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    Episode 62 - "Roadies N Rockstars"

    14 OCT 2023 · Peter Walker sails aboard the Powder Monkey on this episode to discuss his more than four decades in the entertainment industry, the state of America, the music scene in West Virginia in the 80s, Mtv and much more!
    53m 4s
  • Explicit

    Episode 61 - "The Anti-Christ And The Royal Family"

    9 OCT 2023 · Mark Allen returns on this episode to discuss the eerie connections between the Biblical Anti-Christ and the Royal Family. Download Mark's paper in .PDF format here:
    3h 8m 53s
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    Episode 60 - "The Sword Of The Word"

    4 JUL 2023 · It's not just Independence Day, or our 60th episode. It's also the 4th anniversary of! The Captain pulls out two of the biggest cannons in the info war on this episode: Owen Shroyer and Alex Jones! It's no retreat, no surrender, no quarter, as we discuss spiritual swashbuckling on the high sea of lies!
    29m 8s
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    Episode 59 - "Brain Tree Studios"

    1 JUN 2023 · The Captain interviews Aaron Morse from Brain Tree Studios on this episode. Aaron's art was recently featured by Harrison Smith on the American Journal and INFOWARS network. Aaron discusses his art, his personal experience with corporate censorship, the loss of friends and family for his stand against the NWO...and much more! Check out Aaron's work at:
    1h 1m 43s
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    Episode 58 - "Confessions of an Illuminati, Volume 8" (Part 1)

    17 MAR 2023 · Get ready for Part One of a gripping interview with renowned author Leo Zagami, as he delves into Volume 8 of his Confessions series.
    1h 6m 24s
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    Episode 57 - "Derrick Evans"

    10 DEC 2022 · Derrick Evans sails aboard the Powder Monkey on this episode to discuss the events leading up to his ordeal as a January 6th political prisoner, the need to purge the GOP of RINOs, his plans for a possible upcoming Congressional run, and more! More information on Derrick at:
    1h 4m 32s
  • Explicit

    Episode 56 - "Ye"

    3 DEC 2022 · Think the Alex Jones / Ye interview was a train wreck? You ain't seen nuthin' yet! I interview Ye, (Formerly Johnye East, Aka John Allen Williamson), and hilarity ensues.
    41m 22s
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    Episode 55 - "Coronaized"

    14 NOV 2022 · Jordan, author of, sails aboard the Powder Monkey this episode to discuss his vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry, and his mission to enlighten mankind to the multi-pronged technocratic takeover of humanity.
    1h 26m 32s
  • Explicit

    Episode 54 - "The Shroud Of Turin"

    24 OCT 2022 · Was it the burial cloth of Jesus Christ? Mark Allen returns on this episode with a 1:1 color replica of the Shroud of Turin! We discuss the Shroud Of Turin and Mark reveals several decades worth of his own research on the shroud!
    1h 31m 10s
  • Explicit

    Episode 53 - "The Toy Guru"

    5 SEP 2022
    1h 6m 3s
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