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The Daring Woman Podcast

  • Stroke Forward With Marcia Moran

    11 DEC 2019 · Imagine you've finally arrived in life where you planned. You have a great business, your relationship is solid and as far as you know, your health is solid. Then, without warning, tragedy strikes. Marcia Moran discovered that awful feeling when she had a stroke in 2014. When asked about her prognosis, the answer was always the same, "We don't know." Listen to her story...
    21m 58s
  • Disassembly Required, With Beverly Willett

    20 NOV 2019 · From learning of her husband’s affair, to family court, to life as a single mother, Beverly Willett persevered in resisting injustice, the loss of her family unit, and the sale of the beautiful Brooklyn Brownstone her family had called home. Beverly knew selling her house would require taking inventory of her possessions; but she never dreamed it would require taking inventory of herself. Listen to her story...
    27m 12s
  • Southern Roots and California Dreams, With Sharron Clear

    13 NOV 2019 · Sharron Clear is a strong, self-made single mom of three whose story begins with southern roots and California dreams. Losing an older sister at the hands of a drunk driver, Sharron became an advocate early on for Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and other similar organizations. With a love for fashion and an eye for trends, she always loved dressing up. Today Sharron is an Instagram influencer who creates content, in vibrant color, that uplifts and motivates others to do what makes them happy. Listen to her story…
    16m 26s
  • Live Boldly, With Sara Schulting-Krantz

    6 NOV 2019 · When Sara Schulting-Krantz was 17 years old, she was raped by someone she knew and became pregnant. The police refused to press charges and the man tried it again on another woman. Sara chose to keep her son and went on to graduate from UW-Madison. There, she met who would become her husband. Nearly six years ago, Sara found out he had been cheating on her with men for 14 of their 17 years together. Listen to her story…
    21m 41s
  • Ending Generational Abuse With Indrani Goradia

    30 OCT 2019 · As a victim of severe childhood abuse, Indrani Goradia created Indrani’s Light Foundation, an organization committed to caring for survivors of domestic violence, teaching them how to stop generational abuse while empowering these women to change their lives while making an impact on the world around them. According to an estimated 35 percent of women worldwide reported having experienced falling victim to gender violence and/or domestic abuse. Indrani is determined to put an end to this cycle of violence against women. Listen to her story...
    27m 10s
  • Just Show Up, With Yvonne Heath

    23 OCT 2019 · Grief is something we face; divorce, diagnosis, financial stress, bullying, mental health issues,and yes end of life. It’s all grief! Yvonne Heath worked in ten different hospitals in the US and Canada in many areas including emergency, intensive care, the delivery room, chemotherapy, and hospice. She became disheartened by our society’s reluctance to talk about, plan and prepare for grief and how it causes excessive suffering in life and at the end of life. She suffered too, not knowing how to do it differently. Listen to her story…
    27m 42s
  • From Debilitating Depression and Anxiety To Thriving, With Ilyse Soutine

    16 OCT 2019 · For years it was a struggle for Ilyse Soutine to just get out of bed; her depression was so debilitating. On the really bad days, she had to call her therapist to get her help getting out of bed. Ilyse eventually had a spiritual awakening after falling into a YouTube rabbit hole. It was a long journey to get to the place where she is today thriving in her life doing what she was born to do serving humanity and making $10k weeks. She shares the #1 thing you can do to create purpose to thrive in your life. Listen to her story…
    31m 59s
  • Empowered Through Jazz, With Melissa Gardiner

    9 OCT 2019 · Melissa Gardiner has found a unique way to share her voice and be empowered. She plays jazz on the trombone. Mastering an otherwise male dominated instrument in a male dominated industry, Melissa is making strides to bring awareness to important topics such as domestic violence, people pleasing, motherhood, and more. Listen to her musical story...
    17m 40s
  • Growing Up Rural - Virginia Stringer

    2 OCT 2019 · Virginia Stringer was raised on her grandparents' farm in rural coastal Virginia during the 1950s. There was no indoor plumbing or electricity, other than the downstairs, of the 3-story house. It gave her a unique opportunity to learn what morality and personal values are all about. That upbringing led her to author The Maagy Series, a Young Adult Fiction/Fantasy series about the coming of age of a young woman. It's the metaphorical journey of all young women from the time they reach puberty to adulthood. Listen to her magical story...
    28m 53s
  • Surviving Epic Burnout, With Adrienne White

    25 SEP 2019 · When we ignore the messages from our bodies, when we’re intelligent, type-A-multitasking-mavens with a strong work ethic and a bent for perfectionism, there comes a point where our brain or body often pushes back. Adrienne White knows this all too well. Her life came to a point where she couldn’t work, couldn’t finish a sentence, couldn’t contribute, and she wondered what purpose there was to remain on the planet. It was a very conscious choice to stay and fight to get her brain (and life) back. It took years and all her savings. In the process, she realized some truths about herself and so many women. Listen to her story...
    31m 9s

The Daring Woman podcast showcases incredible women who have heartwarming stories to tell of their journey to becoming an empowered woman. Listeners not only get the sense that they are...

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The Daring Woman podcast showcases incredible women who have heartwarming stories to tell of their journey to becoming an empowered woman. Listeners not only get the sense that they are not alone in their journey, but also learn valuable information to grow as an individual.

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