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  • Life After Divorce

    23 JUL 2021 · Tune in to this transparent episode about Life After Divorce. My special guest and I will be sharing our past experiences with divorce. Our goal is to inspire, educate and give comfort that there is life after divorce
    1h 25m 56s
  • What Women Want!

    9 JUL 2021 · Join us for this episode where we find out what women want when it comes to relationships, men, and more!
    54m 12s
  • Random-ish Lacefronts vs Manweaves

    25 JUN 2021 · Join us tonight for an off the cuff, random, roast and whatever else you can imagine in this episode!! Special Guest: Dwyane McAllister
    1h 4m 46s
  • HIS Agenda

    12 JUN 2021 · Needing some inspiration? Check out this episode as we discuss whose Agenda is more important? Yours or His? Learn how putting His Agenda first can impact and maximize your life
    47m 47s
  • The N.A.R.C. issist

    5 JUN 2021 · In this episode we discuss a very seriouis topic in regards to narcism...the characteristics of narcissist and how to get out of of a relationship with someone who is a narcissist.
    1h 27m 41s
  • Let Go of My Ego!!

    29 MAY 2021 · In this episode we are discussing how to differentiate between having a discussion, argument, and a disagreement. We will also talk about how to get those egos in check in order to effectively communicate with others.
    54m 32s
  • Profiler

    22 MAY 2021 · W/Special Guest Mike Walker owner of Single Black Christians Facebook. In this episode we will be discussing profiles from dating websites and discussing how the opposite sex's perception may or may not have a negative effect during their search for love!
    59m 24s
  • Mot-HER Nature

    8 MAY 2021 · Tune in to this very special Mother's Day Podcast Episode
    1h 2m 49s
  • Should A Woman Approach A Man? THE SEQUEL

    1 MAY 2021 · It's been two years since we addressed this question. However, since the covid pandemic took place, I wondered if anything has changed. So in this episode, we hear the opinions of listeners who called in, and our chatroom intellectuals on this somewhat trendy topic.
    59m 45s
  • Doors.

    24 APR 2021 · Life sometimes gets rough and it can lead us through various doors. In this episode, we discuss the various types of doors and how our decisions can cause us to go through unnecessary doors.
    48m 45s
A podcast show design specifically for the “Binge Listener” covering random and sometimes off the cuff, but relevant topics such as relationships, current news, and everyday life issues.

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