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  • Episode 38 - Teresa Baker - The Outdoorist Oath

    29 APR 2022 · Teresa Baker is a hiker, activist, self-confessed outdoor junkie and certified troublemaker! She is the Founder of the Outdoor CEO Pledge which has influenced some of the biggest brands in the outdoors industry to be more diverse in their upper management, employment and their marketing. She also recently co-founded the Outdoorist oath along with an amazing group of fellow change-makers, which invites individuals to do better when visiting outdoor spaces. This includes being respectful for the land you are using and being more inviting to everyone to outdoor spaces, especially those from margiinalised groups.
    40m 20s
  • Episode 37 - Andy Neal | The Hiker Podcast

    22 APR 2022 · Andy Neal is the host of the Hiker Podcast (not the HiiKER Podcast) and content creator in the outdoors space. One of his instagram reels has cultivated over 37 million views and continues to grow. Listen to Eoin and Andy talk about life in the Outdoors industry, creating your own brand and using your platform to enable more diversity and free expression in outdoor spaces.
    47m 10s
  • Episode 36 - Amira Patel - The Wanderlust Women

    15 APR 2022 · Amira Patel is a Hiker and founder of the Wanderlust Women - A group of women focused on diversifying the outdoors by creating a space for Muslim women to explore together. Amira is a fantastic interviewee and kindly gave up some time during Ramadan celebrations to speak to me.
    47m 10s
  • Episode 35 - Cara Byrne "Hike Psych Ireland"

    25 MAR 2022 · This week on the show we are talking to Cara Byrne, founder of Hike Psych Ireland - Ireland's first hiking psychotherapy. Hiking, for many people, is a way to face mental health challenges. It is a common theme in the podcast and in the outdoors industry in general. Cara tells us how she harnesses the power of the outdoors to help her clients. ⁠
    49m 30s
  • Episode 34 - Mike Brockhurst "The Walking Englishman"

    18 MAR 2022 · Eoin chats with Mike Brockhurst - Known to so many people worldwide as "The Walking Englishman". Mike has been walking and hiking around the UK for almost four decades. On this epic journey, he kept special notes and tales from the trails and developed a website to help people discover and prepare for hundreds of routes all over Britain. was born in the late 90s and has been a hugely valuable resource for walkers and hikers of the UK since then. He also created several long-distance trails - most notably, The Great British Walk.
    1h 29s
  • Episode 33 - Tommy "Twerk in the Dirt" Corey

    11 MAR 2022 · Twerk in the Dirt (otherwise known as Tommy Corey), is a PCT thru-hiker and creator of the #hikertrashvogue movement. His photography and videography bring a whole new style to backpacking. You can find him on Instagram and Tiktok (but mostly Instagram)
    36m 48s
  • Episode 32 - Shellitha "Dragonsky" Curtis

    4 MAR 2022 · Shilletha is a thru-hiker, writer and influencer from New Jersey. Her article about her experience of the online community with the Appalachian trail went viral and was picked up by the Conservation in 2019. Since then, she has gone on to hike the trail and is now an aspiring Tripple crowner. You can support her on her journey here
    57m 30s
  • Episode 31 - The CDTC

    24 FEB 2022 · Teresa Martinez (Executive Director) and Allie Ghaman (Head of Communications) of the Continental Divide trail Coalition join Eoin on a special episode of the podcast where we explore the inner workings of one of the most popular trails in the US, the CDT. We also look back at the past 10 years of the CDTC and what the plans are for the future of the organisation.
    1h 3m 24s
  • Episode 30 - Andrew Terrill

    17 FEB 2022 · Andrew Terrill is a Hiker and Author of the book "The Earth beneath my feet". This is part 1 of a 2 part series documenting a 7000km+ hike from the tip of Italy's boot to the Arctic Circle in Norway. Eoin chats to Andrew about how he planned and navigated on such a journey, before the time of maps and apps like HiiKER.
    1h 6m
  • Season 3 Episode 10 - Derek Cullen

    10 FEB 2022 · Derek cullen is an Irish adventurer, hiker and storyteller. In this interview, Eoin chats to him about how he found the outdoors as a way to work through some of the harder times in his life and how it still helps him to this day.
    1h 22m 53s

The people that brought you the Hiiker app, now bring you a podcast! Eoin Hamilton talks about adventures on some of the world's most amazing long-distance hiking trails. Sharing laughs...

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The people that brought you the Hiiker app, now bring you a podcast!
Eoin Hamilton talks about adventures on some of the world's most amazing long-distance hiking trails. Sharing laughs and tales with hikers from across the globe. All to help people get to know these wonderful trails.
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