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  • When Shepherds Harm the Flock

    28 DEC 2023 · Carl Olson joins Don to discuss Fiducia Supplicans, the Catholic Church's recently released document that allows a "blessing" for same-sex "couples."
    Played 54m 3s
  • The Futility of "Journeying Together" Without a Proper Goal

    21 OCT 2023 · Carl Olson joins Don to discuss the similarities between Andy Stanley's recent Unconditional conference and the ongoing Catholic Synod on Synodality. In both instances leaders claim to want to "journey together with people," especially those with same sex attraction, without bringing theology or doctrine into the conversation. It is a fool's errand. Links to go with the show:
    Played 50m 15s
  • The Danger of Dispensing Cheap Grace

    16 SEP 2023 · Welcoming sinners where they are is one thing; affirming them in their sin and encouraging them to stay there is another. Carl Olson joins Don to discuss the disturbing tendency among Church leaders to use the language of love and grace to entrench people in destructive lifestyles. Links to go with show:
    Played 51m 42s
  • The Great American Dechurching

    27 AUG 2023 · Don Johnson and Carl Olson discuss the sharp decline in church attendance over the past few years as well as offer some thoughts towards a solution. Show links:
    Played 50m 33s
  • A Cry for Justice

    19 AUG 2023 · Don Johnson and Carl Olson discuss the popularity of and how it fits into a growing resentment of the ruling class. This leads into some thoughts about the nature of sin and the relationship between justice, mercy, and judgment, and why everything boils down to worship. Also, Don explains how this relates to his new project about Sodom and Gomorrah: Some other links for the show:
    Played 56m 13s
  • Hurt Girl Summer

    2 AUG 2023 · What do the Barbie movie and Taylor Swift's Eras Tour have in common? Don Johnson and Carl Olson discuss the two biggest cultural phenomenons of the summer, and offer some movie and music reviews along the way. Resources:
    Played 53m 21s
  • On Trying to Preserve "Conservative" Morality without an Objective Foundation

    19 JUN 2023 · Don Johnson and Carl Olson discuss various news stories from the week, incuding the explusion of Saddleback Church from the Southern Baptist Convention and the rise of pro-gay and pro-feminist groups battling gender ideology.
    Played 57m 13s
  • The Anti-Science Covid Cult

    27 APR 2021 · Who is really following the science, here? Don and Alden discuss the increasingly cult-like and superstitious nature of the pro-lockdown postion. Links to go with the show: Why Christianity is the Worldview that Best Supports Science: Masking craziness: Fauci the Messiah
    Played 1h 14s
  • A Crisis of Authority and the Death of Truth

    17 JAN 2021 · What happens when you mix the weak epistemology of the postmodern West with a crooked ruling class? The death of truth. In this episode, Don Johnson and Carl Olson discuss several factors that have led to the current cultural chaos, including the crisis of authority that results from widespread corruption among our media, tech, and political elite. They also examine the phrase "it's not who we are as Americans" and chat about whether calling people to "be good Americans" is a strong enough moral appeal.
    Played 1h 3m 54s
  • A Culture that Has Forgotten God

    6 DEC 2020 · Don Johnson and Carl Olson discuss various aspects of of our cultural moment, including the fact that even our religious leaders don't seem willing to offer God's perspective on our predicament. Along they way, they reference a recent New York Times article by Pope Francis as well as "Mr Biden and the Matter of Scandal," a First Things piece by Archbishop Charles Chaput. Carl Olson is the editor of Catholic World Report and the author of several books, including Will Catholic be Left Behind? A Catholic Critique of the Rapture and Today's Prophecy Preachers.
    Played 58m 14s
Reflections on life from author and filmmaker Don Johnson. Learn more about Don's projects at and read his Substack at

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