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The Dr. Diane Show: Revolutionary Expansion of Mind, Body, and Soul

  • Dr. Diane Interviews Mary Anne Costerella on the Ancient Wisdoms of Astrology, Numerology, Cardology and Personology

    16 MAY 2024 · Mary Anne Costerella discusses the Ancient Wisdoms of Astrology, Numerology, Cardology, Personology and decodes the secret language of birthdays. She explains the difference between clinical psychotherapy and metaphysical therapy. Mary Anne helps clients understand why we were born and what our soul purpose is. She explores how to determine who we are compatible with in love, friendship, family, and work associates.     
    51m 6s
  • Dr. Diane Interviews Tim Michaels on the Power of Reiki and Crystals

    2 MAY 2024 · Learn about the amazing powers of Reiki and Crystals when used together in a Coaching session. Tim Michaels discusses his transformative journey to becoming a Holistic and Wellness coach and his experiences as a physical empath. He takes you on a journey to discover the power we all have within us to heal ourselves and the power of the words we say to ourselves and others.    Watch Here:  
    53m 30s
  • Dr. Diane Interviews Goldie Rose on the Amazing Properties of Sprouted Nuts and Seeds

    18 APR 2024 · Goldie Rose founded BOOSTIE Your Health after dealing with cancer, inflammation and other chronic diseases. She began sprouting her own nuts and seeds and after realizing the amount of work it took decided to start a company to make eating nutritious foods easy. BOOSTIE Your Health was born! Learn about the amazing benefits: unprocessed, nutrient dense, promotes weight loss, anti-inflammatory, electrolytes, anti-oxidants. Nutrient dense means a plethora of vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, omega 3s, ( so hard to get in food) plant protein and fiber—all this in BOOSTIE™ one ounce of food. More nutrients than any other one ounce of food!      Watch Here:  
    48m 39s
  • Dr. Diane Interview Alison Birks on Herbs for Grief and Healing

    4 APR 2024 · Alison Birks is a Certified Grief Educator and Registered Clinical Herbalist. She teaches people how to use herbs and ancient wisdoms for healing and dealing with grief and sadness.  Alison discusses herbalism in general especially for stress/ sleep/ nervous system support and adaptogens. Learn about the energetics of herbs an choosing the right herbs for you.   
    59m 42s
  • Dr. Diane Interviews Beverley Blass on Body Centered Psychotherapy

    21 MAR 2024 · Dr. Diane and Beverley Blass discuss colon hydrotherapy and how it can help with autoimmune disease and many other chronic conditions. Beverley discusses Body-Centered Psychotherapy and Soul-Centered Hypnotherapy and how a session works. 
    51m 42s
  • Dr. Diane Interviews Carolyn Coleridge on Mental Health and Spirituality

    7 MAR 2024 · Dr. Diane and Carolyn discuss the blending of mental health and spirituality. How Carolyn got into this work as an intuitive and psychotherapist and the inspiration for the 3 books she wrote. Carolyn discusses her different healing modalities and client success stories. 
    58m 22s
  • Dr. Diane Interviews James Osborne on Dealing with Loss and Grief

    15 FEB 2024 · James Osborne is a holistic psychotherapist who specializes in working with dealing with loss and grief of many types – dementia caregivers, death of a loved one – including working with families of homicide victims, trauma, assault, substance abuse, and depression. He employs mindfulness, Jungian Psychology, Gestalt Psychology, EMDR, and value-based techniques unique to the individual to support positive health changes.    Watch Here:  
    48m 45s
  • Dr. Diane Interviews Lauri Ingram on Life Transitions and Spiritual Counseling

    1 FEB 2024 · Lauri Ingram shares her journey from a corporate IT professional to becoming a spiritual counselor and coach. She discusses what spirituality is in every day terms and how to raise your conscious awareness.      Lauri provides a non-judgmental, safe, and sacred space for clients and discusses in what ways spiritual coaching and counseling provide value that might be different from traditional therapy or coaching with real world examples from clients. 
    1h 2m 21s
  • Dr. Diane Interviews Uzma Zakir, RPh on Medical Cannabis

    4 JAN 2024 · Uzma Zakir RPh, founder of bloomHigher, is passionate about sharing her expertise on the healing benefits of the cannabis plant to educate and empower people on their brave choice to use cannabis as their medicine.  By combining current research, her experience in treating patients in the CT MMJ landscape since 2015, and her traditional pharmacy background,  she has developed a unique approach for patient care and speaks extensively on best practices and cannabinoid science. Uzma clarifies misconceptions regarding CBD and discusses the theory of Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency. Uzma shares her journey to becoming a medical cannabis practitioner and an inspiring client case.      
    59m 43s
  • Dr. Diane Interviews Dr. Lyndsey Maher on Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncture

    21 DEC 2023 · What is Naturopathic Medicine and how is it different from traditional Western medicine?  Soleil is an integrative medical practice offering services such as IV nutrient therapy, craniosacral therapy and non-toxic, minimally invasive aesthetics services. Their mission is to help their patients feel better, heard, and validated. 
    54m 43s

Welcome to the Dr. Diane Show where, together, we will explore Revolutionary Expansion of Mind, Body, and Soul. With over 20 years of expertise as a mindset warrior, perspective shifter,...

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Welcome to the Dr. Diane Show where, together, we will explore Revolutionary Expansion of Mind, Body, and Soul.

With over 20 years of expertise as a mindset warrior, perspective shifter, and unshakeable optimist, Dr. Diane Hayden is dedicated to helping YOU reach your wildest dreams in business, health, performance, and relationships.

Learn about the power of thought and how it shapes your life to take risks, change careers, find love, go on adventures, and live passionately.

You will learn how to center and focus that power on what you want and shut the door on every suggestion of fear, worry, or lack from your own consciousness or the consciousness around you. Once you master that, anything is possible.

Get ready for revolutionary ways of thinking, being, and creating an amazing life!
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