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  • Life After Diagnosis: Sarah Cart's Guide for Caregivers

    9 JUN 2024 · In this powerful and touching episode of the Lean to the Left podcast, Sarah Cart, a journalist, wife, and mother of four, shares her heartfelt journey of becoming her husband's caregiver when he needed a heart transplant. Sarah reflects on the emotional and physical challenges, the support from her community, and the importance of faith, grit, and grace. She provides valuable advice for other caregivers and emphasizes the significance of organ donation. Through her story, listeners are offered a glimpse of love, resilience, and the miracles that arise from the darkest times. 00:00 Introduction to Caregiving 00:20 Sarah's Story: Becoming a Caregiver 00::39 The Memoir: On My Way Back to You 02:16 The First Signs of Illness 05:16 The Impact of COVID-19 07:36 Ben's Career and Forced Retirement 08:54 Coping Mechanisms and Meditation 10:25 The Heart Transplant Journey 14:36 Post-Transplant Challenges 19:20 Advice for Caregivers 20:10 Community Support and Gratitude 28:43 Final Thoughts and Organ Donation
    31m 1s
  • Mal Hyman's Congressional Bid: Beacon of Hope for South Carolina

    5 JUN 2024 · In this episode of the Lean to the Left podcast, Democratic candidate Mel Hyman outlines his campaign for South Carolina's solidly Republican 7th congressional district. With a focus on Common Sense for the Common Good, Hyman aims to unseat one-term incumbent Russell Frye. The discussion spans a wide range of topics, including jobs, healthcare, education, reproductive rights, and the environment. Hyman shares his history as a public school and university teacher, his blue-collar work experience, and his critical views on Donald Trump, especially in light of recent criminal charges. The conversation also delves into immigration reform, gun control, campaign finance reform, social security, Medicare, and climate change. Hyman emphasizes the need for significant legislative efforts to protect democracy and improve the lives of working families. He ends the interview by advocating for a children's bill of rights and making education more affordable while highlighting the importance of returning to civility in political discourse. 00:00 Introduction to Mel Hyman's Campaign 00:38 Mel Hyman's Background and Values 01:27 Thoughts on Donald Trump and His Legal Issues 04:31 The Threat of Another Trump Administration 06:05 Economic Improvements Under Biden 09:06 Abortion and Reproductive Rights 11:53 Gun Control and School Safety 14:45 Immigration Policy and Challenges 18:47 Campaign Finance Reform 21:11 Social Security and Medicare 26:32 Environmental Protection and Climate Change 29:56 Children's Bill of Rights and Education 33:40 Conclusion and Final Thoughts 
    36m 1s
  • Veteran Diplomat Stuart E. Eizenstat Says US Must Continue Supporting Efforts to End Wars in Ukraine & Gaza

    3 JUN 2024 · Explore the insightful analysis of veteran diplomat Stuart E. Eizenstat on ending Wars in Gaza & Ukraine as he shares the keys to peace and diplomacy from his long experience as an international negotiator. In this episode, we speak with Ambassador Eisenstadt about his latest book, which includes interviews with dozens of U.S. and global leaders such as Presidents Clinton, Carter, and others. Eisenstat offers reflections on key diplomatic skills, current geopolitical issues like the Ukraine War and Gaza conflict, and provides advice for U.S. military strategy. He also shares personal anecdotes and insights from his extensive negotiations experience, including his work on Holocaust issues and economic peace processes. Eizenstat said the eventual resolution of the Ukraine conflict will hinge on a strategic stalemate on the battlefield.  "This war in Ukraine will ultimately end when both sides believe they can't get anything further on the battlefield in terms of their political goals," he said. Eizenstat advocated for the U.S. to continue providing critical military aid to Ukraine, comparing the potential outcomes to the armistice that concluded the Korean War, rather than a direct peace agreement. The long time diplomat said the US. must "give Israel the means to defeat and disable Hamas as a governing and military structure, But, we have to also, as the administration is trying to do, combine diplomacy with military force." Eizenstat cautioned that Hamas will not be defeated alone by military force. and that the US. must "look at Gaza as part of a broader conflict. And that broader regional conflict involves Iran on the one hand, which has been the military supplier for Hamas, with its so called, and they call it this, their axis of resistance with Hamas, with Hezbollah, with the Houthis, with Syria." 00:00 Introduction and Guest Welcome 00:32 Purpose of the Book 01:40 Key Skills for Successful Diplomacy 03:01 Stamina in Diplomacy 04:36 Lessons from Past Negotiations 04:58 Ukraine Conflict and U.S. Military Role 10:26 Gaza Conflict and Diplomatic Strategies 15:51 Holocaust Negotiations and Personal Reflections 16:42 Trump's Foreign Policy and Biden's Age 21:28 Importance of U.S. International Engagement 22:27 Personal Anecdotes and Conclusion
    37m 27s
  • Dixie Dems: Political Controversies & Upcoming Elections

    30 MAY 2024 · Join the Dixie Dams—Arthur Hill, Robert Thompson, and the host from South Carolina—as they dive into current political issues on the Lean to the Left podcast. The episode covers a range of hot topics including Trump's New York hush money trial, a new initiative to energize young voters called TOGETHER!, Supreme Court decisions on gerrymandering and other impactful rulings, and heated debates over DEI funding. Discussions also address the controversies surrounding political figures like Marjorie Taylor Greene and analyze the changing political landscapes in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Whether it's local legislation on masks and development or national electoral implications, this episode provides an in-depth look at America's political atmosphere. 00:00 Welcome to the Lean to the Left Podcast 01:29 Diving into the Trump Hush Money Trial 04:09 Political Climate and Voter Sentiments 09:00 Nationwide Initiative to Unite and Mobilize Young Voters 10:47 The Curious Case of RFK Jr.'s Brain Worm 12:54 Supreme Court's Controversial Decision on Gerrymandering 16:46 State Politics: Mask Laws and DEI Funding 32:35 Election Integrity and the Fulton County Court Clerk Race
    38m 17s
  • Fighting Teen Depression with Purpose

    26 MAY 2024 · In this episode of the Lean to the Left podcast, we delve into the critical issue of teenage depression and the alarming rates of youth suicide. Host Bob Gatty welcomes Dr. Scott Kolbaba, an Internal Medicine Physician from Chicago, who shares his poignant experiences and insights. Dr. Kolbaba, an Amazon bestselling author, highlights his children's book 'Clara's Magic Garden,' which addresses themes of depression and self-worth. Through powerful anecdotes and a deep understanding of mental health, Dr. Kolbaba explores the importance of finding purpose as a potential solution to combating teenage depression. He also discusses the role of parents and significant others in identifying and nurturing the passions of young people to help them overcome depression. Don't miss this compelling conversation that offers hope and actionable advice for parents and caregivers. 00:00 Introduction to Teenage Depression and Suicide Rates 00:31 Dr. Kolbaba's Journey and Insights on Teenage Depression 02:53 The Power of Purpose: Dr. Kolbaba's Approach to Battling Depression 07:49 Personal Stories and the Impact of Finding Purpose 14:39 Adoption Stories and Addressing Bullying 19:12 Advice for Parents on Recognizing and Addressing Depression 22:14 The Role of Schools and Society in Supporting Mental Health 25:55 Exploring Miraculous Experiences: Physicians Untold Stories 28:48 Closing Thoughts and the Importance of Purpo 
    30m 52s
  • The Birth of TOGETHER!, Movement for Political Change

    23 MAY 2024 · Bringing Civility and Innovation to Politics: Together's Vision for the Future Lean to the Left podcast hosts an insightful discussion with Jason Palmer, Debra Perry Piscione, and Kwame Jackson, co-founders of Together, a new organization aimed at reducing political polarization by mobilizing young voters and endorsing a new generation of leaders. Aiming for inclusivity, civility, and entrepreneurship, Together seeks to transform American politics by endorsing candidates who represent common sense and bipartisan values. The podcast delves into the founders' backgrounds, the mission and structure of Together, and their plans to engage and rally young Americans for a profound political impact. The Timeline: 00:00 Introduction to Lean to the Left Podcast and Jason Palmer's Political Journey 01:05 Launching 'Together': A New Organization for Political Change 01:47 Meet the Co-Founders: Their Roles and Visions for 'Together' 07:29 Jason Palmer's Reflections on His Presidential Run and Future Plans 08:57 'Together's' Strategy: Endorsing Candidates and Mobilizing Young Voters 14:11 Addressing Political Divisions and Fostering Civility 20:45 'Together's' Approach to Political Issues and Candidate Endorsements
    33m 27s
  • The Lean to the Left Podcast: A Forum to Consider, Then Decide

    19 MAY 2024 · On the Lean to the Left podcast, author Matthew Stevenson credits our show with providing a forum for meaningful intellectual discussion about the key political and social issues of our time. Stevenson made his comments at the close of an interview for our show during which he discussed the conundrum faced by many voters who must choose between President Biden and Donald Trump in November. That episode is now streaming.
    2m 42s
  • The Trump-Biden Conundrum: A Deep Dive With Matthew Stevenson

    17 MAY 2024 · In this episode of the Lean to the Left podcast, host Bob Gatty is joined by author Matthew Stevenson, who discusses his book 'Donald Trump's Circus Maximus and Joe Biden's Excellent Adventure,' detailing his firsthand experiences following the 2016 and 2020 U.S. presidential elections. Stevenson shares insights into the personalities of key political figures like Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton, and the political carnival atmosphere of campaigns. The discussion explores the broader implications of these elections on American democracy, Trump's impact on the Republican Party, and the potential future of political parties in the U.S. Stevenson also delves into the impeachment trials following the January 6th insurrection, Trump's legal troubles, and offers a critique of the current state and direction of both the Republican and Democratic parties. Finally, Stevenson provides his personal perspective on the future of American politics and the significance of political engagement and advocacy. Trump, he says, is virtually ruining the Republican Party. 00:00 Introduction to the Podcast and Guest Matthew Stevenson 02:00 Matthew Stevenson's Background and Political Insights 04:53 Deep Dive into Trump's and Biden's Political Campaigns 08:18 Reflections on Trump's Impeachment Trials and Political Consequences 12:44 Trump's Legal Battles and Supreme Court Dynamics 22:29 The Future of American Politics and the Republican Party 32:12 Where to Find Matthew Stevenson's Work 33:48 Closing Thoughts and Appreciation
    36m 30s
  • Challenging the Bankers Blub: The Fight for an Equitable Financial System

    12 MAY 2024 · In this episode of the Lean to the Left Podcast, host Bob Gatty interviews Gerald Epstein, author of 'Busting the Bankers Club,' and a professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Epstein discusses how powerful interests within the 'Bankers Club,' including big banks like JP Morgan and Bank of America, federal institutions like the Federal Reserve, financial regulators, and others, have maintained a financial system that benefits the wealthy at the expense of the majority. He explores the dualities of the financial system, its manipulation by powerful interests, the adverse impact of current banking practices on the average person, and the potential for reform. Epstein argues for the break-up of the Bankers Club to create a more equitable and functional financial system that serves broader societal needs, including those of marginalized communities and the push for a greener economy. He also addresses the challenges of making such transformations and highlights the efforts of activists, public officials, and reform-minded groups working towards these goals. The conversation delves into specifics such as the destructive influence of credit card interest rates, the legacy of economic policies that have exacerbated racial inequalities, and the potential for public banks to fulfill social missions. Epstein emphasizes the importance of democratizing financial institutions, like the Federal Reserve, and the need for wide-ranging reforms to address issues of inequality and to harness finance as a force for good in society. He calls for passage of federal legislation to create public banks that serve marginalized communities, communities of color, small businesses, and funds "green" environmental initiatives. 00:00 Introduction: The Cycle of Bank Bailouts 01:48 Unveiling the Bankers Club: Allies and Operations 04:56 The Dual Faces of Finance: Necessity and Destructiveness 11:03 The Federal Reserve's Role and Influence 20:25 Addressing Inequality and the Power of Public Banks 24:17 Racial Inequality and Financial Systems 27:16 The Fight for Financial Reform and Public Banks 33:06 The Political Landscape and Economic Implications 39:30 Concluding Thoughts and Where to Find the Book 
    42m 12s
  • Lori Alhadeff: A Mother Fights for Safer Schools

    9 MAY 2024 · In this episode of the Lean to the Left podcast, Lori Alhadeff shares the heartbreaking story of losing her daughter Alyssa in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting on Valentine's Day, 2018. Lori discusses the founding of the Make Our Schools Safe organization, dedicated to preventing such tragedies through initiatives like Alyssa's Law, which mandates panic buttons in schools. Lori, also a school board member, highlights the importance of community involvement in school safety, detailing her organization's efforts in passing Alyssa's Law in several states and advocating for its national adoption. The podcast dives into the establishment of Make Our Schools Safe clubs (MOSS Clubs) and various fundraising and awareness events aimed at enhancing school security and involving students and parents in the safety dialogue. 00:00 Welcome to Lean to the Left: A Story of Tragedy and Action 00:42 Remembering Alyssa: A Life Full of Light 01:21 From Grief to Action: Founding Make Our Schools Safe 03:08 The Mission of Make Our Schools Safe and Alyssa's Law 04:39 Lori's Journey: School Board Member and Advocate 05:50 Alyssa's Law: A Nationwide Push for Safer Schools 09:26 Engaging the Community: MOSS Clubs and Fundraising Efforts 15:05 The Challenge of Legislative Action and Continuing the Fight 18:08 A Call to Action: Making Schools Safer for Everyone
    21m 21s

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No-holds-barred progressive commentary and newsmaker interviews with journalist Bob Gatty and guests. Insight into today's news plus analysis, with focus on social issues and just a little lean to the left.
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