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The End of the Road in Michigan

  • Ep. 36 - 12 Nifty Things to Do in Michigan's Upper Thumb That No One Talks About

    12 APR 2024 · The Upper Thumb has been deemed the “Closer Up North” for Southeast Michigan and Detroit.  Sandy beaches, great fishing, parks, and some of the friendliest proprietors around. Huron County is a great place to steal a weekend away from the "burbs" of Detroit without busting your wallet.  
    6m 33s
  • Ep.35 - Exploring the 7 Best Beaches in Charlevoix MI – Unforgettable Family Getaways

    7 APR 2024 · Explore the best beaches in Charlevoix, MI, for a perfect family getaway. Unwind on the shores of Lake Michigan, Lake Charlevoix, and Torch Lake, each offering unique experiences. Enjoy activities, amenities, and stunning views that create lasting memories.
    20m 43s
  • Ep. 34 - 12 Of the Best Southwest Michigan Inland Lakes

    6 APR 2024 · We journey through Southwest Michigan’s inland lakes – where each one presents a unique canvas of tranquil beauty and boundless adventure. From fishing to boating, these freshwater wonderlands offer a refreshing escape for outdoor enthusiasts. Discover the vibrant communities, picturesque parks, and annual festivals that make these lakes a must-visit destination.
    20m 54s
  • Ep. 33 - George W. Jenks - Remarkable Civil War Hero and Entrepreneur in Michigan's Thumb

    28 JAN 2024 · George W. Jenks, a figure of significance in the Michigan Thumb region, lived a life intertwined with history. From his early days as a Civil War soldier to his prosperous business endeavors, Jenks made an indelible mark. This article delves into his life, highlighting his service and entrepreneurial spirit providing insights into a fascinating chapter of Michigan’s past.
    7m 36s
  • Ep. 32 - Jeremiah Jenks, Pioneer of Michigan's Thumb

    24 JAN 2024 · We explore the intriguing life of Jeremiah Jenks, a Michigan pioneer whose vision transformed the Thumb region. His story is a blend of entrepreneurship and community, shaping the very heart of Michigan’s history.
    6m 24s
  • Ep. 31 - The Remarkable Life of Carl Heisterman From Prussian Translator to Michigan Pioneer

    24 JAN 2024 · We found Carl Heisterman’s life, a riveting story of a Prussian translator who shaped Michigan’s early days. From battlefields, founder of early Bay Port and political arenas, his journey is an amazing story of the diverse fabric of 19th-century America.
    6m 2s
  • Ep. 30 - Wenona Beach Amusement Park - - The Coney Island of the Great Lakes 1887-1964

    10 OCT 2023 · Dive into the rich history of Wenona Beach Amusement Park, once dubbed the Coney Island of the Great Lakes. Discover its rise to fame, iconic attractions, and why it eventually had to close its doors. A must-listen for history buffs and Michigan locals alike.
    6m 34s
  • Ep. 29 - 5 Unforgettable Michigan Trip Ideas for an Amazing Summer Adventure

    25 JUN 2023 · Affectionately known as "The Great Lakes State," given that it is flanked by four of the U.S.’s great lakes, Michigan is anything but average. Enjoy a trip to Michigan to experience some of North America's unique experiences, scenery, and attractions.
    5m 12s
  • Ep. 28 - Michigan Road Trips - 5 Bucket List Drives To Discover Michigan’s Beauty

    25 JUN 2023 · When we think of Michigan, we immediately think of lighthouses, beautiful historic downtowns, and covered bridges. Mix it all together, and you have the perfect plan for an excellent road trip.
    8m 15s
  • Ep. 27 - Michigan Grave Robbers

    15 SEP 2022 · Grave robbing was a gruesome yet common crime in the late 1800s as medical schools sought bodies for study. We found five stories about grave robbing in Michigan. Read the full story at
    10m 12s

This audio collection of amazing short stories is taken from the Great Lakes region and the Tip of Michigan’s Thumb. We love Michigan's history, places to see, and things to...

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This audio collection of amazing short stories is taken from the Great Lakes region and the Tip of Michigan’s Thumb. We love Michigan's history, places to see, and things to do in Michigan. Each episode is taken from feature articles from and So, as a podcast, you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s tale from the End of the Road in Michigan.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to check out and listen to our little podcast. If you like this kind of tale, you are invited to subscribe. Search for The End Of The Road In Michigan from wherever you're listening. Please watch for and download next week’s episode and take a moment to give us a review.

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