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The Jews Are Tired

  • 96. Babka Social (with Serge from Babka)

    20 APR 2023 · This week: The chaos of Elon Musk’s Twitter has chased users and news organizations away, while a new wave of Twitter clones try to recreate the sense of community it has. So what does this mean for the Jews, and why should anyone care? I talk about that with Serge, the founder of Babka Social, a new Jewish social media platform. To help Ukraine: Say hello! Cincy Jewfolk: The Bagel Report: Our Tiktok: Babka Social: Babka blog: 23 kHz project: Mastodon: If you want to try out Mastodon: and "Using Mastodon can feel like eating your vegetables": "Actual usage of the fediverse continues to increase month by month": Hunt for the next Twitter: Transcript:
    51m 58s
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    95. TV's Unapologetic Jewish Women (feat. Dr. Samantha Pickette)

    7 APR 2023 · This week: Jewish women rarely get a fair shake in pop culture, often showing up as flat stereotypes like the “Jewish American Princess” trope. But over the past decade, especially on TV, that’s been changing. So I talk with Dr. Samantha Pickette, author of “Peak TV’s Unapologetic Jewish Woman,” all about that. To help Ukraine: Say hello! Cincy Jewfolk: The Bagel Report: Our Tiktok: Buy the book! For 30% off, code: LXFANDF30: Other writings: Bagel Report with Pickette: Transcript:
    56m 33s
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    94. Israeli Judicial Reform

    23 MAR 2023 · This week: The Israeli president says the country is on the brink of civil war because the current government is trying to make the Israeli Supreme Court powerless. So let’s talk about judicial reform, and how the long-time-coming crisis is really the Occupation finally and fully biting Israel in the ass. To help Ukraine: Say hello! Cincy Jewfolk: The Bagel Report: Our Tiktok: Big reads on historical context: Moment Magazine: JTA Elon Moreh: Christian Science Monitor: Proposed Constitution: Transcript:
    34m 44s
  • 93. The Jewish Case Against ChatGPT

    2 MAR 2023 · This week: ChatGPT and other AI chatbots have become all the rage, bringing an idealistic vision of revolutionizing work and communication. Some say that Jewish organizations should now be using these tools. So it’s time for a reality check on how these AI chatbots can affect the Jews. To help Ukraine: Say hello! Cincy Jewfolk: The Bagel Report: Our Tiktok: EJP piece: ChatGPT goes to law school: Clergy and ChatGPT: Bing chatbot going rogue: Jewish education: Time Magazine investigation: Washington Post stories: Plagiarism: Environmental: AI bias: Transcript:
    28m 20s
  • 92. Yeshiva University vs. Queer Jews (with Rachael Fried)

    16 FEB 2023 · This week: A group of LGBTQ students are suing Yeshiva University, representing a club called the YU Pride Alliance, to get it officially recognized by the school. The court case speaks to the future of queer Jews in Modern Orthodoxy — so I talk with Rachael Fried, the executive director at JQY, an organization in New York City that supports LGBTQ youth and young adults from Orthodox homes. To help Ukraine: Say hello! Cincy Jewfolk: The Bagel Report: Our Tiktok: JQY: Yeshiva University FAQs referenced by Fried: Overview of legal fight: Deep dive on community divisions around YU: New York Jewish Week reporting: Adoptions story referenced by Fried: Transcript for this episode:
    46m 12s
  • 91. How The Soviet Jew Was Made (with Sasha Senderovich)

    2 FEB 2023 · This week: About 100 years ago, in the wake of the Russian Revolution and the pogroms that followed, millions of Jews in Eastern Europe became Soviet Jews. But what really is a Soviet Jew? And how does that history affect Jews today? That’s what I talk about with UW Professor Sasha Senderovich. To help Ukraine: Say hello! Cincy Jewfolk: The Bagel Report: Our Tiktok: Senderovich's website for speaking info: Buy "How The Soviet Jew Was Made": Gary Shteyngart's review: Late Stalinism: Legacy of Blood: Transcript:
    56m 36s
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    90. The Great Hannukah/Merry Christmas Shenanigan Bonanza (with Izzy Wellman, Carli Shapiro, and Emma Pelc)

    22 DEC 2022 · This week: It’s the last episode of the year, and a sort of follow up to both last year’s Hannukah Sucks episode, and this year’s State of the Union episode. After all, the holiday season can be a wonderful and frustrating time for Jews. So I have a chaotic chat about it with some of my coworkers here at Jewfolk. To donate: Say hello! To subscribe: For our other podcasts: Our store: FolkMedia Consulting: To help Ukraine: Context on our talk about the University of Minnesota not changing its start date for Rosh Hashanah: My piece with photos about how I came to appreciate Christianity (referenced in the episode): Transcript:
    1h 18m 16s
  • 89. How Yeshiva Schools Avoid Secular Education (with Matty Lichtenstein)

    8 DEC 2022 · This week: It’s time to revisit the story of hasidic yeshiva schools in New York City having poor secular education. After all, it’s important not just to understand what is happening, but why and how things came to be this way. So I talk to sociologist Matty Lichtenstein about her research on hasidic yeshiva advocacy. Say hello! To subscribe: For our other podcasts: To help Ukraine: Lichtenstein's work: Yaffed: The NYT story: Update on NYS education rules: Orthodox economy: Transcript:
    51m 45s
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    88. Defend, Defend, Defend! Israeli Elections Part II

    27 NOV 2022 · This week: Welcome to part II of coverage of Israel’s recent election. In the last episode, I talked about the rise of bigoted far-right politicians not being the huge watershed moment many of us feared. In this one, I’ll talk about what it does represent, for Israel, but mostly, for American and Diaspora Jews. This episode is also known as: I can't believe I'm talking so much for so long I'm very very sorry. Say hello! To subscribe: For our other podcasts: To help Ukraine: Some extremism: American Jewish reactions to the elex: Law of Return: Republican pro-Israel-ism: Transcript:
    26m 16s
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    87. Is Israel Lost To Extremists? Elections Part I

    10 NOV 2022 · This week: On November 1st, Israel had its fifth national election in under four years. And frankly, a lot of Jews are panicking, because the results put an extremist, far-right, and racist group of Israeli politicians in line for power. So let’s dig into what happened, how to understand it, and what might come next. Say hello! To subscribe: For our other podcasts: To help Ukraine: TC Jewfolk midterm coverage: Notable coverage of the Israeli elex: Tovah Lazaroff analysis: NYT from 1988: Transcript:
    27m 54s
A weekly digest of the big stories around the Jewish world, through a Jewish Journalist lens.

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