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  • What Is the Happiest Country in the World? It Depends on the Age Group.

    21 MAR 2024 · The top 10 happiest countries in the world are largely the same as the top 10 recorded before the pandemic, but key shifts are taking place -- including Germany and the U.S. dropping out of the top 20 for the first time. The latest sheds new light on how people’s life satisfaction ratings vary substantially between the world’s young and old. John Helliwell, professor emeritus of economics at the University of British Columbia, and Lara Aknin, professor of social psychology at Simon Fraser University, join the podcast to discuss key changes in India, a growing global inequality of happiness and how wellbeing can serve as a protective factor against dementia.
    21m 26s
  • What are the Drivers Behind European Attitudes Toward NATO?

    29 FEB 2024 · How do residents of member states of NATO view the alliance’s leadership? And what factors drive these views? Zacc Ritter, project director and advanced data analyst at Gallup, joins the podcast to discuss soft power, the crossroads NATO finds itself at, and a new analysis of attitudes of NATO member states.
    18m 46s
  • Checking in With the Gallup Center on Black Voices

    23 FEB 2024 · The has collected more than 130,000 survey responses since it launched in 2020. Camille Lloyd, director of the Center, joins the podcast to discuss its recent findings across the Center’s six pillars of research. With the Black History Month 2024 theme of “African Americans and the Arts,” how many Americans are
    19m 58s
  • What Does It Mean to Be Flourishing?

    15 FEB 2024 · What makes for a flourishing life? A five-year longitudinal data collection and research collaboration measures global human flourishing across six areas: happiness and life satisfaction, mental and physical health, meaning and purpose, character and virtue, close social relationships, and material and financial stability. Dr. Tyler J. VanderWeele, professor of epidemiology at Harvard University and director of the Human Flourishing Program, and Byron Johnson, director of the Institute for Studies of Religion and distinguished professor of the social sciences at Baylor University, join the podcast to discuss
    22m 4s
  • Election 2024: Gallup Measures to Watch This Year

    9 FEB 2024 · Historically, incumbent presidents with approval ratings of 50% or higher have won reelection, and presidents with approval ratings much lower than 50% have lost. What does this mean for Joe Biden -- and how does his rating stack up against previous incumbents who have run for reelection? Lydia Saad, Gallup’s director of U.S. social research, joins the podcast to discuss Americans’ views on whether Biden’s deserves to be reelected, as well as the favorable ratings of Biden and Donald Trump. She also offers a sneak peek at upcoming data on the reasons Americans give behind their approval and disapproval of Biden’s performance.
    13m 15s
  • How Do the World’s Youth View Climate Change?

    1 FEB 2024 · The challenges posed by climate change will fall disproportionately on the world’s youth -- but how well do they understand the challenges they face? What are their perspectives on climate change, and where are they getting their information? Moira Herbst, special projects editor at UNICEF Innocenti, and Nahjae Nunes, a UNICEF Youth Foresight Fellow, join the podcast to discuss the latest findings from the survey.
    30m 44s
  • ‘Investing in Women’s Health Benefits All of Us'

    25 JAN 2024 · The is one of the most comprehensive initiatives measuring the state of health for 97% of the world’s women and girls. Though the pandemic may be over, the Index reveals that women’s health is no better now than it was at the height of it -- and in some cases, women’s health is now worse. Laura Gillespie, vice president for Women's Health Initiatives at Hologic, joins the podcast to discuss women’s testing for deadly diseases, their emotional health and their experiences across the world. “The Index findings make it exceedingly clear that it’s time for world leaders to take a bolder stand for women and girls,” Gillespie says. “Women are the backbone of families, the backbone of communities and economies -- and investing in women’s health benefits all of us.”
    12m 51s
  • Black Americans Are More Knowledgeable About and Involved in Foster Care -- but They Have More Reservations About How the System Works

    18 JAN 2024 · Despite a substantial need within the U.S. foster care system, most Americans are unaware of whether they are eligible to adopt. And while Black Americans are the most likely to already know they are eligible and are more likely to indicate interest in foster care and adoption, they are also more critical of specific aspects of the system. A report from Gallup and Kidsave highlights the perspectives and experiences of Black Americans with foster care, gaps in public knowledge about the foster care system and the barriers that prevent many from providing care. Shantay Armstrong -- Strategic Communications Manager for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion -- joins the podcast to discuss Kidsave’s EMBRACE Project and the many ways in which Americans can support foster children.
    22m 51s
  • How Israelis Feel About Their Lives and Political Leadership After the Oct. 7 Attacks

    11 JAN 2024 · How have Israeli perspectives changed since the attacks on Oct. 7? Jay Loschky, Gallup’s regional director for the Middle East and North Africa, joins the podcast to discuss how Gallup has recently collected public opinion data in the country and how attitudes have shifted in recent months.
    20m 51s
  • Students’ Report Cards Might Not Be Telling the Whole Story About Their Performance

    14 DEC 2023 · Parents often rely on a small subset of measures to gauge their children’s progress, but there is a more holistic way of evaluating student performance. Cindi Williams, cofounder and senior adviser at Learning Heroes, joins the podcast to discuss the latest report,
    17m 1s
A podcast on what the world’s citizens think about the most pressing issues, and how leaders can use the wisdom of the people to make more informed decisions.

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