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The Lunchtime Tech Talk with AVL Racetech

  • How AVL RACETECH Aided Ducati’s 2022 MotoGP Title Success

    7 MAR 2023 · In this episode of the AVL RACETECH Lunchtime Tech Talk we look at the world of two wheels and how the company has assisted Ducati Corse in its recent MotoGP success. Through some innovative calibration software using AI methods, known as AVL CAMEOTM, AVL RACETECH has engineered potent technical analytics that have seen results on track. Engine Experimentation Engineer for Ducati Corse, Andrea Bellini and AVL Application Engineer, Helmuth Grassberger join host Sam Smith for a fascinating talk about how the system was derived and where it took Ducati in terms of performance and efficiency. The fruits of the AVL RACETECH and Ducati Corse efforts were suitably rewarded last year when Francesco Bagnaia took the 2022 MotoGP crown in a stellar season, in which he and Ducati won seven races.
  • How AVL Racetech tackles the ever-changing challenges of F1

    22 JUL 2022 · The latest episode of the AVL Racetech Lunchtime Tech Talk features an F1 centred discussion with Peter Schöggl, the experienced Business Field Leader Vehicle & Racing at AVL Racetech. Topics such as R&D, vehicle dynamics and driver-in-the-loop simulators are discussed in relation to their adaptability and vitalness in priming F1 teams as they continue to work with AVL in a variety of departments. 2022 has also seen a significant change in the F1 regulations this season with new dimensions throughout the car, most noticeably on wings, wheels and bargeboards. This began a busy period for AVL as Schöggl addresses how he and his team plan and deliver under new rules sets. The different fuel that is used this year has generated some of its own headlines. The 10% ethanol bio-component has been a great start for F1 in sustainability terms but what in particular has it seen in challenging engineers with understanding how it affects the engines? Schöggl answers this and other questions, beaming a light on how and why AVL is the go to engineering technical partner for many top teams and manufacturers.
    20m 19s
  • Manufacturing Excellence in Motion with AVL SCHRICK

    29 MAR 2022 · The latest AVL Racing Lunchtime tech talk focuses on the world of precision engineering and how it contributes to projects all over the industry. From camshafts, crankshafts, engine blocks, cylinder heads, E-motor components as well as gearboxes and chassis parts, skilled manufacturing is an integral part of programmes from F1 to customer racing, and the brave new world of EV sport. AVL SCHRICK, an incorporated branch of the AVL Group of companies, has a renowned reputation as a leader in precision manufacturer. Its Project Manager of Racing, Fabian Wenzel, joins host Sam Smith to discuss the finer points of established and new processes in manufacturing. Also touched on is how 3D printing has added an extra dimension to this fascinating sphere of engineering, and also how sustainable practices in manufacturing are helping to position companies such AVL in positively impacting the environmental agendas that modern business must address.
    19m 59s
  • How sensor development is changing rapidly in motorsport

    15 FEB 2022 · In the latest episode of the AVL Lunchtime Tech Talk we meet Michael Hirschler, the managing director of the AVL Racing owned Piezocryst company. He talks about the crucial importance of sensor design and development in modern motorsport, from the practical everyday products to more involved applications being used in EV racing. Piezocryst specialises its tech on several areas, notably with in-cylinder pressure measurement and development for combustion engines, and also the monitoring of combustion. Hirschler discusses several topics with The Race’s Sam Smith, particularly in relation to torque measurements and also the phenomenal tolerances and frequencies that are put through the sensors at maximum endurance levels.
    20m 4s
  • How AVL delivered DTM's 2021 Balance of Performance

    22 OCT 2021 · In this AVL Racing Lunchtime Tech Talk Sam Smith is joined by Michael Peinsitt, the Skill Team Leader in Racing at AVL. He talks about how Balance of Performance, the method of trying to equalise a diverse range of competitors in one series, has been researched and calculated in the 2021 DTM utilising AVL’s exceptional simulation techniques.
    24m 26s
  • Developing Hydrogen Power

    13 OCT 2021 · The AVL Racing Lunchtime Tech Talk this week investigates the fascinating subject of hydrogen power in combustion engines. The development of hydrogen combustion engine technology of the latest generation, primarily for use in heavy-duty vehicles aims to reduce the mass of greenhouse gas emissions from heavy-duty vehicles exceeding 3.5 tons. This work is aiming to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions attributable to such vital transport over the next decade and more. AVL’s Global Business Segment Manager of Racing, Martin Monschein, joins us to discuss the subject and tell us more about the development of a hydrogen internal combustion engine, advancing the pan-European goal of becoming the world's first climate-neutral continent by 2050. The discussion also takes in the benefits of the technology across multi-platforms including future applications within motorsport.
    21m 10s

If you are looking for a rapid-fire insight into some of the more intriguing technical aspects in the motorsport and automotive industries, then the AVL Racetech Tech Talk is for...

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If you are looking for a rapid-fire insight into some of the more intriguing technical aspects in the motorsport and automotive industries, then the AVL Racetech Tech Talk is for you.

A perfect accompaniment to a working lunchtime whether it be in the office or at home, our interviews with some of AVL Racetech’s leading engineering managers will inform, answer, and entertain.
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