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  • Melinda Eitzen & Mo Martin

    7 DEC 2023 · Mo Martin is the Marketing Director at Duffee + Eitzen Family Law, a law firm specializing in divorce cases. She has extensive experience in the field and has witnessed a wide range of divorce scenarios.
    34m 55s
  • Melinda Eitzen Podcast with Marianne Howland

    6 DEC 2023 · Marianne Howland is a partner at Duffee + Eitzen, specializing in education law and divorce work. She is dedicated to serving the LGBTQ community and helping students and families navigate the legal system to protect their rights and well-being.
    32m 52s
  •  Melinda Eitzen with Laurie Poole, MS, LPC 

    1 DEC 2023 · 214-810-2615 Laurie Poole, MS, LPC, is a therapist and counselor at the Montfort Group. She specializes in couples therapy and individual therapy, helping clients navigate through relationship challenges and improve their mental health.
    32m 20s
  • Melinda Eitzen with Natalie Gregg

    1 DEC 2023 · (972) 829-3923 Natalie Gregg is a family lawyer with extensive experience in divorce cases. She is trained in collaborative law, and litigation. Natalie is dedicated to helping her clients navigate the divorce process and find the best solution for their unique situation.
    39m 43s
  • Melinda Eitzen & Tom Daley

    21 NOV 2023 · Tom Daley is a divorce lawyer at Koons Fuller Law Firm. With years of experience in family law, Tom specializes in divorce cases, child custody disputes, modifications, and enforcement. He is known for his expertise in the courtroom and his ability to effectively advocate for his clients
    35m 47s
  • Robert Epstein Of Epstein Family Law

    17 NOV 2023 · Robert Epstein joins Melinda Eitzen on the Melinda Eitzen Show to discuss recent legislative changes in family law. They focus on the changes in protective orders, the definition of family violence, the enforcement of protective orders, and the difference between protective orders and injunctions. They also discuss the impact of technology on family law cases, such as the use of recordings and text messages as evidence. Additionally, they explore changes in child custody evaluations, the process of stepparent adoptions, and the reimbursement statute for property division in divorce cases. Finally, they touch on the recent change in the discovery process for exchanging information in family law cases.
    41m 2s
  •  Counselor, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Molly Behannon

    16 NOV 2023 · Molly Behannon is a life coach and former elementary school counselor, and was a therapist and founder of Park Cities Counseling Center for 25 years before transitioning into life coaching. Director of elementary guidance and human relations for Dallas ISD prior to that. of experience in the field of mental health. She is the author of the book "Gently Down the Stream," which offers ten rowing tips for a healthy and balanced life. Molly is passionate about promoting wellness and helping individuals find personal growth and peace.
    41m 46s
  • Estate Planning & Divorce with Bert and Laura Starr

    18 OCT 2023 · Melinda Eitzen and Bert and Laura Starr discuss estate planning and it's overlap with family law. Watch to have a myriad of questions answered including "Does everyone need a will?, "What is the power of attorney and how is it used?", "What are the benefits of a trust?", "How and why can a will be contested" "What is the probate process and why is it done", "Explain the tax code and how taxes pass between family members", and much more. Financial planning is a gift to your family - this is not one to miss!
    24m 17s
  • Grey Divorce & Adult Children with Esther Donald

    23 AUG 2023 · Episode 10: Grey Divorce & Adult Children with Esther Donald Melinda Eitzen and Family Law Attorney Esther Donald answer questions on special populations in family law sharing their experiences with the Grey Divorce phenomena and clients with "Adult Children"; offering insights to how the divorce process differs with these unique cases. Further topics include applying the collaborative process to these cases and child specialists. Esther Donald Family Lawyer Family Law
    32m 44s
  • The Intersection Criminal Law & Family Law with Adam Seidel

    25 JUL 2023 · Melinda Eitzen and dual Criminal defense/family lawyer Adam Seidel from the Adam Seidel Law Firm discuss various matters where criminal law and family law overlap. Subtopics include protective orders in both family court and criminal court, the most common crimes committed within family law cases (family violence/harassment/trespassing etc.), and potential criminal elements involved with violating court ordered custody agreements, and child support orders. Adam and Melinda cover many commonly asked questions and several useful tips that you won't want to miss! Adam Seidel - Criminal Defense & Family Lawyer Adam Seidel Law Firm Melinda Eitzen -
    34m 56s

The Melinda Eitzen Show is a podcast from the perspective of a seasoned Divorce Lawyer discussing all things Divorce and Divorce adjacent including mental health, substance abuse, children and families,...

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The Melinda Eitzen Show is a podcast from the perspective of a seasoned Divorce Lawyer discussing all things Divorce and Divorce adjacent including mental health, substance abuse, children and families, school issues for children including proper accommodations for children who need them. Melinda will also have guests who discuss nondivorce topics to help improve our lives.
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