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The Immigrant All Around

  • 04. From Idaho to Ataun for Love with Dana Lee Johnson

    15 JUL 2021 · Did you ever have students in your school that were on an exchange from a different country? This episode is about the story of Dana Lee Johnson, a girl from the state of Idaho that would move to the Basque Country with her college sweetheart that she met in high school when he was an exchange student in her school. Dana tells her story of moving to Ataun a small village in the Basque Country where not only did she have to learn Spanish, but also Basque since that's the primary language in Ataun and in the neighboring towns. She shares her experience about making friends, learning languages, and teaching in a country whose education system is different than in the U.S. Tune in to listen to Dana's story of immigration and her advice for anyone contemplating moving to another country. ____________ You can find Dana Lee Johnson on Instgram. Connect with Gaizka, Dana's husband at Follow the podcast on Instagram at Go to the podcast website to learn more about the podcast and the mysterious Basque language:
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  • 03. Emigrating as a Teen on a Boat from Spain to Argentina with Fermina Bezunartea Escujuri

    1 JUL 2021 · Fermina would leave home and embark on a journey from Europe to Argentina by boat. Can you imagine? She was only a teenager when she left home. I'm honored to share my tía Fermina's story. In this episode recorded in January 2021, Fermina would tell me how she felt when she lost her father at a young age, how she felt leaving home as a young teenager, how she met her husband, etc. Listen to Episode 03 of the podcast to catch her entire story. 🙏🏽 In loving memory of Fermina Bezunartea Escujuri. I'm fortunate to have this recording to share with you since we lost her in the spring of 2021.
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  • 02. "I'm never never never going back," with Alicia Ciganda.

    29 DEC 2020 · #02 Today, we get to hear my mom, Alicia (Zozaya) Ciganda, tell her story. She tells how she received a trip to go visit her family in the United States. Alicia would go visit for a year, but decide that she would never ever go back. However, after returning to her hometown of Jaurrieta, Navarra she would have to make a decision that would take her back to the U.S. Today, we hear how my mom ended up in the United States. A different story from the one that brought my dad to the U.S. but equally unique and special. Gozatu! Enjoy! ¡Disfruta!
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  • 01. A Contract that Led to a Lifetime with Pedro Ciganda

    28 DEC 2020 · In the first episode of The Immigrant All Around, Esther along with her two nieces Ania & Brynlie, interview Pedro Ciganda who left home when he was 14 years old to help support his family. When he was 24, he had different ideas for his life. He had the opportunity to go on a contract to work in the United States and make some money. That one decision led to a lifetime of dreams. Listen in to hear about my dad's experience as an immigrant in the United States.
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  • 00. Daughter of Immigrants with the host, Esther Ciganda

    27 DEC 2020 · #00: In the intro episode to The Immigrant All Around hear the host, Esther Ciganda, tell about why she wants to create a podcast to showcase the stories of immigrants around the world. Esther shares her story as a daughter of immigrants and what has inspired her to be the person that she is today. Interested in learning Basque? Grab the mini-course today: Esther describes herself as being multi-passionate. Check her out on Instagram in the following accounts: Follow The Immigrant All Around podcast:
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Ready to discover the many different reasons for people leaving a country to go to another one, so that you can learn about people in your own community? Have you...

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Ready to discover the many different reasons for people leaving a country to go to another one, so that you can learn about people in your own community? Have you ever had to learn a language, so that you could adapt to a new life? Then you need to tune into this podcast with Esther Ciganda. Esther´s idea for the show came as a surprise to her, but instantly she knew it was a no-brainer. As a daughter of immigrants, Esther wants to give a voice to anyone who's had to learn another language due to their own personal circumstances so that you can empathize with the difficulties many people have had to overcome. Listen and enjoy the different tales, so that you can appreciate the struggles and triumphs of learning a new language and a new culture. Esther will interview people who have had to learn English, Spanish, Basque, or any other language in order to survive in their new life. Listen closely to these stories, so that you can make connections between your own story and the story of people around you. You won't want to miss an episode of these true stories. so that you´re challenged and inspired to live your dreams. Subscribe to The Immigrant All Around so you learn more about the people around you.
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