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  • Latest Skin and Bodycare Finds Part 2

    10 JUL 2018 · Some of my newest skincare and body care discoveries for sensitive skin, including the benefits of oxygen for your skin! You can read the transcript here at
    22m 20s
  • My Latest Safe Sensitive Skin Care Finds

    25 JUL 2017 · Our sensitive skincare needs change over time, and these are some of the latest safe products I've found that offer solutions for severe dry skin, sensitive hair care, and some single ingredient home remedies. Please see transcript and show notes at
    13m 12s
  • Recovering From Hair Dye Allergy

    21 JUL 2017 · If you've had the unfortunate experience of having a bad reaction after using hair dye, you know that this is not simple problem. Sometimes your body keeps reacting, long after you've removed the dye from your hair, and sometimes even after you've done a detox to clear your body of the toxins. Read transcript and additional notes at
    8m 53s
  • Allergic to Clothes?

    16 JUL 2017 · I know this sounds like a mysterious problem that you might see on a comedy show, but clothing allergy is a really debilitating problem that few people, and even fewer doctors know how to effectively treat. Here are some tips that I've learned from my own experience, and from our readers, that may help you to find a solution. You can read the transcript and additional tips and show notes at
    11m 10s
  • A Deeper Look At Sunscreens

    11 AUG 2015 · We have been told how important it is to use sunscreen, but there is a lot more to the story that you might think. What are the unintended health effects of using sunblock? Podcast transcript is available at
    15m 58s
  • Hormonal Balance and Your Skin

    20 MAY 2015 · You might remember getting acne when you were a teenager, but did you know that other types of hormonal changes, including changes produced by environmental pollution, can also cause skin rashes, acne, and other chronic skin problems? Transcript, tips and more info at
    7m 5s
  • #1 Most Affordable Antiaging Skincare

    15 APR 2015 · If you'd like to look your best without spending thousands of dollars on skincare, this podcast will share with you my #1 secret for reducing wrinkles and creating firm and radiant skin. Show notes and transcript are at .
    9m 44s
  • Affordable Winter Skin And Hair Care

    5 MAR 2015 · After a long and chilly winter, how can you take care of your dry, sensitive, itchy skin without spending an arm and a leg on expensive moisturizers? These are some tips that cost practically nothing but will produce supple skin and shiny hair, without the chemical side effects that come from most hair and skincare products. See show notes and transcript at
    7m 48s
  • Shocking Truth About Natural Skincare

    12 NOV 2014 · Are natural skincare products always better for you? This exclusive interview with sensitive skincare expert Dr. Flora Stay reveals possible side effects that can occur from commonly used natural skincare ingredients, and how these can interact with herbs and medications. Discover how you can protect your sensitive skin and why Dr. Stay's skincare line is my #1 top recommendation at
    27m 10s
  • How to Start New a Skincare Routine

    24 JAN 2014 · Many people with sensitive skin have a lot of trouble trying new skincare products or changing our skincare routine. Within a day or two of switching to a new product, you may find your skin red, irritated and breaking out into acne or rashes! Learn which types of skincare products tend to produce more rashes, and how to start a new skincare routine without creating more problems for your sensitive skin. One of the resources mentioned in the podcast is my Safe Cosmetics Guide at
    8m 26s
Join us for fun, inspirational tips and new approaches to sensitive skincare.
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