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  • #21 Type 1 Triumphs: Raising Healthy Kids with Diabetes with Victoria Leech

    17 JUN 2024 · In episode 21 of The Odd Mom Pod, Brittany welcomes career coach and mother Victoria Leech to discuss their unique parenting experiences. Brittany provides an update on her foster son's impending adoption, the scheduling changes for the podcast, and the importance of broadening parenting perspectives. The episode delves into Victoria's competitive upbringing, her approach to reparenting, and the challenges of raising a child with type 1 diabetes. They discuss the importance of creating healthy food habits and balanced meals without instilling fear or unhealthy relationships with food in children. Both moms share insights on the value of community, sibling dynamics, and maintaining personal identities outside of parenting. They also highlight various resources, including books, that have aided them in their parenting journeys. References: 00:00 Introduction to The Odd Mom Pod 00:40 Life Update and Podcast Schedule Change 01:49 Interview with Victoria Leach: Parenting and Career Coaching 02:24 Growing Up in a Competitive Household 04:24 Sibling Relationships and Parenting Styles 07:46 Navigating Parenting Challenges and Medical Conditions 21:34 The Role of Stories in Parenting 38:34 Resources and Recommendations for Parents 41:07 Conclusion and Community Support
    42m 34s
  • #20 The Art of Balanced Parenting: Tips from Certified Life Coach Amy Stone

    31 MAY 2024 · In episode 20 of the Odd Mom Pod, host Brittany Sandoval engages in a deep and meaningful conversation with guest Amy Stone, a stepmom, bio mom, and certified life coach. Amy shares her unique upbringing, the challenges faced due to her mother's mental health issues, and the importance of recognizing and addressing childhood experiences in parenting. The episode delves into the nuances of fostering open communication with children, respecting their individuality, and modeling growth and resilience. Amy also provides valuable resources for parents and discusses the complexities of balancing personal and familial needs. Brittany and Amy emphasize the importance of community and continuous learning for parents navigating the often challenging journey of raising children. Resources:  Amy's Website: 00:00 Introduction to the Odd Mom Pod 00:40 Meet Amy: Stepmom, Bio Mom, and Life Coach 01:20 Amy's Childhood and Parental Dynamics 04:17 Navigating Parental Relationships and Boundaries 07:33 Impact of Childhood Experiences on Parenting 12:20 Chasing Accolades and Finding True Fulfillment 22:43 Parenting Styles and Real-Life Challenges 30:57 Teenage Rebellion and Parental Reactions 38:57 Resources and Final Thoughts
    42m 1s
  • #19 Healing Through Connection: A Conversation with Emma Rowena

    24 MAY 2024 · In this episode of the Odd Mom Pod, host Britt Sandoval interviews Emma Rowena, an author, musician, intuitive healer, and speaker, about her book 'You, Me, and All That We Are,' which is releasing soon. Emma shares her profound journey through a challenging childhood, dealing with traumas, and how these experiences shaped her into both a mother and a healer. The conversation delves into the importance of felt safety, emotional awareness, and the impact of personal healing on parenting. They discuss strategies for grounding oneself, the significance of authentic self-acceptance, and finding joy amidst life's uncertainties. The episode also highlights the power of play in child development, the importance of humor, and resources that aid personal growth. Emma provides insights into her work and her upcoming book aimed at healing and empowering both parents and their children. Resources: 00:00 Welcome to the Odd Mom Pod: Empowering New Generations 00:41 Introducing Emma Rowena: Author, Musician, and Healer 01:21 Emma's Journey: From Childhood Trauma to Healing and Motherhood 03:05 The Importance of Felt Safety and Self-Protection 07:53 Healing and Empowerment: Emma's Path to Self-Discovery 11:24 Parenting with Intention: Learning from Our Children 16:52 Fostering Creativity and Joy in Children 31:27 Finding Joy and Abundance in Parenting and Life 38:39 Emma's Book: A Journey from Fear to Empowerment 48:15 Closing Thoughts: The Power of Self-Healing and Curiosity
    49m 12s
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    #18 Connecting Communities: The Power of Present Parenting With Marcus

    10 MAY 2024 · In this episode of the Odd Mom Pod, host Brittany interviews Marcus Higgs, a traveling educator and parenting coach, to explore his multicultural upbringing, teaching experiences, and how they have shaped his approach to helping parents and their preteen children. Higgs discusses the importance of identity, collaboration, and expression in aiding preteens through challenging years and introduces his 'SHOW UP' framework for parents to better connect with their children. The conversation covers significant topics, including the influence of social media, the importance of community support in child-rearing, and strategies for fostering a secure attachment between parents and children. Brittany and Higgs also highlight resources and books for further learning, underscoring the shared responsibility of adults to contribute positively to the development of the younger generation. Resources 00:00 Welcome to the Odd Mom Pod: Empowering a New Generation 00:46 Special Guest Marcus Higgs: A Traveling Educator's Journey 01:19 Marcus's Multicultural Upbringing and Its Impact 03:08 The Path to Becoming an Educator and World Traveler 05:03 Exploring Identity, Education, and the Power of Travel 08:18 The Philosophy of Education and Personal Growth 09:31 Focusing on Preteens: The Crucial Stage of Development 16:23 Introducing the SHOW UP Framework for Parents 23:16 The Importance of Community and Coaching in Parenting 29:28 Recommended Resources and Final Thoughts
    31m 58s
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    #17 Beyond the Surface: Amanda's Journey into Inner Child Work and Emotional Freedom

    3 MAY 2024 · In episode 17 of the Odd Mom Pod, host Brittany chats with Amanda Curry, PT, DPT, a board-certified physical therapist, breathwork facilitator, and somatic coach specializing in inner child work. The episode delves into the impact of inner child work, meditation, and breathwork on parenting journeys. It explores growing-up experiences, the importance of felt safety and emotional expression, and the journey toward healing and empowerment. They discuss the significance of reconnecting with and healing one's inner child, the challenges and revelations encountered, and how this journey transforms parenting, professional life, and personal relationships. Additionally, the conversation covers the necessity of allowing children to express emotions, the concept of somatic work, and the practical applications of inner child healing in daily life. Resources and ways to engage with somatic practices are also shared, emphasizing the individualized nature of healing journeys. Resources:  Amanda Curry's Instagram: Books:  - T - - Join the Odd Mom Pod Discord: 00:00 Welcome to the Odd Mom Pod: Empowering a New Generation 00:41 Diving Deep with a Somatic DPT: Inner Child Work and Parenting 01:22 Unpacking Childhood: Emotional Safety vs. Material Comfort 07:43 The Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing 11:39 Embracing Vulnerability: Parenting and Personal Growth 20:41 Navigating Relationships Through Healing and Acceptance 26:21 Navigating Personal Growth and Relationships 26:58 The Power of Playfulness in Healing 27:23 Parenting Insights: Apologies and Emotional Responsibility 28:41 Self-Compassion and Understanding Past Actions 30:39 Professional Journey: Integrating Somatic and Inner Child Work 32:52 Embracing Abundance and Authentic Living 38:20 Somatic Work Explained: A Guide for Beginners 42:16 Finding Your Somatic Practice: Personal Experiences and Advice 45:58 Empowering Parenting: Teaching Emotional Autonomy 48:08 Closing Thoughts and Resources
    49m 43s
  • #16 Love Knows No Labels: Heather's Journey Parenting LGBTQ+ Teens

    26 APR 2024 · This episode of the Odd Mom Pod, hosted by Brittany, features a deeply personal and informative interview with Heather Hester, founder of Chrysalis Mama and host of the Just Breathe: Parenting Your LGBTQ+ Teen podcast. Heather shares her experiences growing up in a religious household, her transition to parenting consciously, and the challenges and triumphs of supporting her son Connor through his coming out as gay. Through their journey, Heather realized the importance of unconditional love, acceptance, and the need for substantial support systems for LGBTQ+ teens and their families. Heather discusses the transformative effect Connor's coming out had on family dynamics, leading her to seek resources, adjust parenting styles, and ensure a safe, supportive environment for Connor and her other children. The conversation also touches on the challenges of navigating safety, mental health, and identity exploration in the digital age. Heather's forthcoming book, 'Parenting with Pride: Unlearn Bias and Embrace, Empower, and Love Your LGBTQ+ Teen,' aimed at helping parents support their LGBTQ+ children, is previewed. The episode encourages a shift towards accepting and empowering individuality in parenting practices. Resources: 00:00 Welcome to the Odd Mom Pod: Empowering a New Generation 00:41 Supporting Your LGBTQ+ Teen: A Deep Dive with Heather Hester 01:24 Heather's Journey: From Traditional Parenting to Embracing Change 04:08 The Evolution of Parenting: Acknowledging Past Generations and Embracing Individuality 07:14 Connor's Coming Out: A Family's Journey to Acceptance and Understanding 09:03 Navigating Challenges and Celebrating Milestones in LGBTQ+ Parenting 24:52 Chrysalis Mama and the Power of Sharing Stories 33:20 The Trevor Project: A Lifeline for LGBTQ+ Youth and Their Families 35:47 Closing Thoughts and Resources for Parents of LGBTQ+ Teens
    36m 51s
  • #15 Beyond Gender: Amethysta's Story of Authenticity and Acceptance

    19 APR 2024 · In this episode of the Odd Mom Pod, host Brittany interviews Amethysta Herrick, a transgender parent and founder behind 'Gender Identity Today.' Amethysta shares their journey of gender transition, the impact of their coming out on their marriage and parenting, and how their own experience with gender identity has influenced their commitment to being an authentic and understanding parent. The discussion explores the importance of authenticity in parenting, the challenges of raising children in a society with rigid gender expectations, and how understanding and accepting one's identity can lead to more effective and compassionate parenting. Brittany also shares her recent experience of coming out as non-binary and discusses the ripple effect of authenticity on children and society. The episode emphasizes living truthfully for parents and children, encouraging listeners to embrace their true selves for a more inclusive and supportive world. 00:00 Welcome to the Odd Mom Pod: Empowering a New Generation 00:50 Special Guest Amethysta Herrick: A Journey of Gender Identity 01:22 Amethysta's Childhood and Transition Story 02:52 Parenting Perspectives: From Challenges to Commitment 04:38 Navigating Marriage and Gender Identity 09:15 The Power of Authenticity in Parenting 14:27 Brittany's Reflections and Coming Out Story 16:00 A Heartfelt Conversation on Gender, Identity, and Acceptance 22:20 Creating a Safe Space for Children's Authentic Selves 36:46 Resources and Final Thoughts on Authenticity and Parenting 41:45 Closing Remarks and Gratitude
    42m 45s
  • #14 Couch Forts to Character Building: Danielle's Guide to Nurturing Potential in Preschoolers

    12 APR 2024 · In this episode of the Odd Mom Pod, host Brittany interviews Danielle Lindner, an educator, author, and 'preschool parenting queen', known for her eclectic approach to helping children cope through literature. Danielle shares her upbringing in Morris Plains, New Jersey, emphasizing her childhood's creative, less technologically dependent nature and its contrast to present-day child-rearing. The discussion further delves into the evolution of parenting styles, highlighting the transition from strict, authoritative approaches to more understanding, communicative methods that respect children's autonomy and individuality. Danielle's work, including her 16 children's books and a parenting guide, focuses on equipping kids and parents with tools to address common concerns like separation anxiety and overcoming challenges. The conversation also covers the importance of character education, STEM, and self-worth in early education, alongside the transformative role of parent coaching in providing tailored support and encouraging responsive, informed parenting strategies. Through her initiatives and personal journey, Danielle illustrates the critical shift towards recognizing and nurturing each child's unique strengths and learning styles. Resources: 00:00 Welcome to the Odd Mom Pod: Empowering a New Generation 00:38 Meet the Preschool Parenting Queen: Danielle Lindner 01:20 Nostalgia Alert: Childhood Before the Digital Age 05:14 The Evolution of Discipline and Parenting Styles 07:16 Understanding and Supporting Neurodivergent Children 11:10 Redefining Success: Embracing Individuality in Children 13:52 Building Confidence and Character in Early Education 22:50 Danielle's Preschool Program: A Foundation for Future Success 27:15 Expanding Impact: From Preschool to Parent Coaching 32:07 The Power of Parent Coaching: A Game Changer for Families 40:34 Closing Thoughts and Next Steps
    41m 8s
  • #13 Balancing Act: Prioritizing Self-Care in Parenthood with Tessia

    5 APR 2024 · In this episode of the Odd Mom Pod, host Brittany interviews Tessia, a single mother of two from London, to discuss her incredible journey of resilience and self-care despite growing up in adversity. Tessia details her childhood experiences with a chronically ill mother, her decision to become a mother herself, and the subsequent challenges and triumphs of solo parenting. She emphasizes the importance of parental self-care and creating a support system to ensure both parents and children thrive. Tessia also talks about her childcare program, Les Petits Bellots, designed to allow parents, especially stay-at-home moms, to have time for self-care while providing a nurturing environment for their children. The episode highlights Tessia's book, 'Rejuvenated Mums Make Happy Kids,' aimed at helping mothers navigate parenting without losing themselves. Brittany and Tessia discuss the transformative impact of self-care on parenting, advocating for a balanced approach that meets both the parent's and child's needs. 00:00 Welcome to the Odd Mom Pod: Empowering a New Generation 00:37 Celebrating Episode 13 with Tessia: A Story of Resilience 01:23 Tessia's Childhood: Overcoming Adversity with a Sick Parent 03:44 The Strength of Solo Parenting and Building a Support System 06:04 Rediscovering Self-Care and Identity Beyond Motherhood 12:44 Creating Liberty Below: A Childcare Solution for Moms 15:42 The Journey to Authorship: Sharing the Struggle and Triumph 32:29 The Importance of Self-Care and Intuition in Parenting 36:55 Wrapping Up: The Power of Community and Intuition
    37m 27s
  • #12 From Adversity to Advocacy: Harness a Growth Mindset With Your Teens with Rahz

    29 MAR 2024 · In this episode of the Odd Mom Pod, host Brittany talks with guest Rahz Slaughter about overcoming childhood adversities, step-parenting, grandparenting, and the power of adopting a growth mindset. Rahz shares his unique upbringing, marred by physical challenges and bullying, and how these experiences shaped his resilient outlook on life. Moving from living with his mother to his grandmother, he highlights the unconventional wisdom and empathy he gained, significantly impacting his approach to parenting and mentoring. The episode delves into the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on family dynamics, emphasizing the importance of intentional connection and the lessons learned from enduring hardships. Rahz, now a step-parent, shares insights into blending families, establishing communication with biological parents, and the significance of recognizing and nurturing each child's unique traits and interests. Additionally, they discuss Rahz's transition from a career in fitness to coaching and writing aimed at empowering teenagers and fostering better parent-teen relationships. The conversation concludes with recommendations for parents to foster emotional intelligence and continuous personal growth, featuring book suggestions and the value of seeking mentorship. Resources The Odd Mom Pod Discord Group-  Rahz's Website: Permission to Feel by Marc Brackett, Ph.D. 00:00 Welcome to the Odd Mom Pod: Empowering a New Generation 00:37 Diving Deep with Rahz Slaughter: Overcoming Adversity and Parenting Insights 01:30 Rahz's Unique Childhood and the Power of Resilience 03:04 The Impact of Supportive Family and Cultivating Empathy 04:37 From Personal Trials to Parenting Triumphs 09:20 Navigating the Challenges of Step-Parenting and Building Relationships 17:51 Rahz's Journey into Coaching and Empowering Teens 25:21 The Importance of Understanding and Nurturing Individuality in Kids 29:03 Empower: A Program for Resilient Teens and Their Parents 43:05 Concluding Thoughts and Resources for Growth
    45m 51s

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Welcome to the Odd Mom Pod, a place where we celebrate the unconventional, the uncharted, and the unapologetic journey of parenthood. I'm Brittany, a registered nurse, an international board certified...

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Welcome to the Odd Mom Pod, a place where we celebrate the unconventional, the uncharted, and the unapologetic journey of parenthood.

I'm Brittany, a registered nurse, an international board certified lactation consultant, and a mom with a whole lot of experience under my belt.In this podcast, we're all about redefining the norms of parenting and uniting a community of parents who are boldly charting their own path. Parenting in today's world is anything but ordinary, and it's time we embrace the differences that make our experiences unique. As we navigate these unprecedented times, we're also raising a generation of kids who are growing up in an ever-evolving world, and that brings a whole new set of challenges.How do we approach discussions about topics that didn't even exist when we were kids? How can we ensure that we're well-informed before our children are influenced by external sources? The struggles are real, and parents are grappling with increasing rates of mental health diagnoses, seeking advice from social media platforms, and sometimes, feeling lost in a sea of conflicting opinions.

Many of us are discovering aspects of our own neurodivergence that we've long hidden, all while trying to teach our kids the emotional skills we weren't taught ourselves. Online support groups are a lifeline, but they can also be a minefield of differing perspectives and sometimes, well-intentioned yet divisive advice.Traditional wisdom passed down from older generations doesn't always fit the world we live in today, and even in areas like breastfeeding, where everyone's grandmother thinks they know best, the landscape has evolved dramatically.

There's a sea of outdated information that can lead to more confusion, guilt, and self-doubt than ever before.But the isolation ends here. That's precisely why I'm speaking into this microphone, manifesting every day that our podcast will reach hundreds of thousands of weary parents who are ready to step away from the old way of parenting and venture into the odd way. We'll laugh, we'll cry, and we'll explore the untrodden paths of parenthood together. Welcome to the Odd Mom Pod ‚Äď where "odd" means extraordinary, and parenting is an adventure like no other.

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