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The Manufacturing Executive

  • 8 Silent Business Killers For Manufacturers

    28 FEB 2023 · If you want to run a killer manufacturing business, you need to avoid the silent business killers that can keep you from the success you’ve worked hard to earn. Today, we’re speaking with, CEO of, about his recent article He shares the seven silent killers (along with a bonus one) manufacturers need to be on the lookout for and how to treat them before it’s too late. Some highlights: - Everyone makes nice in meetings - Innovation is DOA - Hiding in the USA - And other signs that your business is slipping from prosperity to irrelevance
    43m 48s
  • Building A Talent Pipeline

    21 FEB 2023 · Most organizations spend more time and resources on new customer acquisition rather than talent acquisition, but why is that? Our guest today joins us to explain how organizations can showcase why their business is a great place to work and how to hire the right people for the job. is the Founder and CEO of Ventech Search Group, a company on a mission to help organizations hire the best sales talent in the market. In this episode, Jay offers insights on how companies can hire and retain top talent. Join us as we discuss: - Why company leaders should not offload the responsibility of talent acquisition - Why Jay believes outside recruiting partners are essential - How to build relationships with future recruits ahead of time - How to write compelling job descriptions
    48m 53s
  • Leading by Empowering Your People

    14 FEB 2023 · Some of the best conversations we have on this show are with Presidents and CEOs leading midsize American manufacturing companies. Listen in as our guest provides his insights into running a company that is a leader in innovative tooling and casting solutions. is the President and CEO of, a full-service supplier for the design and build of complex foundry tooling. In this episode, Mick talks about his experiences leading a midsize American manufacturing company. Join us as we discuss: - How Mick and his team have been able to de-commoditize themselves at Anderson Global - Why manufacturing is misunderstood by most of the general public - Traits that every leader should have
    35m 4s
  • How Sustainable American Manufacturing Can Flourish at Scale

    7 FEB 2023 · The term “sustainability” is used loosely among manufacturing leaders today. Most will say sustainability matters, but how many run their organizations with sustainable practices as their focus? Our guest today is a CEO who operates her business with a sustainability mindset and tells us what that looks like inside a manufacturing organization. is the CEO at, one of the 1% of remaining domestic shoe manufacturers with a mission to prove that sustainable American manufacturing can flourish. In this episode, Sara talks about how her family-owned business has sold over 35 million pairs of shoes using sustainable practices as its focus. Join us as we discuss: - The history of Okabashi Brands from the Middle East to Buford, Georgia - Circularity as it relates to the end of life for a product - How Sara connects the dots between sustainability and profitability - What has Sara excited about the future of manufacturing
    20m 31s
  • Pushing manufacturing boundaries with additive molding

    31 JAN 2023 · We've all heard of Injection Molding and Additive Manufacturing, but what about Additive Molding? Our guest today is pioneering a business for high-volume production using molding. is the Co-Founder and CEO of, a technology company enabling the design and manufacture of the highest-performance products. In this episode, Riley talks about Arris's Additive Molding™ technology and how they are discovering new ways to manufacture composite parts at scale in ways that weren't previously possible. Join us as we discuss: - What is additive molding, and how it works - Specific applications that would make sense to use additive molding versus a more traditional process - What has Riley excited about the future of manufacturing
    30m 2s
  • Introducing The Manufacturing Marketer

    24 JAN 2023 · Rather than our typical interview, in this episode, we syndicated an episode from our second podcast,, a show focused on marketing for B2B companies inside the manufacturing ecosystem. In this episode, our team of strategists at Gorilla answer questions that they have received from our recurring live event,, from marketing folks working inside manufacturing companies. Join us as we discuss: - Trade show strategy and how trade shows can be used to build a community - Digital advertising for manufacturers - Using data and interviews to formalize customer personas
    38m 37s
  • Navigating Entrepreneurship and the Stigma of Autism

    17 JAN 2023 · Some of the most famous and successful entrepreneurs fall on the autism spectrum. Autism is a highly stigmatized disorder, but our guest today will share his insights on why people on the spectrum can be some of the most brilliant thinkers around. is the Founder and CEO of, a leading manufacturer of air filtration and ventilation products. A United States Military Veteran, Peter served 4 years in the Navy, including a tour in the Red Sea during the first gulf war. Peter is late diagnosed autistic and, in this episode, talks about his journey of being an entrepreneur with autism. Join us as we discuss: - Peter’s background and how he discovered he was autistic - How Peter’s early entrepreneurial experiences shaped the path he is on now - How the pandemic affected the market for air filtration and purification - Peter’s perspective on why autism is so stigmatized - What business leaders can do to make the workplace more inclusive for people on the spectrum
    37m 32s
  • Reimagining industry: From inevitable decline to vibrant opportunity

    10 JAN 2023 · Our guest today has his eyes set on how we can pull together our resources to revitalize American manufacturing and take steps towards creating vibrant opportunities in the next decade. is the Founder and Team Leader of Industry Reimagined 2030, a non-profit with a mission to bring a generational sea-change in US industry and to transform 50,000 companies into world class over the next 10 years. Listen in as Doug explains how Industry Reimagined is the catalyst for national associations and institutes to collaborate and speak with a unified, compelling voice for this vibrant future. Join us as we discuss: - The 4 components of the Industry Reimagined mission - Shifting the narrative from inevitable decline to vibrant opportunity in manufacturing - The seven nonlinear emerging categories in manufacturing that are going through exponential growth
    35m 14s
  • Cloud-based hardware: The next data revolution

    3 JAN 2023 · We’re at the threshold of an information revolution around cloud-based hardware, and our guest today will explain why moving to the cloud can save your business. is the Founder and CEO of, a cloud SaaS PLM platform enabling the utilization of hardware development for the next generation of hardware teams. Listen in as Michael explains the need for cloud based hardware in your manufacturing business. Join us as we discuss: - Some of the biggest problems caused by manual processes around transferring data - The pushback that Michael sees around hesitancy to move things to the cloud - Why security is now a commodity for data - Why the most prudent managers protect themselves from financial ups and downs by investing in processes and technology - The business opportunity of using the cloud to find suppliers
    27m 57s
  • Future proofing the family-owned manufacturing business

    27 DEC 2022 · Sometimes it's easier to follow the status quo than switch things up, especially when running a second or third-generation family-owned business. Listen in as, Vice President of Operations and Marketing at Acosta Sheet Metal shares her experiences as well as her vision for leading this family business into the future. Join us as we discuss: - Things that commodity-driven businesses can do to make it about more than just price when talking to prospects and customers - Taking a proactive approach to looking for process efficiencies in the business - The impact that modernizing Acosta's technology stack has had on the business
    29m 33s

On The Manufacturing Executive podcast, we’ll explore the strategies and experiences that are driving midsized manufacturers forward. You’ll hear conversations with passionate manufacturing leaders who have compelling stories to share...

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On The Manufacturing Executive podcast, we’ll explore the strategies and experiences that are driving midsized manufacturers forward. You’ll hear conversations with passionate manufacturing leaders who have compelling stories to share about their successes and struggles. You’ll also hear interviews with B2B Sales and Marketing experts about what’s working on the business development front and how to make these ideas actionable. Episodes will feature topics related to industrial marketing and lead generation, manufacturing sales strategy, technology, and industrial sector innovation.
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