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The Dream Big Series

  • Casi Joy - Big Voice, Big Personality, Deliberate Career

    25 MAR 2022 · Blake Shelton says of Casi Joy, "She has this electric energy when she's on stage and has these unique things that she can do vocally. She's an edgier version of a country artist. She's old school but has a youthful energy about her. There's no stopping Casi Joy." With over 40 million video views online, and 350,000 followers, Joy has captured the attention of music fans around the globe who appreciate the way she melds traditional country and modern pop influences. A seasoned performer, her impressive social media presence eventually led to a highly-touted run on NBC's The Voice, where she instantly turned all four chairs and was singled out by Rolling Stone as having one of the top 10 best blind auditions of all time - a testament to the hard work and dedication of someone who has been performing professionally since the age of five. Want double your band per gig income in 3 months or less. Download our free e-book:
    23m 44s
  • Anthony Murray Podcast Audio

    2 FEB 2022 · Anthony Murray is a professional freestyle motocross athlete and a motocross social media influencer brought on by his notoriety in the MX world. We all have dreams, some of them have more physical risk than others. Anthony talks about the head space it takes pull off these stunts while traveling 70ft and 35ft in the air. His message is inspiring to all of us with a Big Dream. Follow Anthony Murray: Instagram: Facebook: Want double your band per gig income in 3 months or less. Download our free e-book:
  • Drew Six - Dreams Do

    26 JAN 2022 · Drew Six is a prime example of living out your dream by carving out his career in the music industry. Drew has built his music career in the "middle ground" space and is thriving in it as an independent artist. With great songs, a great show and pro branding and marketing, Drew shares some of his insights with a desire to help other musicians achieve the same thing. Visit Drew at Double your artist pay rate in 3 months or less with our FREE E-book at:
    28m 50s
  • Robert Arthur - All Things Nashville

    21 JAN 2022 · Robert’s extensive songwriting knowledge and experience is backed by over 100 cuts, 10 of those by Brad Paisley. Robert toured with Brad Paisley and many others and continues to write and do session work in Nashville today. Robert's fantastic course "All Things Nashville" delivers a wealth of knowledge on the nuts and bolts of songwriting , as well as, session work. Topics include: Song comparison examples Song phrasing Placement of the hook Song structure Songwriting Q&A Studio session work Much more. Course information is here: Robert's Facebook: Album: Caught By Surprise Spotify:
    36m 52s
  • Fulton Calvery on Music, Life and Passion

    12 JAN 2022 · Fulton Calvery, my first guitar teacher, just release is latest EP "Sixty 5" continues to live a life abundant of creativity. We had a great chat about his history, his view on music and what it means to us all and his new EP. It was such an honor speaking with this man who had such an impact on my initial years as a guitarist.
    24m 6s
  • Ani Johnson | Berklee College of Music | Mono Myth Media

    19 JUN 2020 · Ani Johnson. Entertainment consultant with 20 years expertise in Music Licensing, royalty administration, and marketing for Sony/BMG Universal, Warner, Palm Pictures, MGM, and Gloria Estefan. Available for speaking engagements and consulting work internationally. Owner of MonoMyth Media, a Music Licensing Administration company founded in 2014. Specialties: Music and Film Licensing, A&R Administration, Indie Record Company Startups, Royalty Administration, Marketing, Branding, Strategic Management, Paralegal Free E-Book: Play Music Make More Guide to building a successful music career.
    40m 41s
  • Peyton Marek National Recording Artist Manager at Age 18

    6 JUN 2020 · Peyton Marek is originally from KC and is the daughter of Mark Marek a recent guest on the DB Series Peyton is an independent artist manager for The Greeting Committee, signed to Harvest Records, an independent subsidiary Capitol Records. Peyton also serves as their tour manager as well and co-engineered/co-produced their first EP "It's Not All That Bad." She also manages an indie/alternative band, Maybird, on 30th Century Records, a subsidiary off of Columbia Records. She began day-to-day management and tour management when I was 18 years old. I co-engineered/co-produced the band's debut EP in my basement. Please follow Peyton and the bands she manages below. Free E-Book: Play Music Make More Guide to building a successful music career.
    46m 25s
  • Building a Music or Other Business on Linkedin with Monte Clark

    29 APR 2020 · Can you change the direction of your life with results in one year? My guest today Monte Clark has 30 years of marketing experience. Yet about a year ago he decided he was not only going to master the linkedin platform, he was going to write a book, start a mastermind class and begin coaching people on how to effectively use the Linkedin platform. He now teaches students how to build a business, get a job and yes even build a music career. Monte began coaching me 6 months ago. Since then I have made the most amazing friends and connections all over the world. From recording tracks for artists from NY, to working on projects for Linkedin contacts in Oregon this has changed the game dramatically for me. And now he’s going to share some insights with you. Please follow and connect with Monte Clark on Linkedin. Monte posts content everyday that can help you build your business whether you are in music or any other business. If you are like me and ready to expand your reach exponentially ask him about his Master class and his 90% off quarantine special. Free E-Book: Play Music Make More Guide to building a successful music career.
    26m 15s
  • Manager of Entertainment Events at NBCUniversal Media - Nicole Carson

    18 APR 2020 · Nicole Carson Manager of Entertainment Events at NBCUniversal Media She has 10 plus years experience working in the Music, Sports Production, & Entertainment industries. Nicole’s areas of expertise include facility management, operations, logistics, event management, client management, production, marketing, artist relations, hospitality, & budget management. In addition, Nicole is also a professional musician of 15 plus years and dedicates herself to her music and the industry. One of her passions is volunteering for a nationwide professional mentor for Kinetic-Her. This program provides community & guidance to driven women under 30 with outstanding career women over 30. Today we talk a lot about the music business and industry today, but we also get into her awareness that there is a lack of knowledge and interest in networking by a younger generation and she is devoting time to be part of a solution. Please support Nicole Carson at the following links: Kinetic-Her: LinkedIn: IG: Facebook: Free E-Book: Play Music Make More Guide to building a successful music career.
    40m 52s
  • How to thrive as a musician during a quarantine - Mikey Needleman

    11 APR 2020 · Mikey Needleman How to thrive during a quarantine. What do you do when you are a full time artist in Kansas City married with 4 kids under the age of 6 and a national quarantine happens? You get creative. That’s exactly what Mikey did. He shares his unique ideas and how he did them in this interview. Please support Mikey by following and commenting on his socials and at the following links. As he mentioned, if you want to talk about how he technically pulled off these ideas, you can reach him through these links. Free E-Book: Play Music Make More Guide to building a successful music career.
    32m 46s
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