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    12 JUN 2024 · Desi, Hector and Monty get together just before the Euros24 kicks off to look at : - The Cup Final - Seasons End Celebrations in the Highlands, irelands and Lowlands - The Adam Idan Audition and Whats next? - A Celtic Season 23-24 Quiz - Wondering how much power does Brendan have at Celtic Park? - The Celtic Players current and past who are at the Euros - Some predictions on just who will Scotland face in the Final - A Euros Quiz with a few Celtic references for good measure. - Theres even a Music Quiz vcalled MBAPPESONGS to really get you in the mood Happy Summer From Etims!
    1h 19m 30s
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    24 MAY 2024 · Hector, Desi and Monty get together to discuss - Last weeks impressive Title winning race across the line! - Idah making an Impression at Killie - The Party inside the Stadium and out! - The brilliant Womens League win They then preview the Cup FInal and consider - Tactics - Line Ups - Predictions - The best place to watch it if you arent there! They also have a Cup Quiz and Limerick competition to finish with.
    1h 15m 2s
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    14 MAY 2024 · Hector, Ralph, Monty and Desi get together to discuss - The Rangers Victory and all the key moments, before, during and afterwards - The POTY Awards and The Ghod that is Henrik Fucking Larsson - Big Joe Hart and the Departure Celebrations - The Impact of Maeda and other key players when it mattered - Some Alternative Awards that you wont get at The Hydro
    1h 33m 4s
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    10 MAY 2024 · Hector, Monty and Desi get together before the big game to discuss: - The Hearts game and the United Front  - The Vision of Matt O'Riley and Reo Hatate - The runs of Kyogo - The Fun Mind games of Brendan - The appointment of Collum - The Starting line up for the Rangers game - The Ending Line up for the Rangers Game - Predictions..does Desi get excited? - The POTY Awards - The Appointment of Mark Cooper as Scout Guru And Happy Birthrday to Paul Heaton of the Housemartins!
    1h 11m 21s
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    26 APR 2024 · Hector, Monty ( and 2 bottles of vino) and Desi get together to discuss - That Mad Semi Final last weekend - The Return of Match Tension! - Hart the Villian meets Hart the Hero - The Return of Jamesie Forrest - Brendans Mind Games - The Fans Blame Game - The Miovski vs Ida Debate - The upcoming Dundee fixture and the Officials needing beat too! - They end with a salute to Daizen Recovery Man Maeda and a Limerick competiton with the @ETimsNet followers on Twitter
    1h 51m 30s
  • Oh_My_Days

    15 APR 2024 · Hector and Desi get together to discuss - That 3-3 draw at Ibrox - John Beaton - The Dundee Pitch Dilemma - The St Mirren 3-0 Victory - The Ross Count 3-2 Victory - The Split - The Great weekend for Jeremie Frimpong - Mikey Johnstons latest Award - The Aberdeen Semi Final - Gags from the ETims Twitter crowd regards whcih song would Ally absent McCoist have been singing after Sundays loss - A wee Tav gaga courtesy of Tam Sellic Son on Twitter to close out! Something for everyone! Enjoy!
    1h 31m 58s
  • Super Celtic Never Beaton

    4 APR 2024 · Hector, Monty and Desi get together to discuss the recent games and how they will impact the future big game at Ibrox on Sunday. They discuss that Hearts game and the Beaton impact and ask if the SFA are really playing games by appointing Bellshills finest to the Ibrox encounter. They look at Kuhn and Iwata's recent games and remember Liel Abada, now playing in North Carolina after a sudden exit. They look at returning players form and fitness and consider the possible match tactics and ask just who are the favourites. They even discuss The Hate Crime Bill and a certain jokey pundits antics, they really really do!
    1h 34m 5s
  • Etims Go To Washington

    24 MAR 2024 · With Celtic announcing a North America Tour for this Summer, Desi and Hector catch up with Callum Murray of the Washington CSC to discuss the up and coming visit from Celtic to the capital as well as Chapel Hill, North Carolina and South Bend, Indiana - They discuss the history for the Washington CSC - They discuss the CSC's big plans for the game weekend when Celtic (and Desi!) arrive - They discuss Football in America and how its different to what we see at Parkhead. - They discuss the opportunities right there for the club to capitalise on. - They discuss the lengths some people abroad will go to to watch Celtic. - They discuss the logistics of fans in North America and beyond attending the games this summer. - They discuss DC United strengths and potential issues with weather and surface, - They discuss the size of the stadium and potential ticket issues. - They discuss Washingtons Do's and Donts and look forward to a big occasion. - They even discuss the cost of a pint of lager in the stadium! CONTACT  DETAILS: The Washington CSC is based at ​ Irelands Four Courts, 2051 Wilson Bolulevard Arlington,Virginia  Webpages​ DC-CSC TWITTER:   CSCWashingtonDC  PLEASE avoid old account​!
    1h 19m 49s
  • Putting_The_Sell_in_Celtic

    21 FEB 2024 · Ralph joins Hector, Monty and Desi to discuss what the hell is going on with Celtic. - They discuss the Kilmarnock fiasco. - They discuss the issues on and off the Park ( more later). - They discuss possible solutions to all the current problems - They end by wondering about those rumours circulating about Celtic being of interest to potential buyers and look at the numbers and reasons behind that story. Something for everyone!
    1h 24m 24s
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    1 FEB 2024 · Desi, Monty and Hector get together to discuss The January Window. They ask How? They ask Why? Most importantly, they ask What the actual Fuck? The reflect on a true shambles and no sign of a strategy from a shocking board for fans if not shareholders. They talk about the fuck ups and consider the reasons. They also have an Ultimate Celtic Cunt Quiz, so at least there is something to smile about at the end...including a classic song! Emjoy it, unlike our new amazing quality off the scale signings!
    1h 10m 1s

Etims are a bunch of Glasgow Celtic fans talking about Celtic, Fitbaw and everything else that raises interest and more importantly a laugh now and again. May include random dog...

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Etims are a bunch of Glasgow Celtic fans talking about Celtic, Fitbaw and everything else that raises interest and more importantly a laugh now and again.
May include random dog barking too.
Website is
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