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The Moscow Murders and More

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    Diddy Do It: Tyrone Blackburn And The Memorandum Of Law In Opposition To Sanctions (Part 5) (6/19/24)

    19 JUN 2024 · A declaration in support of dismissing a Rule 11 sanctions motion is a formal statement, usually made under oath, that provides evidence and arguments to counter a motion for sanctions under Rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Rule 11 sanctions can be sought by a party if they believe that the opposing party has filed a frivolous lawsuit, made legal arguments without proper basis, or submitted filings for an improper purpose.Here are the key elements typically included in such a declaration: - Personal Testimony: The declarant, often an attorney or party involved in the case, provides their personal account and context related to the filing in question. This may include explanations of their actions, decisions, and intentions. - Factual Evidence: The declaration will include factual evidence supporting the claim that the filing was made in good faith, based on reasonable inquiry, and with a legitimate legal basis. This can involve referencing specific documents, communications, or events. - Legal Arguments: It will contain legal arguments demonstrating that the original filing was justified and that the motion for sanctions is unwarranted. This includes citing relevant case law, statutes, and procedural rules. - Refutation of Accusations: The declaration will specifically address and refute the points raised in the Rule 11 sanctions motion, providing counterarguments and evidence to show that the accusations of frivolousness or improper conduct are unfounded. - Supporting Documentation: Any relevant documents, affidavits, or other evidence that bolster the declarant’s statements and arguments are often attached as exhibits to the declaration. - Conclusion: The declarant will typically conclude with a request for the court to deny the motion for Rule 11 sanctions. (commercial at 7:53) to contact me: source:
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    How Cartels In Mexico Are Looking To Cut Out The Coca Middle Man (6/19/24)

    19 JUN 2024 · In recent years, Mexican drug cartels have increasingly started to cultivate coca, the plant from which cocaine is derived, within Mexico's borders. This shift marks a significant change in the dynamics of the cocaine supply chain, traditionally dominated by South American countries, particularly Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia. The primary reasons and implications for this development are: - Diversification and Control: By growing coca in Mexico, cartels can gain more control over the production process, reduce dependency on South American suppliers, and potentially increase profits by managing the entire supply chain from cultivation to distribution. - Adaptation to Law Enforcement: Heightened efforts by law enforcement in South America and at international borders have pressured cartels to find alternative methods to sustain their operations. Cultivating coca domestically helps mitigate risks associated with the interdiction of smuggled drugs. - Experimental and Pilot Projects: Initial cultivation efforts are often experimental, aimed at understanding the viability of coca growth in Mexican climates and soils. Reports suggest that cartels are testing various regions to identify the best conditions for coca cultivation. - Economic Factors: The economic benefits of coca cultivation in Mexico are substantial. By producing cocaine domestically, cartels can lower costs and enhance their ability to compete with South American producers. - Impact on Local Communities: The establishment of coca plantations in Mexico can have profound effects on local communities, potentially leading to increased violence, corruption, and economic shifts as cartels assert control over new territories. - Environmental Concerns: Coca cultivation can also lead to environmental degradation, including deforestation and soil depletion, as cartels clear land to plant coca. (commercial at 12:50) to contact me: source:
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    The Delphi Murders: The Defense Wants To Call Judge Gull As A Witness (6/19/24)

    19 JUN 2024 · The Delphi Murders refer to the tragic killings of two young girls, Abigail Williams (13) and Liberty German (14), in Delphi, Indiana, in February 2017. The girls were reported missing after going for a hike on a local trail. Their bodies were found the next day near a creek, not far from the trail where they had last been seen.Key points about the case and the arrest: - Evidence and Investigation: Early in the investigation, police released a grainy photo and audio recording from Liberty German's phone, capturing a man approaching the girls and saying, "Down the hill." This evidence became central to the case but did not immediately lead to an arrest. - Public Involvement: The case garnered significant public and media attention, with authorities receiving thousands of tips over the years. The community and the families of the victims were actively involved in keeping the case in the public eye. - Arrest of Richard Allen: In October 2022, Richard Allen, a local Delphi resident, was arrested and charged with the murders of Abigail Williams and Liberty German. The arrest was a significant development in a case that had stymied investigators for over five years. - Details about Richard Allen: Allen was a familiar figure in the community, and his arrest shocked many locals. He lived in Delphi and worked at a local CVS pharmacy. Specific details about the evidence leading to his arrest have not been fully disclosed, but it is believed that new forensic or digital evidence played a role. - Legal Proceedings: Following his arrest, Allen has been held without bail, and the case is progressing through the legal system. The investigation remains active as authorities continue to gather evidence to ensure a thorough prosecution. Now, as the trial looms ever closer, the circus music has grown louder as both sides continue to dig in by lobbing accusations at one another even including the latest request by the defense to have a sitting judge take the stand as a witness.     Let's dive in! (commercial at 8:46) to contact me: source:
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    Rachel Morin's Family Fears That There May Be More Victims (6/19/24)

    19 JUN 2024 · Rachel Morin was a 37-year-old woman from Bel Air, Maryland. She went missing on August 5, 2023, after going for a walk on the Ma & Pa Heritage Trail. Her body was discovered the following day off the trail in a wooded area. The Harford County Sheriff's Office ruled her death a homicide after an autopsy confirmed that she had been murdered. The investigation revealed that she was likely killed by a violent assailant, and DNA evidence linked the suspect to a home invasion and assault of a young girl in Los Angeles in March 2023. Now, after an illegal immigrant was arrested for the murder, Rachel's family is speaking out about the arrest and what they fear we might learn now that this monster is in custody.    (commercial at 9:10) to contact me: source:
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    The Uptick In The Use Of Submersibles By Narco Traffickers To Move Product To Market (6/18/24)

    19 JUN 2024 · The Sinaloa cartel has increasingly utilized submersibles, including semi-submersibles and fully submersible vessels, to smuggle narcotics to Europe. These innovative maritime strategies are part of the cartel's broader efforts to evade detection and enhance their drug trafficking operations. Here’s a summary of how they use these submersibles: - Design and Construction: The cartel employs skilled engineers and craftsmen to build submersibles, often in remote, clandestine shipyards. These vessels are designed to be low-profile and difficult to detect by radar or aerial surveillance. - Drug Transport: The submersibles are loaded with large quantities of narcotics, primarily cocaine, which are securely packed to prevent water damage and detection. - Routes and Logistics: These vessels typically embark from the coasts of South America, particularly Colombia, and navigate through international waters to reach Europe. They avoid busy shipping lanes and frequently change routes to minimize the risk of interception by authorities. - Stealth and Evasion: Submersibles travel mostly submerged, with only a small portion of the vessel visible above the water, reducing the chance of detection. Some fully submersible versions can travel entirely underwater for extended periods. - Landing and Distribution: Upon reaching European waters, the narcotics are transferred to smaller boats or coastal drop-off points. From there, they are distributed through the cartel’s established networks across Europe. - Challenges for Law Enforcement: The use of submersibles presents significant challenges for law enforcement agencies. Detecting and intercepting these vessels requires sophisticated technology and international cooperation. (commercial at 7:15) to contact me: source:
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    From The Archives: Cara Northington And Her Interview With The Daily Mail

    19 JUN 2024 · From the archives: 3-9-23 Cara Northington, the mother of Xana Kernodle has given an interview to the Daily Mail. Northington is currently incarcerated on felony drug charges. In this episode, we take a look at the interview and what Cara Northing has to say about her struggles and what things have been like for her in the wake of her daughters murder. (commercial at 8:53) to contact me: source:
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    From the Archives: How Moscow Ended Up 1.4 Million In Hole

    19 JUN 2024 · From the archives: 8-17-23 The amount of money that has been spent by The University of Idaho in the wake of the murders in Moscow is eye popping. With the total number coming in at over 1.4 million dollars so far with more costs sure to be on the way. The University was given a 1 million dollar boost by the state of Idaho previously, but they have already have spent much more than that. In this episode, we take a look at the bill so far and also get an update about Kohberger's court appearance tomorrow. (commercial at 7:56) to contact me: source:
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    From The Archives: A Trip Around The Headlines In Moscow On December 26th, 2022

    19 JUN 2024 · From the archives: 12-26-22 On today's episode we are diving right back into the headlines from over the weekend and overnight to see where things currently stand as of this morning. (commercial at 9:24) to contact me: source:
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    From The Archives: A Trip Around The Headlines In Moscow On December 13th, 2022

    19 JUN 2024 · On this edition of the morning update, we dive right back into the headlines from overnight and see where things currently stand in the investigation as of the morning of December 13th. (commercial at 9:46) to contact me: source:
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    From The Archives: Bryan Kohberger And The Fifth Request For Discovery

    19 JUN 2024 · In this episode we are diving back into the court documents and we are taking a look at the second motion to stay proceedings and several other documents that have hit the docket recently. (commercial at 7:36) to contact me: source: source: source: source:
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Moscow is a city located in northern Idaho, United States, with a population of approximately 25,000 people. It is the largest city and the county seat of Latah County. The...

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Moscow is a city located in northern Idaho, United States, with a population of approximately 25,000 people. It is the largest city and the county seat of Latah County. The city is situated in the Palouse region, known for its fertile soil and rolling hills, and is surrounded by wheat fields, forests, and mountains.Moscow is home to the University of Idaho, which is the state's flagship institution and a major research university. The university is a significant contributor to the local economy, and many businesses in the city are directly or indirectly tied to the university.

The city also has a thriving arts and culture scene, with several galleries, museums, and performance venues.In terms of recreation, Moscow has several parks and outdoor recreation areas, including the Latah Trail, the Moscow Mountain Trail System, and the Palouse Divide Nordic Ski Area. The city also hosts several annual events, including the Moscow Farmers Market, the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, and the Renaissance Fair.

However, things would change forever after Xana Kernodle, Ethan Chapin, Madison Mogen and Kaylee Goncalves were murdered in the early morning hours of November 13th, 2022.

What followed in the wake of the murders captivated not only the nation but the whole world as the authorities scrambled to find the person responsible for the heinous crime.

This podcast will document the Murders In Moscow from right after the murders were committed all the way through the real time evolution of the trial of the person that the authorities say is responsible, Bryan Kohberger.

We will also cover other stories that are based in the world of true crime that are currently in the courts or that are headed that way.
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