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  • SEO Made Simple: Let's Talk Keywords with Daniel

    10 JUN 2024 路 In this episode of The Freelancer's Mic, I had the pleasure of speaking with Daniel Ndege, a multi-talented freelance SEO and digital marketing expert. Daniel shared his journey from working as a shop attendant in 2018 to becoming a seasoned SEO specialist. His story shows the power of perseverance and continuous learning.聽 We also got into the topic of "SEO Made Simple," focusing on the importance of keywords. Daniel broke down the basics of SEO, explaining what keywords are and how they function. He emphasized the importance of understanding your audience and their pain points to choose the right keywords effectively. Here are the timestamps for a quick listen. Timestamp 00:06:50 Starting with SEO keywords. 00:08:46 Understanding Your Target Audience. 12:12 - Effective keyword research techniques 00:16:16 - Long-tail keywords vs short-tail. 18:23 - Optimizing long tail keywords聽 00:20:13 - Keyword Research Strategies 00:25:03 - Understanding user intent analysis聽 00:26:26 - SEO Funnel Levels. 00:30:11 - Optimizing content and SEO. Say hi to Daniel on
    30m 38s
  • What inspired me to become a virtual assistant

    16 MAY 2024 路 Here is my story on how I became a virtual assistant.
    3m 15s
  • New Freelancer? Here's How to Rule the Market

    9 APR 2024 路 In this episode of the Freelancer's Mic, we interview Marco Torres, founder of Marco specializes in incentive-based marketing to help businesses increase sales. He shares his insights on the importance of providing value-add incentives rather than discounts. He emphasizes the need for more creatives, content, videos, and tools to support affiliate marketers promoting his product, aiming to make marketing boost services more accessible and lucrative for affiliates. Want to skip? Here you go! [00:02:29] Who is Marco Torres? [00:05:24] Standing out in crowded markets. [00:11:15] Creating effective incentives. [00:12:08] Generating customer reviews creatively. [00:16:18] Low-cost marketing tactics. [00:19:48] Free marketing incentives available. Special Offer: Marco generously offers you a chance to try Marketing Boost for free, providing a glimpse into how value-add incentives can transform your marketing efforts. Tune into the Marketing Boost Solutions Podcast for more business growth tips.
  • The Engagement Equation: How to Keep Your Social Media Presence Strong!

    25 MAR 2024 路 In this episode of the Freelancers Mic, we give the mic to Sriya Peruka, a social media manager, an entrepreneur, and the host of the WEE Podcast. We discussed about social media engagement and what it takes to be successful in the industry. Sriya shares her experiences starting her social media agency at a young age and the lessons she has learned along the way. She emphasizes the importance of learning before starting to work with clients and providing value to them. We then shifted the conversation to social media algorithms and how to maintain consistent engagement and reach.聽 Tune in to learn about Sriya's journey into social media management and the lessons she has learned along the way. Snippets [00:00:45] Starting a Business at 18. 00:04:07 - The Importance of Multiple Skills in Freelancing 00:04:29 - Finding Clients on Twitter 00:05:24 - Adapting to Social Media Algorithm Changes 00:07:19 - Avoiding Generic Content with ChatGPT 00:08:01 - The Relevance of Hashtags and SEO 00:11:54 - Searching for Clients on Twitter 00:12:07 - Hashtag Use on Different Platforms 00:14:17 - TikTok Engagement and Posting Strategy 00:19:06 - Tips for Aspiring Social Media Managers Say hi to Sriya on:
    25m 18s
  • How to Work Less and Earn More with John Munn

    29 FEB 2024 路 In the latest episode of The Freelancer's Mic, I had the pleasure of hosting John Munn, a productivity coach and consultant from Zero Smart. John shared his journey from running multiple businesses to discovering the importance of working smarter, not harder. He now specializes in helping entrepreneurs significantly reduce their work hours while increasing their income. John's insights were nothing short of transformative. He emphasized the importance of tracking time to understand where our efforts are best spent. For those looking to connect with John, he's open to questions and can be reached via email at, on LinkedIn, or through his WorkSmart Wednesday newsletter. 00:00:54 - John's Entrepreneurial Journey 00:03:06 - The Value of Working Less for More Money 00:03:29 - Starting a Business: What John Would Do Differently 00:05:09 - The Importance of Time Tracking in Business 00:05:53 - The Importance of Selling Over Branding 00:09:47 - Making More Money by Working Less 00:12:17 - Outsourcing and Efficiency Tips 00:19:09 - Summary of Key Points for Success 00:28:46 - How to Connect with John Moon Website: Email: LinkedIn: Newsletter: Free resources:
    30m 57s
  • AI as an Ally: Thierry Oliva's Insights for Content Creators

    6 FEB 2024 路 In today's podcast episode of The Freelancer's Mic, we give the mic to the Super Amazing Thierry Oliva, a special Education Teacher, food blogger, and expert. Thierry shares his thoughts on artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on content creation. He believes that AI should be seen as an opportunity rather than an enemy. While AI can assist with certain tasks, Thierry emphasizes the importance of human input and creativity in content creation. 7:32-8:02] I think AI should be seen as an opportunity, not as an enemy. It's a tool that can assist us in our work. 12:45-13:15] AI definitely has its limitations. It can't truly replicate human creativity. Sure, it can generate content based on patterns and data, but it lacks that unique human perspective. 17:10-17:40] I believe AI will continue to evolve and become more integrated into our lives. But it won't replace human creativity. 22:18-22:48] Freelancers and bloggers should embrace AI as a tool to enhance their work. Say hi to Bob:
    27m 12s
  • Time Management and Financial Strategies with Elena Manole

    24 JAN 2024 路 In this insightful episode of The Freelancer's Mic, we had the pleasure of hosting Elena Manole, a seasoned business owner and time management coach. Elena shared her extensive knowledge on productivity, time management, and financial strategies tailored for freelancers and small business owners. Elena emphasized the importance of having a strong support network and not walking the business journey alone. She advised seeking guidance from those who have walked the path before to avoid reinventing the wheel. Elena also announced her u and a new, which promises to offer deeper insights into the topics discussed. Want to skip when listening? Here 00:00:00 - Reflecting on Past Business Decisions 00:03:49 - Time Management Tips for Freelancers 00:05:12 - Prioritizing Business Development 00:06:04 - The Importance of Early Client Feedback 00:07:09 - Handling Urgent Tasks and Client Priorities 00:11:57 - Setting Financial Goals as a Freelancer 00:16:02 - Personal and Business Investment Strategies 00:22:00 - Upcoming Workshops and Resources 00:24:47 - Managing Irregular Income and Budgeting Say hi to Elena on:
    30m 46s
  • Empowering Freelancers: Terry Tucker's Journey from Adversity to Purpose

    9 JAN 2024 路 In this episode of The Freelancer's Mic, I had the pleasure of interviewing Terry Tucker, a former college basketball player, SWAT team hostage negotiator, and cancer warrior. Despite facing numerous challenges, including the amputation of his foot and leg due to a rare form of melanoma, Terry has found purpose and fulfillment in his life. Terry shared valuable insights and advice for freelancers and individuals starting their own businesses. He emphasized the importance of helping others and not focusing solely on competition. Terry's story serves as proof of the transformative power of embracing one's unique talents and using them to positively impact the lives of others. [00:00:00] Making a difference through helping. [00:06:02] Finding purpose in adversity. [00:10:00] Making yourself stand out. [00:15:17] Qualities of successful individuals. [00:18:41] Our heart, mind, and soul. Say hi 馃憢馃従to Terry on:
    20m 53s
  • How to Safeguard Your Jobs from AI Takeover

    12 DEC 2023 路 In this episode of The Freelancer's Mic, we give the Mic to Behdad or Bee, the founder of, a marketing agency broker that connects businesses with the right marketing partners. We discussed the impact of AI on copywriting and marketing and Bee highlighted the importance of specialized skills. He also shared insights on starting a marketing agency and the value of email marketing. We also talked about the importance of contracts for freelancers, building relationships, and the role of SEO. Bee also emphasized on the need for human expertise in AI-generated content and offered valuable tips for partnering with agencies. Tune in for valuable marketing insights and resources! _________________ (00:12:34 - 00:13:04) The Changing Landscape of Copywriting and Marketing (00:19:45 - 00:20:21) The Importance of Building Relationships Through Email Marketing (00:26:17 - 00:26:45) The Importance of Contracts for Freelancers (00:33:56 - 00:34:28) The Role of SEO and Building Connections (00:38:12 - 00:38:52) Adding Human Expertise to AI-Generated Content (00:44:27 - 00:45:02) Matching Personalities Between Businesses and Agencies Say hi Bee on: LinkedIn:
    17m 1s
  • From Show Notes to Podcast Manager: A Look into Bea's Experience

    7 DEC 2023 路 In this episode of The Freelancer's Mic, we give the Mic to Bea. She is a Kenyan VA and podcast Manager. Bea shares her background and how she became a podcast manager. She started by doing show notes for a podcast and then transitioned to working with her clients. As a virtual assistant, Bea assists podcast hosts in various stages, such as pre-production where she researches and books guests and prepares questions for interviews. Tune in to learn more about Bea's experiences and expertise in virtual assisting and podcast management. [00:01:44] Journey as a podcast manager. [00:07:27] Searching for podcast guests.[ 00:09:26] Overcoming fear in podcasting. [00:15:37] Challenges in podcasting. [00:20:07] Podcasting tools and recommendations. (Five must-have podcast tools.) [00:24:07] Finding clients in specific niches. [00:26:16] Suffering consequences of being African. [00:27:26] Not an overnight success. Say hi馃憢馃従 to Bea:
    28m 33s

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