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The Jimmy Rex Show

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    #533 - Justin Waller - Business Owner is Also One of Social Media's Most Popular Self-Help, Dating, and Business Coaches

    16 MAY 2024 · Justin Waller is one of the top coaches and influencers on social media. He coaches and guides those looking for advice in business, mindset, health, and relationships. In this episode we touch on confidence vs. insecurity on social media, the struggles that men have today, and why it’s so much harder to go from $0 to $1mil than it is to go from $1 to $10mil
    49m 48s
  • #532 - Jenn Drummond - First Women to Ever Summit Mt Everest & the 2nd Highest Peaks on all 7 Continents

    13 MAY 2024 · Jenn Drummond is the first female world record holder to climb the second highest summits on each of the 7 continents! What's equally impressive is that she completed this task as a mom of 7 and a successful business owner. The beauty of Jenn's message is in shattering limiting beliefs. In this episode we go over that, pain having purpose, and why who we show up as is more important than what we achieve.
    45m 36s
  • #531 - Brett Brewer - Co-Founder of MySpace Sold Original Social Media Platform for $675 Million

    9 MAY 2024 · Brett Brewer is a leading Internet pioneer and executive who has built, operated and sold numerous Internet media companies, most notably We discuss the story of Myspace and how it came to be, the real reason co-founder Tom would automatically be assigned as the first "friend" of new Myspace users, and why Brett thinks social media is a net negative in today's world.
    44m 15s
  • #530 - Adam Hansmann - Co-Founder of The Athletic Sold Company to New York Times for $550 Million

    6 MAY 2024 · Adam Hansmann is the co-founder of The Athletic, a subscription-based sports journalism website. The Athletic was acquired by The New York Times for $550 million in 2022.  In this episode we go over the genius business model of The Athletic in starting a subscription business back before they were commonplace, how The Athletic started and lessons learned along the way!
    47m 23s
  • Explicit

    #529 - Jimmy & Friends - Jimmy Sits Down With 3 Members of We Are The They; Mark McCormack, Nick Howland and Michael McHenry

    3 MAY 2024 · Mark McCormack, Michael McHenry, and Nick Howland all come on the podcast today! All 3 are business leaders in Utah and members of We Are The They. We cover everything from the link between physical fitness and respect to the foundation of self-love. With the constant discussion about vulnerability, we also touch on the massive problem with FAKE vulnerability and why the most miserable people are ambitious yet lazy.
    1h 15m 10s
  • #528 - Jim Kwik - New York Times Best Selling Author of "Limitless" is the World's Leading Expert on Brain Performance

    1 MAY 2024 · Jim Kwik is an internationally acclaimed authority in brain optimization, memory improvement, and accelerated learning. With over 30 years of experience, Jim has dedicated his life to helping people tap into their brain's full potential. Jim is renowned globally as the world's #1 brain coach and revolutionizing global learning methods through Kwik Learning! In this episode you can expect to learn more about brain performance, learn how differently our brains are and the Kwik C.O.D.E. Quiz to Jim came up with to help you understand your brain type, and brain hacks you can use to utilize your brain and body in the most effective way possible!
    58m 3s
  • Explicit

    #527 - Jimmy & Friends - Jimmy Sits Down with 3 of His Friends & Members of We Are The They

    29 APR 2024 · Adrian Maco, Alec Daghlian, and Jeremy Macy are close friends and members of We Are The They! We go into why it's important (and beneficial) to have the hard conversation…how changing your mindset can work wonders on your happiness...and when does self development become "overdone".
    1h 8m 3s
  • #526 - John Moore - Founder of "Heare" Men's Coaching Program Shares Why Men Need Each Other Now More Than Ever

    25 APR 2024 · John Moore is the founder of "Heare Brotherhood", a group on a mission to forge a global brotherhood of support and growth. We discuss all things regarding masculinity, mental health, and the need for men to have a tribe!
    51m 26s
  • #525 - Taryn Neves - Founder "Gentle Warrior" Helps Women Rediscover Their Feminine Power

    22 APR 2024 · Taryn Neves is the founder of Gentle Warrior, a community of authentic, empowered, and self-aware women where she helps them rediscover their feminine power and live a full, purposeful life! We go over personal growth, what it looks like to fully love all parts of yourself, and taking accountability for your life.
    49m 8s
  • #25 - Real Estate - Jamil Damji - Star A&E Show "Triple Digit Flip" is One of Countries Top Real Estate Investors 

    18 APR 2024 · Jamil Damji is considered to be one of the best real estate wholesalers in the world. Starting from the very bottom of the wholesaling business, before it was even really a thing, he had to figure out every step on his own. After making close to $12 million, Jamil and his family went broke following the 2008 market crash, but refused to let his story end there. Jamil built his real estate technology company, KeyGlee, which has now developed into a National Franchise with over 100+ employees and spans 180 US markets. Wholesaling around 70 homes a month. We get into all things wholesaling and the value of hustle in this episode.
    49m 51s

Introducing "The Jimmy Rex Show,” hosted by Jimmy Rex, the founder of "We Are The They.” On the show, Jimmy unveils the stories and insights of the world's most captivating...

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Introducing "The Jimmy Rex Show,” hosted by Jimmy Rex, the founder of "We Are The They.” On the show, Jimmy unveils the stories and insights of the world's most captivating personalities. Engage in conversations with global leaders, pioneering thinkers, and exceptional people who are living extraordinary lives.
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