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The Forbes Books Podcast with Joe Pardavila

  • The Queen of Cable: Bonnie Hammer on Empowering Women's Careers

    16 APR 2024 · In this episode, Joe sits down with one of the most powerful and influential women in entertainment, Bonnie Hammer, the Vice Chair of NBCUniversal. Bonnie has been hailed as the "Queen of Cable" and has forged a legendary career, transforming every facet of the television business in the male-dominated industry. Known for her candor, mentorship of women, and reputation for predicting television's future, Bonnie shares her hard-won wisdom for professional success in her new book, "15 Lies Women Are Told At Work...and the Truth We Need to Succeed." After rising from humble beginnings to leading NBCUniversal's cable group to record profits and 167 Emmy nominations while launching hit shows, Bonnie joins Joe to discuss rejecting common myths about how women are "supposed" to behave in the workplace. She offers uncommon sense insights to help women succeed drawn from her trailblazing career path.
    37m 8s
  • Abbot's Founder Kerry Song on Her Plant-Based Journey

    26 MAR 2024 · Kerry Song joins Joe to discuss her entrepreneurial journey in founding Abbot's, a plant-based meat company. Kerry outlines how various experiences, from working on Wall Street to becoming an executive for Tony Robbins, led her to eventually start her own mission-driven business. The catalyst for Abbot's came when Kerry was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that severely impacted her health. She went on a strict whole-food, plant-based diet, which greatly improved her condition. Craving her favorite meat dishes but wanting healthy plant-based alternatives, Kerry saw a need in the market and began developing Abbot's meat-free products using real, trustworthy ingredients. Kerry explains the multi-year process of iterating Abbot's recipes, getting customer feedback, going through an accelerator program, and eventually officially launching the company. She discusses the plant-based industry and shares what's next for the fast-growing Abbot's brand, including an upcoming major product release. Kerry emphasizes that Abbot's is about serving its health- and environmentally-conscious customers, whether vegan or simply trying to make better choices.
    30m 45s
  • Consulting Masterclass with Mary Cianni

    19 MAR 2024 · Get ready for an inspiring episode on The Forbes Books Podcast as Joe welcomes Mary Cianni, author of "The Consultant’s Compass: Navigating Success with Courage, Curiosity, and Compassion." With a rich background as a clinical Assistant Professor at New York University and senior leadership roles at Korn Ferry and Willis Towers Watson, Mary brings unparalleled expertise in organizational consulting and change management. Her new book promises a transformative framework for success, blending courage, curiosity, and compassion. In this engaging conversation, Mary shares her insights on navigating the complexities of modern business, drawing from her extensive experience in mergers & acquisitions, change implementation, and thought leadership. Join us for a journey into Mary Cianni's world, where her wisdom and passion illuminate the path to growth and excellence. About Mary Cianni: Mary is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the MS Executive Coaching & Organization Consulting (ECOC) program at New York University, accountable for the design and delivery of the consulting elements of the program. She joined the NYU faculty from Korn Ferry where she was a Senior Client Partner and Global Leader of the Integrated Transformation Solutions. Previously, Mary spent 18 years at Willis Towers Watson serving in a variety of leadership roles including Global Leader, Mergers & Acquisitions and Northeast Leader, Change Implementation. In her consulting roles, Mary worked with clients across industries on transforming their cultures and workplaces. She spent time in the corporate world as a senior consultant at a financial services company and as Global Head, HR for a specialty pharmaceutical company. Prior to beginning her consulting career, Mary was a tenured Associate Professor of Management at the Sigmund Weis School of Business, Susquehanna University. She launched the Mentor Program for women students and was a founding member of the Women Studies Program. She now serves as a Trustee on Susquehanna’s Board of Directors. Mary publishes articles on a range of HR topics including diversity & inclusion in professional and peer-reviewed journals. She is the lead author of two chapters in Making Mergers Work. In March 2024, her book The Consultant’s compass: Navigating success with courage, curiosity and compassion will be published by Forbes Books. Mary has been featured in a variety of media outlets and is a frequent guest speaker and panelist at professional conferences. She holds a PhD in Psychology from Penn State University.
    30m 36s
  • Building Bridges: Navigating the Intersection of Technology and Relationships with Richard Walker

    14 MAR 2024 · This week, we plunge into the dynamic intersection of technology and relationships with none other than Richard Walker, CEO of York Solutions. Richard's wealth of experience unfolds as he shares the transformative power of meaningful connections in both professional and personal realms. From his humble beginnings in a quaint English town to steering one of the globe's premier IT consulting firms, Richard's journey underscores the profound impact of relationships on careers, companies, and communities. Tune in to explore the core of "Relationship Equity," Richard's fervently advocated principle, revealing how investing in significant connections can yield exponential rewards. In this episode, we unravel the layers of Richard's story, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness and the inspiration behind his new book, "Relationship Equity.”
    39m 3s
  • The Wolf of Wall Street Unfiltered: Jordan Belfort on Finance, Motivation, and Second Chances

    12 MAR 2024 · This episode features Jordan Belfort, the infamous former stockbroker and author of the memoir "The Wolf of Wall Street." Joe delves into Belfort's rags-to-riches rise and fall on Wall Street, his subsequent imprisonment for fraud, and his current efforts at redemption as a motivational speaker and entrepreneur. Jordan candidly discusses his past mistakes and the lessons he has learned, offering insights into the dark side of ambition and the power of personal transformation. He also shares his thoughts on the current state of the financial markets and his predictions for the future. Plus, they get into Jordan's latest book, The Wolf of Investing, which teaches readers when to buy, sell, hold, and cash out; how to make smarter (and safer) investments; and how to build significant wealth over both the short- and long-term. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in business, finance, or the power of personal transformation. About Jordan Belfort: In the 1990s, Jordan built one of the most dynamic and successful sales organizations in Wall Street history. To this day, his proprietary sales training techniques and daily motivational speeches are the stuff of legend – earning him a reputation as a 'motivator without peer.’ His life story has been turned into the blockbuster feature film: The Wolf of Wall Street, with Leonardo DiCaprio playing the role of Belfort and directed by Martin Scorsese.His Straight Line Sales & Persuasion System has been tested and proven to transform virtually any individual (regardless of age, sex, educational background, or social status) into a world-class closer and top producer in their field.Today, his life represents the ultimate redemption story. After surviving his rise and fall as an American entrepreneurial icon, he is now a world-renowned motivational speaker and sales trainer who assists both people and organizations in breaking through barriers on the path to achieving measurable, lasting success. And as a top business consultant, Belfort has worked with over 50 public companies and multiple Fortune 500 brands, including IBM, Virgin Airways, & the John Maxwell Team.He is the subject of a Billboard-charting hit song: Jordan Belfort and his social media presence is robust, with over 3.7 million TikTok followers, and millions more across his other channels. Jordan is also the host of the fastest-growing business podcast on Apple (The Wolf's Den).His three bestselling books have been published in 22 countries and translated into 18 different languages. And he is a frequent guest commentator on CNN, CNBC, and the BBC. At home, Jordan is a beloved and dedicated family man. He adores his lovely wife Cristina and is the proud father of three wonderful children: Chandler, Carter, and Bowen.
    29m 57s
  • The Family Business Cowboy: Lessons from 40+ Years Leading a Multi-Generational Company with Craig Wieland

    7 MAR 2024 · In the latest episode of the Forbes Books Podcast, Joe engages in a candid conversation with Craig Wieland, a genuine cowboy and seasoned family business specialist. Craig recounts his journey from humble beginnings as a laborer to ascending to the presidency of his family's small construction firm in Michigan. Over his illustrious 40+ year tenure, he spearheaded the growth of the company into one of the state's largest enterprises with a nationwide footprint, ultimately retiring as a respected industry figure. Joe and Craig reflect on the invaluable lessons passed down from their respective fathers, dissect the contemporary landscape of the construction sector, analyze prevailing economic trends, and even delve into the enduring mystique of cowboys.
    24m 57s
  • ayana's Mission to Uplift Female Entrepreneurs: A conversation with co-founders, Rajul Kadakia and Jaclynn Brennan

    5 MAR 2024 · Joe sits down with Rajul Kadakia and Jaclynn Brennan, co-founders of the ayana Foundation. ayana is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to empowering and uplifting women founders worldwide through education, mentorship, and enhanced access to funding. Rajul Kadakia is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist with a passion for promoting gender equality and empowering diverse founders. Jaclynn Brennan is the co-founder & executive director of ayana. She is a seasoned executive with expertise in brand development, community building, marketing, and strategic partnerships. Rajul and Jax discuss the inspiring journeys that led them to co-found ayana. They share insights on women founders' challenges in accessing resources and funding and how ayana aims to bridge those gaps. The conversation also covers ayana's upcoming initiatives at the South by Southwest festival to empower and uplift women in entrepreneurship. Joe dives deep with these two powerhouse founders to understand their vision for creating a more inclusive and diverse startup ecosystem worldwide. About Rajul Kadakia: Rajul is an esteemed serial entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist with an unwavering dedication to promoting gender equality and empowering diverse founders. As the former Co-Founder & Chairwoman of ayana- she takes an innovative approach to empowering female entrepreneurs from ideation to funding, continually pushing boundaries and embracing innovation. She recognized the challenges faced by first-time female founders in accessing support and early-stage funding, and through TechGirl and ayana, she aims to expand the pool of female entrepreneurs and drive tangible change in the tech world. Rajul's expertise as an angel investor is focused on nurturing promising startups, particularly those led by women. Her career started in investment banking and evolved into successful ventures like PixyKids and Craze, which were integrated into TechGirl to leverage their analytics, social features, and community capabilities. Beyond her professional achievements, Rajul serves on prestigious boards and actively engages in nonprofits and charities focused on uplifting women, fostering entrepreneurship, and celebrating diversity. Her remarkable achievements and visionary leadership About Jaclynn Brennan: Jax is a seasoned and forward-thinking executive, with a proven track record of success in brand development, community building, marketing, event production, and strategic partnerships. Recognized as a leader in propelling growth, fostering innovation, and enhancing overall team engagement, Jaclynn is dedicated to shaping compelling narratives and impactful strategies. With a passion for personal branding, Jaclynn has been instrumental in assisting prominent leaders and CEOs in uncovering their core values and defining their purpose. Her unique methodology prioritizes the establishment of a robust foundation and positioning, followed by meticulous design and aesthetic considerations. This is seamlessly translated into comprehensive content and digital strategies, elevating visibility and thought leadership. Beyond her role in brand building with Creative Duality, Jaclynn spearheads the production of the Creator Collective, a community engagement series forYouTube. This initiative is designed to foster growth and connectivity within the creator economy. In her previous roles, Jaclynn showcased her expertise in creative direction, brand development, and global production management across diverse industries, including fashion, tech, and the social impact sector. As the Co-Founder of Fyli Tribe, a private membership community, she played a pivotal role in empowering early-stage female founders by providing essential resources, education, and support. The community grew to over 10,000 female founders, while establishing key brand partnerships with institutions like Soho House, Bumble, and UBS. Jaclynn's commitment to supporting first-time founders has evolved into her role as a founding team member & Executive Director of ayana, a 501(c)(3) foundation dedicated to bridging the gap for women founders. ayana provides essential tools, resources, and support, envisioning a future where entrepreneurship is accessible to all, regardless of gender or background. With over a decade of experience as a Creative Director for luxury fashion brands, coupled with her expertise as a personal brand builder, strategic partnerships connector, and event host/producer, Jaclynn Brennan stands as an authority in propelling brands, organizations, and entrepreneurs to new heights of success.
    25m 40s
  • From Cell Sites to the C-Suite: A Sit-Down with Kyle Malady, CEO of the Verizon Business Group

    27 FEB 2024 · Kyle Malady, Executive Vice President and CEO of Verizon Business Group, joins Joe on the Forbes Books Podcast. With over 20 years of experience at Verizon and its predecessor companies, Kyle has a unique perspective on the evolution of technology and the inner workings of leading a global telecommunications provider. As head of Verizon Business, Malady oversees service for nearly every Fortune 500 company across 120 countries. In the podcast, he traces his career from his early days as a cell site technician to his current executive role. Kyle explores the exponentially increasing speed of technological advancement, bringing 5G to life across Verizon's network. Additionally, the discussion delves into major differences between running B2B versus B2C businesses. Kyle explains his broad range of previous operational experience, from planning to engineering, that equipped him to ascend to CEO. With insights into the future of 5G infrastructure and private sector networks, the conversation provides a revealing look into the executive mindset of a telecom leader. About Kyle Malady: Kyle is Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of Verizon Business, a leading global technology company serving 99% of Fortune 500 companies in over 120 countries. Kyle and his team are responsible for delivering the next generation of technology-driven innovation to their customers around the world. Kyle is a seasoned industry expert who has extensive experience in developing and implementing networks and applications for both the public and private sectors, and is a leader in the development of global 5G-related infrastructure.Previously, Kyle served as Executive Vice President and President of Verizon’s Global Networks and Technology (GN&T) team. This group is responsible for Verizon's technology and product development, and building, maintaining and securing America’s leading wireless network and largest residential fiber broadband service in Fios, in addition to a vast IP network serving global customers.Kyle began his career as a cell site technician for NYNEX Mobile Communications, which became Bell Atlantic Mobile and ultimately, through a series of transactions, became Verizon Wireless. During his long tenure, he has held a variety of positions in operations, planning, technology, engineering, and finance. He has also served as Verizon’s vice president of New Product Development.
    29m 32s
  • Sleep Smarter, Party Sober: James Swanwick's Keys to Optimal Performance

    20 FEB 2024 · The latest episode of the Forbes Books Podcast finds Joe Pardavila chatting with guest James Swanwick, an Australian-American entrepreneur and former ESPN anchor. James now runs companies dedicated to health and wellness, including Alcohol-Free Lifestyle and Swanwick Sleep. Through these companies, James provides tools to help business leaders optimize performance by rethinking their relationship with alcohol and prioritizing sleep. In this wide-ranging conversation, Joe and James reminisce about partying together with Heath Ledger at the Sundance Film Festival. James explains why he didn't need alcohol to have fun, even during his days mingling at the Playboy Mansion. He traces the origins of his alcohol-free lifestyle philosophy and laughs about the time he inadvertently angered legions of Taylor Swift fans. Whether you want to hear James’ tips for improving sleep, boosting productivity, or just enjoy tales from his time as a sports broadcaster and globetrotter, this episode of Forbes Books has something for everyone looking to enhance their well-being and performance. About James Swanwick: James is an Australian-American investor, entrepreneur, speaker, and former SportsCenter anchor on ESPN. He is the CEO and founder of Alcohol-Free Lifestyle, which helps business owners and executives change their relationship with alcohol; the host of the podcast “Alcohol Free Lifestyle”; and the founder of the sleep company Swanwick Sleep.
    39m 1s
  • Unlocking the Secrets of Ryan Serhant's Branding Magic

    13 FEB 2024 · In this episode of the Forbes Books Podcast, Joe welcomes Ryan Serhant, a top real estate broker, entrepreneur, and author of the new book "Brand it Like Serhant: Stand Out from the Crowd, Build Your Following, and Earn More Money." Ryan discusses his expertise in branding and entrepreneurship, as well as his experience as a star on Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing." He also shares his insights on how to build a successful brand and make your mark in the world. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in learning from a successful entrepreneur and branding expert. About Ryan Serhant: Ryan is one of the most successful and well-known real estate brokers in the world and SERHANT. is the most-followed brand in the world with 6M+ followers across all social platforms. Ryan is the founder and CEO of SERHANT., a multidimensional real estate brokerage that sits at the intersection of media, entertainment, education, and technology and it sells the most expensive homes in the world. Central to his vision of revolutionizing the real estate industry is education and giving back. He created Sell it Like Serhant, a digital education platform that has 20,000 members teaching the next generation of professionals across 120 countries how to sell and brand themselves. Ryan is an innovator, entrepreneur, producer, best-selling author, podcast host, public speaker, educator, content creator, and star of multiple Bravo TV shows, including the two-time Emmy-nominated Million Dollar Listing New York.Over the course of his career, Ryan has closed more than $8 billion USD in sales. He is on a mission to revolutionize and modernize the real estate industry, give back, and share his formula for success to enable and motivate others.
    34m 30s

Dive into the unfiltered stories of today's top business trailblazers with the Forbes Books Podcast. Join Joe Pardavila as he sits down with pioneering entrepreneurs and CEOs to unpack their...

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Dive into the unfiltered stories of today's top business trailblazers with the Forbes Books Podcast. Join Joe Pardavila as he sits down with pioneering entrepreneurs and CEOs to unpack their greatest challenges on the journey to success.

Hear raw accounts filled with hard-learned lessons as guests open up about their most difficult setbacks and strategic pivots. From scrappy startups exploding in growth to established corporations reinventing themselves, you’ll discover the defining moments that shaped these influential leaders.

Whether you dream of launching a world-changing company or rising to the executive suite, these transparent conversations will inspire you to unleash your potential. You’ll gain priceless insights on fundraising, talent acquisition, product-market fit, and managing hypergrowth at scale. Beyond the boardroom, glimpse the human struggles behind towering brands as visionaries get personal about risks that paid off in unexpected ways.

The Forbes Books Podcast delivers stories that resonate. So join our community and subscribe now to amp up your ambition, conquer new frontiers, and take your leadership to the next level.
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