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    Exploring Alternative Methods for Pain Management

    21 MAY 2024 · Step into the world of chronic pain management and empowerment with this enlightening episode of The Pain Game Podcast. Your host, Lyndsay Soprano, brings her signature blend of humor and tenacity to a deeply insightful conversation with Dr. Sarah Merritt, a board-certified anesthesiology, pain medicine, and addiction medicine practitioner. With a focus on saying "yes" to life despite pain. Dr. Merritt shares her expertise on alternative pain management strategies, the importance of patient education, and the power of lifestyle changes.This episode isn't just about the struggles of living with chronic pain; it's a beacon of hope, offering practical advice on navigating healthcare, advocating for oneself, and exploring non-opioid options for pain relief. Whether you're a patient, a loved one, or a healthcare provider, you'll find valuable takeaways in this candid discussion. If you or someone you know is feeling alone in the fight against chronic pain, let this episode remind you that there are passionate professionals like Dr. Merritt who are dedicated to improving lives. Join us for an episode that's not only informative but also infused with the relentless spirit of those who refuse to be defined by their pain. Find Dr. Sarah Merritt online: Instagram: Facebook: Website: Episode Highlights: (00:00) This podcast focuses on managing chronic pain and trauma (02:46) Making small changes in our daily lives can empower our pain community (03:15) Sarah Merritt is a board certified anesthesiologist and addiction medicine practitioner (04:10) Tell us about how you got started in pain management (06:12) What do you do in your practice for people with chronic pain (07:13) You talk about the importance of nutrition when helping patients with pain (11:36) Do you have patients that come to you that have used opioids (17:28) There are people who are able to use opioid medicine on a sometimes basis (18:59) So can you talk to us about alternatives to opiates (23:38) Do you deal with a lot of issues with your patients regarding suicidal ideation (27:15) Are there, uh, guidelines within the CDC on prescribing opioids (33:40) I think genetic tests can be useful in some pain management situations (34:40) Doctor Merritt says focusing on lifestyle factors can help manage chronic pain (37:53) Don't ever give up on your pain management journey, whatever that pain might be (38:36) Welcome to the Pain Game podcast. Did you need to hear this conversation
    39m 34s
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    Grieving to Blooming After Loss

    14 MAY 2024 · Embark on an emotional journey through grief, loss, and the path to healing with Lyndsay Soprano and Shannon Villanueva in this profound episode of The Pain Game Podcast. In a candid and poignant conversation, Lyndsay reconnects with Shannon Villanueva, a cherished friend and a beacon of strength who has navigated the tumultuous waters of unexpected loss. From the heartache of losing twin girls to the empowering decision to enter the medical field, Shannon's tale is one of transformation and the unwavering human spirit in the face of adversity. This episode is not just about confronting the pain; it's about supporting each other with compassion, honoring the grieving process, and finding solace in shared experiences. Whether it's discussing the challenges of explaining loss to children or the joy of finding one's calling, Lyndsay and Shannon's exchange is a testament to the profound connections that sustain us through our darkest hours. Tune in for an episode that promises to touch your heart, offer solace, and remind you that even in grief, there is growth and the promise of new beginnings. You can find Shannon online: Instagram: Website: YouTube: Episode Highlights: (00:00) This podcast focuses on chronic pain and trauma, getting to the heart of healing (03:09) Shannon Villanueva is a registered diagnostic medical sonographer (05:13) San Francisco got pregnant unexpectedly in November of 2001 with twin girls (10:04) I started spotting, cramping, the whole thing. I just didn't feel good (14:24) You know, the fear factor that comes around child bearing in our world is obviously (18:43) Shannon says she went into labor on a Sunday and lost twins Monday (22:43) Telling your story on the show has helped with healing, you say (25:01) How did you talk to your daughters about losing their twin sisters (28:58) After you lost your twins, did that play into your decision to become ultrasound technician (33:15) You've raised two pretty awesome girls. And they've been through a lot (33:43) Being able to be that loving, caring, nurturing ultrasound tech after loss is rewarding (35:48) My girls have decided to become doulas (39:22) My place is very private and serene and peaceful. And I welcome families, kids, babies
    44m 22s
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    Navigating Chronic Pain with Purpose + Support

    7 MAY 2024 · Dive into an intimate exploration of chronic pain, vulnerability, and the power of friendship in this heart-to-heart episode of The Pain Game Podcast. Join your host, Lyndsay Soprano, as she delves into the daily battles with exhaustion, sadness, and the relentless search for hope amidst the struggles of living with chronic diagnoses. In a candid confession, Lyndsay shares the raw truth of waking up to pain and the mental toll it exacts, challenging her once indomitable spirit. This episode takes a turn towards the light with the introduction of Rachel Kalmar, Lyndsay's rock, best friend, and the force behind the show's social media and marketing. Together, they discuss the challenges and emotional complexities of working with someone in chronic pain, the importance of trust, and the transformative power of a supportive partnership. Tune in for a story of resilience, the importance of following one's instincts in health matters, and the undeniable strength found in the bonds we forge. This isn't just an episode; it's an ode to the friendships that carry us through our darkest times and a beacon of hope for anyone feeling alone in their pain. Episode Highlights: (00:00) This is your pain game podcast about chronic pain and trauma (04:25) Rachel Kalmar is the director of social media and marketing for my agency (05:34) I would like to hear what you have to say about working with me (10:02) You know, trust and safety issues have always been part of my problem (14:50) Rachel had a business focused on gut health, pain management, chronic illness (20:58) Rachel says the number one reason she gets through chronic pain is her dog (23:46) Rachel: If you're struggling with any type of symptom, keep digging (26:03) The Pain Game podcast is dedicated to helping people through their pain
    27m 10s
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    Confronting the Exhaustion of Chronic Pain

    30 APR 2024 · Step into the raw and unfiltered world of Lyndsay Soprano in this deeply personal episode of The Pain Game Podcast. With unflinching honesty, Lyndsay confronts the realities of living with chronic pain and trauma, revealing the toll it takes on her body, spirit, and life. As she shares her journey of hitting rock bottom, we're given a rare glimpse into the struggles that come with managing an overwhelming workload, health issues, and the constant pressure to be the "superwoman" everyone expects. In a moment of vulnerability, Lyndsay confesses to feeling lost, unsafe, and suffocated by uncertainty. She speaks candidly about the mental and emotional breakdown that left her questioning her own sanity, and the crushing weight of depression that threatened to overshadow her indomitable spirit. Yet, amidst the darkness, Lyndsay's resilience shines through as she pledges to continue the show, honoring a promise to herself and her listeners to face the pain head-on. If you're searching for a community that understands, if you're seeking solace or strength, or if you simply need to feel heard, this episode is for you. Tune in for a story of courage, a testament to the human spirit, and an open invitation to heal. Find Lyndsay Online here: Instagram: Website: LinkedIn: 🎙️ Episode Chapters: (00:00) Lyndsay's raw introduction and the toll of chronic pain (02:34) The struggle of maintaining a facade of strength (04:50) The downward spiral into depression and mental exhaustion (08:15) The impact of chronic pain on identity and self-worth (12:30) The power of vulnerability and the importance of self-care (17:05) A rallying cry for community, support, and shared healing (22:10) An invitation to join the journey and embrace the raw truth of living with pain
    17m 9s
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    Empowering Women's Midlife Journey

    23 APR 2024 · Join Lyndsay Soprano and Amita Sharma, co-founder of NourishDoc, as they explore the complexities of perimenopause and women's wellness. Together, they shed light on the often-misunderstood life stage of menopause, highlighting the importance of holistic health and self-care to prevent chronic conditions. Lyndsay and Amita discuss the shortcomings of current healthcare systems, the need for personalized care, and offer practical advice for women to reclaim their health with confidence.  As they unravel the societal pressures and stigmas attached to aging, they offer hope and practical advice for women to reclaim their health and vitality. This episode is not just a conversation but an uplifting guide for women to navigate the "golden doors of sweat and love and light" with confidence and grace. Tune in for an empowering guide through the transformative journey of perimenopause. Connect with Amita Sharma and explore the holistic wellness revolution at NourishDoc: Website: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Episode Highlights: (00:00) Lyndsay's candid take on the struggles of perimenopause (02:18) Amita Sharma's mission with NourishDoc to provide affordable wellness (04:35) The importance of addressing perimenopausal symptoms for long-term health (07:52) The cultural sensitivity of menopause symptoms across different races (12:45) The holistic approach to health and the interconnectedness of body and mind (18:30) The upcoming Nourish Doc app and its role in empowering midlife women (24:58) The significance of investing time in oneself for holistic well-being (27:47) Lyndsay's personal reflections on health, happiness, and the commitment to self-care
    31m 50s
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    Shadow Work + Influencing Trauma

    16 APR 2024 · Venture into the shadows with Lyndsay Soprano as she welcomes Dr. Elizabeth Berrocal, a beacon of hope for those entangled in the dark and twisty labyrinths of their psyche. Dr. Berrocal unveils the transformative practice of shadow work, guiding us through the murky depths where our deepest fears and unresolved traumas lurk. Dr. Berrocal, an EMDR therapist and hypnotherapist, shares her insights on the Berrocal Method, a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. With her extensive international experience, she empathetically navigates the complex tapestry of human emotion, encouraging us to confront the underbelly of our inner world. This episode is an invitation to those yearning to transform pain into purpose, to those seeking to heal the fractures within and to live their most authentic lives. It's a call to arms for anyone ready to face their shadows and emerge into the light of self-awareness and acceptance. Discover more about Dr. Berrocal's work and the upcoming workbook designed to facilitate your journey through shadow work: Website: Instagram: Episode Highlights: (00:00) Introduction to the power of shadow work and healing from trauma (03:22) Dr. Elizabeth Berrocal's expertise in women's mental health and trauma (06:15) The impact of childhood experiences on our adult lives (11:34) The therapeutic process and the importance of being ready for change (17:28) The Berrocal Method and its unique approach to therapy (22:47) Lyndsay's personal journey through ketamine infusions and self-healing (28:36) The significance of internal validation and making peace with our demons (32:50) Dr. Elizabeth Berrocal's upcoming workbook for shadow work and healing
    40m 10s
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    Authoring Your Trauma

    9 APR 2024 · In this raw and revealing episode, Lyndsay Soprano invites bestselling author Cassie Gustafson to share her journey of healing through writing. Cassie, the voice behind the powerful YA novels "After the Ink Dries" and "The Secrets We Keep," discusses the cathartic process of transforming personal trauma into poignant storytelling. With a life shadowed by abuse and trauma, Cassie and Lyndsay delve into the dark corners of their pasts, uncovering the resilience it takes to confront suppressed memories and the strength found in the written word. From angsty poetry to bestselling novels, Cassie's narrative is a testament to the therapeutic power of writing, as she crafts her experiences into stories that resonate with readers and survivors alike. Throughout the conversation, they explore the intersection of chronic illness and emotional trauma, as Cassie opens up about her battle with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome—a condition she believes may have been exacerbated by years of unaddressed pain. The episode is a beacon of hope for anyone struggling to find their voice amidst the chaos of past hurts. Cassie's tale is not only her own but a universal echo of the struggle and triumph over life's deepest wounds. As they discuss the importance of self-love and the courage to face one's history, this episode stands as a powerful reminder that sometimes, the only way out is through. For those seeking solace, inspiration, or a kindred spirit in the fight against the shadows of abuse, this episode is a must-listen. Dive into the depths of healing, the beauty of resilience, and the undeniable impact of sharing one's truth. You can find Cassie online at: Website: Instagram: Her books, "The Secrets We Keep" and "After the Ink Dries", are available wherever books are sold. If this conversation resonates with you, or you know someone who needs to hear it, don't hesitate to share the episode and reach out. Remember, you're not alone in this journey. Let's navigate the pain game together. #ThePainGamePodcast #HealingThroughWriting #Trauma #ChronicIllness #YABooks #Resilience #SelfLove #PodcastCommunity #MastCellActivationSyndrome #SurvivorStories 📋 Episode Chapters (00:00) This podcast focuses on how to heal from chronic pain and trauma (02:07) Cassie Gustafson is the author of two YA contemporary novels (02:46) Talk about how writing helped you heal from trauma and illness (07:51) When did you start writing? I think I started writing when I was younger (14:42) With my third book, I'm going to do something completely different (17:47) Do you think your illness came from facing music in your writing (18:20) You have mast cell activation syndrome, which is an autoimmune disease (26:07) Facing down trauma while your body is failing that was the hardest (31:30) We're here for people that are listening and for anybody that needs help (34:55) You had said that you had to write this out of your body (40:37) TikTok: Thank you for sharing your story with us today (45:12) I admire you for continuing to do this work. It is definitely challenging (45:51) Welcome to the Pain Game podcast. If you are struggling with trauma, please reach out
    46m 56s
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    Neurodivergence: The Essence of Inclusion

    2 APR 2024 · Venture into the heart of neurodiversity, with Lyndsay Soprano and Katherine McCord, as they share poignant experiences that illuminate the intricate ways our brains shape our perception of the world. They challenge the status quo, advocating for a profound reevaluation of how society and workplaces recognize and nurture neurodiversity. Through personal narratives, they highlight the journey to self-recognition and the transformative power of embracing one’s unique neural landscape. Katherine offers groundbreaking insights into revolutionizing HR practices, emphasizing the creation of environments where communication thrives, understanding deepens, and individual accommodations become the norm. This discussion is a clarion call for a seismic shift in perception—inviting a culture where curiosity and open-mindedness become the catalysts for inclusive growth. Touching on the confluence of physical disabilities and neurodiversity, the conversation champions the valorization of individuality, the necessity of clear boundary setting, and effective communication of needs. Culminating in a powerful dialogue on trauma bonding within the neurodiverse community, this episode is not just a conversation but a movement, urging listeners to rethink, reengage, and reshape the narrative around neurodiversity. You can find Katherine Online:  LinkedIn: Website: Podcast: Insta:  TikTok: @KatTheHRTitan
    56m 49s
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    A New Leash On Life

    26 MAR 2024 · Life-long friendships. They rescue you. Those who survive the ups and downs of a legit death-do-you-part kind of friendship should be celebrated. So, we celebrate one of my favorite people on the entire planet today and every day. We continue to rescue each other through our leaps of faith over our years on this planet together and separate.  So, meet my high school sweetheart, my equally troubled soul, my spirit animal, my forever love…Scott Busby. We have always been unscripted together. We will always be. So, listen to how my friend was rescued by his dog, Baxter, and how Baxter is changing lives one home, one shelter, one heart at a time. And read about THEIR unscripted journey together and unleash your life. Take a deep dive into the themes of lifelong friendships, the magic of dog rescue, and the healing power of companionship with Scott. The conversation covers the importance of self-care, overcoming past trauma, and the role of dogs in finding self-worth and fostering healthier relationships.  Scott also discusses his philanthropic efforts through Baxter Dog Media, dedicating half of his book's profits to animal rescue organizations and his mission to support shelter animals.   This episode vibes about: 🎙️ Lifelong Friendships 🎙️ Dog Rescue 🎙️ Emotional Support 🎙️ Self-Worth 🎙️ Animal Adoption 🎙️ Baxter Dog Media and more! Find Scott + Baxter online here: Instagram: @baxterdogmedia Listen to the full episode here >> #ThePainGamePodcast #Trauma #DogRescue #BaxterMedia #AdoptDontShop #Healing #PodcastLife #LosAngeles #CRPS #Friendship
    36m 28s
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    Escaping Religion

    19 MAR 2024 · In a heartfelt conversation, Lyndsay and therapist Emily Celis delve into the complexities of their religious backgrounds, the trials of questioning faith, and the path to leaving their religions behind. Emily shares her personal struggle within the LDS church, emphasizing the pressures to conform and the profound impact of religious trauma. Through her professional lens, Emily offers crucial insights on navigating faith crises, fostering self-trust, and the importance of finding a new community and identity. This discussion underscores the vital need for empathy, understanding, and self-compassion in overcoming religious trauma and building a fulfilling life beyond belief. This episode vibes about: 🎙️ Bamboozled by Religion 🎙️ Religious Trauma 🎙️ Escaping the LDS Church 🎙️ Gaslighting 🎙️ How Your Past Informs Today 🎙️ Faith Crisis 🎙️ Perfectionism 🎙️ Religious Transition Find Emily online here: Instagram: @sagewellnessctr Listen to the full episode here:  #thepaingamepodcast #chronicpain #trauma #podcast #losangeles #orangecounty #religion #cult #freedom #escapingreligion
    54m 24s

Join Lyndsay Soprano and her guests weekly on The Pain Game Podcast about the game of living in and with chronic pain and trauma getting to the heart of how...

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Join Lyndsay Soprano and her guests weekly on The Pain Game Podcast about the game of living in and with chronic pain and trauma getting to the heart of how to heal with you by her side.
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