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The Jack Report - London Calling

  • Great Britain should welcome its closest ally with open arms

    24 JUL 2019 · Over the last few days we have all seen a wave of hate directed at the President of the United States, Britain's closest ally. Much of this spiteful rhetoric has been delivered under the protection of FREE SPEECH, although this privilege is not extended by those who claim it to those who support the President. For example, the pipsqueak mayor of London claims that flying an insulting balloon reflecting the President as an orange baby is a demonstration of free speech and expression. But imagine the idea that previous mayor Boris Johnson signed off on a permit allowing Conservative supporters to fly a massive balloon insulting previous president Obama above Parliament Square. Yes, exactly.... Audio Books written & narrated by Albert Jack here -
    Played 5m 24s
  • How Boris can save BREXIT, the Tory Party AND himself

    10 JUL 2019 · The next Conservative party leader, and therefore British Prime Minister, is on a hiding to nothing. But there is a way Boris can save BREXIT, the Tory Party AND himself. Jeremy Hunt, a Remainer, will not deliver any form of Brexit should he win. The current Runt Parliament has made it clear throughout this term that the majority are not prepared to act in the interest of their voters. Many of them quite deliberately stood for one thing at the 2017 General Election, whether that be on a BREXIT supporting party manifesto or a personal promise, and then reneged on that commitment as soon as they had won their seat. They were voted for in BREXIT majority constituencies, by promising to honour the result of the referendum, and immediately set about dishonoring it. Quietly and covertly to being with, loudly and more aggressively of late. Audio Books written & narrated by Albert Jack here -
    Played 5m 52s
  • Hey Khan, Your job is toilets and parking, not BREXIT or Trump

    26 JUN 2019 · The London mayor recently called on MPs from all parties to set aside their political careers and consider supporting soft Brexit Lords amendments as they return to the Commons in votes that he said were as significant as those that took Britain into the Iraq war. Sadiq Khan in effect added his voice to those calling on Jeremy Corbyn to oppose Britain’s departure from the single market as he said MPs should ‘be brave’ and support EU withdrawal bill amendments in the coming weeks….. wait This sounds like a normal Guardian Newspaper report so far doesn’t it? Because it is. The problem with this is that Sadiq Khan does not and should not be speaking for Great Britain. Khan should not be ‘calling upon’ YOUR elected MP to vote this way or that. To support this issue or that one. Audio Books written & narrated by Albert Jack here -
    Played 6m 50s
  • SACK the MPs and win back British DEMOCRACY

    22 MAY 2019 · The British can, and will, SACK their MPs and win back DEMOCRACY at the next election. This is why... If you ask British voters what sort of plan for leaving the European Union they support, you tend to get hear variations of a theme. The central theme being, just leave. The referendum in 2016 was a simple question, should we stay or should we go. It was a deliberately simple choice, IN or OUT. It was even billed as 'The IN OUT Referendum' - remember? There were no other choices. Nobody was asked, 'and on what terms would you specifically like to leave madam?' 'Would you like parmesan cheese on that?' 17.4 million people voted to leave the European Union on June 23rd of that year and as the results were announced the breakdown of democracy in Great Britain began. Audio Books written & narrated by Albert Jack here -
    Played 8m 58s
  • Thai Politics - The Red Shirts and the Yellow Shirts

    4 FEB 2019 · Thai politics, the Red Shirts and the Yellow Shirts are about to begin battling it out for next year's General Election, so it is all going to start kicking off again. The Thai Military Junta has recently announced they will be lifting the ban on political activity in December. Giving challengers a couple of months to win favour in time for the General Election in February. A whole two months - somebody should tell the Americans that. So, what has been happening so far and what to expect? Audio Books written & narrated by Albert Jack here -
    Played 8m 35s
  • It's not BREXIT They Oppose, It's Fascism They want

    23 OCT 2018 · Brexit: There is a war on for your mind Is it possible that the British MPs arguing loudly for a Brexit reversal could actually have their way? Are we really going to see the likes of political losers in the shape of Ken Clarke, Nick Clegg, Vince Cable, Hilary Benn, Tony Blair, Keir Starmer and all those other cynical Left-Wing nutters, who see the Brexit argument as the backstairs to power, enforce their will upon the British voter? As might some of the oily, chinless Tories such as Michael Heseltine and his cobbled together supporters, whom I have never heard of, who can be heard lying to us every week about the referendum result and its consequences. One thing we know for sure is that the moaning, boring remainers have clearly underestimated the resolve of the British voter and failed to even consider the consequence ignoring 18million people who voted to leave the EU. If they want to speak of consequences then be warned that wiping the leave vote from the record, as if it never mattered anyway, is sure to have serious consequences. Audio Books written & narrated by Albert Jack here -
    Played 5m 53s
  • Winston Churchill warned Europe about the danger of Islam 120-years ago

    14 AUG 2018 · What are the lessons to be learned from our historic experiences with Islam? Aside from the Crusades and, a little more recently, the Spanish Inquisition, how did the British fair during our encounters over the last century. The great British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, was a serving army officer stationed in the Sudan in 1899 when he wrote and published The River War. As you would expect, the text has been altered over time, toned down and sanitized into an opinion the government of the day would like you to believe was the great man’s However, the Churchill Center has confirmed the following passage is the original version of Churchill’s thoughts on Islam in 1899. Audio Books written & narrated by Albert Jack here -
    Played 3m 36s
  • How Wikipedia has been turned into FAKE NEWS

    9 AUG 2018 · Wikipedia provides Internet users with millions of articles on a wide range of subjects and often ranks first in search engines. But its reliability and credibility fall well short of any reasonable standards. Anybody using Wikipedia as a research resource should definitely cross-reference their results in at least two other places. In fact, people are now starting to avoid using Wikipedia for anything. And this should not be surprising. According to Wikipedia itself, ‘While some articles are of the highest quality of scholarship, others are admittedly complete rubbish. Use Wikipedia with an informed understanding of what it is and what it isn’t.’ Okay, well let’s have a look at what it is and what it isn’t. Audio Books written & narrated by Albert Jack here -
    Played 10m 45s
  • Trump's UK visit reveals Royal Family no longer 'fit for purpose'

    27 JUL 2018 · Since the restoration of the Monarchy in 1660, following the Louis 16th style ending to the reign of Charles I, the key element to the agreement with Parliament was to remain above party politics. The Monarch had to be a figure of national UNITY and avoid taking any position at all that may alienate, upset or offend any of their subjects. Let alone more than HALF of them, in this case the pro-American Trump supporters. Last week the younger, ignorant members of that family did just that and insulted over half of Great Britian in the process. It’s a bad idea. Who on earth advised them otherwise. Who are the Royal Advisers of protocol these days? Liberals probably. And that spells the end of the British Royal Family. Audio Books written & narrated by Albert Jack here -
    Played 6m 50s
  • Hey Hollywood, who cares what you think – just dance bitch

    2 MAY 2018 · One day last year the world was alerted to an ultimatum issued by a bunch of actors to the President of the United States. A number of so-called Hollywood celebrities had offered Trump a straightforward choice. You resign or we strike. The immediate response, pouring out on social media, has been along the lines of ‘thank f*ck for that. Your movies are crap, Leftist, political propaganda these days and nobody is watching anymore anyway.’ Many of these Hollywood types had previously threatened to leave the country for Canada if Donald Trump was elected in the first place. Sadly, none of them did. However, almost a year on, ordinary hardworking people are still bombarded by whining, whinging singers, dancers and actors who take to social media and remind us of why we have never, historically, relied on vacuous air-heads for our political insight. AlbertJack.Com Audio Books written & narrated by Albert Jack here -
    Played 4m 44s
The Jack Report is tuning into world events from the perspective of a Londoner.

Audio Books written & narrated by Albert Jack here -

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