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  • Message #179 - As With Everything, This Too Shall Pass

    31 MAR 2020 · 'This to shall pass' is a four-word statement that is extremely powerful in its use. It is a reminder that every situation is temporary, good or bad.
    3m 50s
  • Message #178 - To Be Positive Not Pollyannaish

    30 MAR 2020 · The upcoming generation may not know the term “pollyannaish” or remember its origins, but they are being oversold by life coaches and influencers about the power of being overly positive. It is more than okay to keep a positive attitude, as long as you keep your expectations within the bounds of reality.
    4m 28s
  • Message #177 - Perfectionism Is Killing Your Progress

    24 MAR 2020 · Perfectionism is a barrier to creative expression and personal growth. Perfectionism is often used as a way to self-sabotage. Stop working toward perfect. Start delivering work good enough to get the job done.
    4m 52s
  • Message #176 - Be Thankful, And Protective, Of Your Health

    23 MAR 2020 · There is no real need to work hard to achieve something called 'success' if you are to physically or mentally tired or ill to enjoy it.
    4m 5s
  • Message #175 - Words Matter

    20 MAR 2020 · The words you use matter. They have always mattered, but in our current real-time situation, we have to be extremely diligent with your tone and diction with each other.
    5m 57s
  • Message #174 - The Best Rest: Active Versus Passive

    19 MAR 2020 · You're tired. It shows. and everyone knows you need a break. But do you need a passive break where you do little to nothing or an active break which seems just as stressful, but takes your mind off your situation?
    5m 47s
  • Message #173 - What Is Actually Holding You Back?

    18 MAR 2020 · There are plenty of real obstacles to your success. And there are plenty of minor obstacles that equate to fairly easy situations to overcome. What are the barriers to your progress and in which category do they fall into?
    5m 44s
  • Message #172 - The Wrong Answer To 'How Are You Doing?'

    17 MAR 2020 · The reality is, there is no wrong answer to, 'How are you doing?' Unless your answer is not truthful and you are in real distress.
    5m 23s
  • Message #171 - The Opportunities Born Our Of Tragedy

    16 MAR 2020 · We all will face hard times and tragedies. Some of those times become defining moments of meaning. Some of those times are the springboards to great triumphs out of the pain.
    4m 35s
  • Message #170 - Don't Panic

    13 MAR 2020 · We are living through a real-time point of uncertainty with the news of the Covid-19 Coronavirus around the world. This is a good time to heed the words from 'The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy,' and to not panic.
    7m 21s
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