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  • Ep. 296 | Kenny Lubanski

    1 APR 2024 · Kenny Lubanski is an old friend and our paths have crossed again in the racing world. We’re going in between the lanes of an NHRA drag racing as we learn what a co-starter is and the many responsibilities it entails; how to operate the Christmas tree; working his way into the position; the unique travel schedule and options; getting his start at Englishtown and persistently handing out a resume to break into the NHRA; being next to starting line blow-ups and massive incidents; having nerves of steel at the starting line; working on the track after a rain delay or incident; wearing rubber for days; why someone should experience a drag race at the racetrack. Original music created by Tony Monge. Follow me here:
    41m 46s
  • Ep. 295 | Ray Evernham

    25 MAR 2024 · Ray Evernham has a new book available and there is a lot to digest from its contents. Evernham went through moments seared into his memory; has a very specific title; going through the process of putting thoughts and emotions on paper; working through what to include and not include; leaving Hendrick Motorsports being a low point in his life; not wanting to celebrate the 1997 championship; the humor of introducing Rick Hendrick to the 24 team; digging harder into work when things get hard; the incident that put into perspective building race cars for other people; how long it took to get comfortable on the team radio; studying radio communication to manipulate others during a race; using the rulebook to his advantage and memories of conflicts with Bill France Jr.; the reception to the book with family; the arch of his friendship with Jeff Gordon; if the book will help educate many on Evernham being more than the 24 team.   Original music created by Tony Monge. Follow me here:
    42m 29s
  • Ep. 294 | Kerry Tharp

    18 MAR 2024 · Kerry Tharp served as a member of the NASCAR communications team and is now the former president of Darlington Raceway. But that’s not his entire backstory. Tharp joins the show to discuss going through the transition of the sport moving on without him; not being completely retired; Darlington being a special area and racetrack; the opportunity to serve as track president and what makes a good track president; the evolution of the sport and NASCAR media center during his career; becoming comfortable with the drivers; navigating the tough situations; a Talladega Nights cameo; mentorship from the late Jim Hunter; taking a job in a sport he didn’t like; crossover between working in college sports and then NASCAR; having a different level of investment in the sport after retirement; reflecting on a fulfilling career.  Original music created by Tony Monge. Follow me here:
    55m 29s
  • Ep. 293 | Charlie Krall

    11 MAR 2024 · There are a lot of positives for the ARCA Menards Series as a new year heats up and Charlie Krall is here to dish on it all. Krall offers his thoughts on the state of the series as it begins another season; having an Andretti compete in the season; what it means to be the manager of communications for the series and the responsibility of promotion; having a deep background in racing to be perfect for such a role; handling negative criticism often attached to the series; the evolution of the ARCA Menards Series; calling races for Flo remotely; the work to keep track of three different series; what he enjoys most about the job; what he would use a magic wand for on the series; his hope for the 2024 season.   Original music created by Tony Monge. Follow me here:
    34m 51s
  • Ep. 292 | Landen Lewis

    4 MAR 2024 · Landen Lewis is an 18-year-old rising star, and now he’s under the Kevin Harvick Inc. banner. Lewis shares about working in the race shop and why it’ll be beneficial; the journey of a fourth-generation racer; wanting to help even younger drivers as a mentor/coach; having a diverse background of experience and coming from dirt; transition from dirt to oval and road course racing; being a fan of Legend Cars racing and why they are a good experience for drivers; recent success in Legend Cars competition; being under the Ron Hornaday learning tree and living with the Hornaday family; consuming and learning racing away from the track; the importance of the ARCA win at Portland in 2023; keeping out the noise; wanting to go Cup Series racing but keeping his options open; modeling himself after other drivers; having a work/life balance; expectations for 2024 in late models; having open plans for the season. Original music created by Tony Monge. Follow me here:
    37m 1s
  • Ep. 291 | Adam Alexander, Pam Miller, Kevin Harvick

    26 FEB 2024 · Fox Sports is in its final season of NASCAR Xfinity Series coverage, and in a way, it also comes full circle this year as Kevin Harvick graduated to the Cup Series booth. Harvick was one of the first drivers to go into the broadcast booth for Fox Sports. In reflecting on the past nine years of using driver analysts, we have three voices on the podcast. Adam Alexander shares what the emotion is of the final year of Xfinity Series coverage on Fox Sports; what makes a good guest analyst; building chemistry on the fly every weekend; embracing the constant change in the booth each week; insight that can only come from drivers; being the air traffic controller connecting all the voices; making sure everyone is prepared; the balance of entertainment and information; reflections on being in the booth for every race Kevin Harvick has called; why Harvick has separated himself from other guest analysts; if he will easily transition to the Cup Series booth; the legacy of Fox Sports Xfinity Series coverage with the drivers. Miller shares her thoughts on the final year of Xfinity Series coverage; the backstory of using drivers as guest analysts; needing to convince people; the tight turnaround from being in the car and getting to the booth; drivers becoming more willing to go into the booth; the benefit for Fox Sports; the work that goes into someone new in the booth each week; the experience of working with Harvick for so long; Harvick taking the lead on the Drivers Only broadcast; the evolution of preparation for the drivers; how she’s felt the process has gone over the years; seeing Harvick love onto the Cup Series. Harvick gives his praise of how the concept has gone over the years; the benefit to fans and the broadcast of using drivers; why he was the first to agree to be in the booth; when he realized television could be a second career; it feeling full circle going into the Cup Series booth. Original music created by Tony Monge. Follow me here:
    1h 3m 1s
  • Ep. 290 | Bill McAnally

    19 FEB 2024 · Bill McAnally is one of the most successful owners in NASCAR and it’s quite a history. But before we dig into that, McAnally opens up about the 49er treasure trove in his office and the connection he has to the team. Then, why there is a NAPA motorcycle hanging on the wall of the race shop? We pivot into having race shops on both coasts; his history in racing and starting as a driver; focusing solely on team ownership; the strength of racing and talent on the West Coast; the background on the organization becoming a driver development program; the approach McAnally takes to driver development; the surreal success of the organization with young talent; his NAPA relationship born in high school; racing going from a hobby into a business; how long it took to be able to fully focus on racing; expanding from the west coast to Truck Series racing; partnering with Bill Hilgemann; expectations changing within the Truck Series program; Eckes changing their mindset; adding more truck teams this season; balancing time on both coasts; the success of the auto care centers in California. Original music created by Tony Monge. Follow me here:
    51m 22s
  • Ep. 289 | Chris Hall

    12 FEB 2024 · Legacy Motor Club has brought their pit crews in-house this season, and there was no better man for the job than Chris Hall. As the director of pit crew operations, Hall explains being tasked with building the crews from scratch; his job title defined; starting on 2024 in Sept. 2023; dealing with deadlines and free agency windows; the difference in putting together full-time pit crews and a part-time third; being teammates with the 23XI Racing crews; a breakdown of some of the new crew members; what goes into finding the right people; organizations who do pit crews in house and others who lease them; what life looks like for a pit crew member leading into race weekend; life on pit road; getting the most out of the teams during the season; focusing solely on Cup Series pit stops and no other series; the evolution of the Next Gen pit stop; the times to look for on pit road this season. Original music created by Tony Monge. Follow me here:
    52m 17s
  • Explicit

    Ep. 288 | Erica Enders

    5 FEB 2024 · Erica Enders is a six-time NHRA Pro Stock world champion and now the winningest woman in motorsports. In this episode with the GOAT we’re discussing how drag racers really care about the number on the side of the car; the little details incorporated in her firesuit, shoes, gloves, and race car; positive mental attitude work; being counted out by the competition early in the season; the addition of bonus points from the #2Fast2Tasty Challenge; why it works having a chip on her shoulder; becoming mean when the helmet goes on; being misunderstood or apologizing for who she is; putting into perspective the 2023 season; getting the sixth championship ring; what goes into preparation; mainstream media attention; fear; DTBB; Bradenton expectations and it being big for drag racing; having a pre-season warmup event; finding a new challenge for 2024. Original music created by Tony Monge. Follow me here: Read about Erica Enders here:
    54m 4s
  • Ep. 287 | Bryce Kenny

    20 NOV 2023 · Bryce Kenny is a Monster Jam driver, public speaker, and new author. Kenny joins the show to share how the book has been doing out in the universe; not seeing out to write a book but why there is a need for another self-help or inspiration guide; dealing with imposter syndrome; choosing to start the book with a very pointed John Wayne quote; success coming from inconvenience; the power of positive thinking and knowing what you want; having adults try to control his intensity growing up; people over projects; what you need to know about Monster Jam; Monster Jam University; the most important message for others. Original music created by Tony Monge. Follow me here:
    54m 13s
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