the Philadelphia Republican GOP (Pete Smith)

    5 JUL 2023 路 Join host Drew Murray on "The Republican Zone" as he interviews special guest Pete Smith, Secretary of the Philadelphia Republican GOP. Get an inside look at the current state of the Republican Party in Philadelphia and hear Smith's insights on the future of the party. Tune in for a thought-provoking discussion on politics, policy, and the important issues facing our country. Don't miss this informative and engaging episode of "The Republican Zone."
    27m 5s
  • Mr. Mendez & Drew Murray on Philly Elections | Compass Podcast

    5 JUL 2023 路 Former student of Fernando Mendez, Drew Murray is a Candidate for City Council. They discuss current events and problems that need to be addressed in the city of Philadelphia. Drew Murray came in first on the Republican City Council ticket, and goes over some of the topics he would like to fix if elected. Facebook: Usalamedia Instagram: usalamedianet Website:
    44m 13s
  • Crime and Fentanyl's Impact in Philadelphia | The Republican Zone with Drew Murray and Jim Hasher

    5 JUL 2023 路 Today on The Republican Zone Drew Murray will speak with Jim Hasher who is Running for Philadelphia City Council. New episode goes live Feb 2nd at 4pm! Facebook: Usalamedia Instagram: usalamedianet Website:
    31m 34s
  • The Republican Zone (Sheila E Armstrong)

    5 JUL 2023 路 The Republican Zone with Drew Murray, where he will be joined by the brilliant Sheila Armstrong as his special guest. They'll be discussing current events, politics. You don't want to miss this insightful and thought-provoking conversation. See you there! facebook: Usalamedia Instagram: usalamedianet YouTube: USALA Media Network Website:
    30m 38s
  • The Republican Zone (James Whitehead)

    5 JUL 2023 路 馃摚 Tune in to our latest episode of The Republican Zone where we have special guest James Whitehead discussing the recent mayoral debate and the ins and outs of running for office in Philadelphia. 馃彌锔 Get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run a successful campaign and the challenges faced by candidates. Don't miss out on this informative and engaging discussion! Visit our website and follow us on social media:
    39m 29s
  • Current state of Philly | The Republican Zone & Be A Voice |

    5 JUL 2023 路 Drew Murray & Britt Carpenter discuss the growing complications in the city of Philadelphia. Drew, a Republican running for City Council-At-Large, and Britt, the founder of the nonprofit Philly Unknown Project, find that they agree on most city subjects. They touch on subjects like owning a small business, city taxes, taking pride and building community where you live, and being cat dads. Visit our website and follow us on social media:
    35m 40s
  • 55m 7s

Welcome to The Republican Zone, the podcast where your host Drew Murray goes deep into the latest political topics and how they affect you. In each episode, we explore the...

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Welcome to The Republican Zone, the podcast where your host Drew Murray goes deep into the latest political topics and how they affect you.

In each episode, we explore the most pressing issues facing our country, from healthcare and immigration to taxes and national security. We provide a conservative perspective on these issues, offering insights and analysis that you won't find in the mainstream media.

But we don't just stop at the policy debates. We also examine the political process itself, from the latest election results to the inner workings of Congress.

So if you're interested in staying informed and engaged in the political world, be sure to tune in to The Republican Zone. Subscribe now to never miss an episode.
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