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The Daily Mets Podcast

  • Daily Mets Podcast: Episode 187 "The One That Ends The Season"

    30 SEP 2018 · It all ends the way it started in '18; with Noah Syndergaard on the mound at CitiField pitching well. Mets win to wrap up the year; Josh recaps the day and the season, with commentary from COO Jeff Wilpon and manager Mickey Callaway. Thank you for the downloads all year, guys!!! #LGM
    32m 59s
  • Daily Mets Podcast: Episode 186 "The One With The David Wright Podcast"

    30 SEP 2018 · All David, all the time. Hear the farewell speech. Hear the post game press conference. Josh takes you through a memorable (late) night at Citi Field that includes a 1-0 13 inning win and a new arch-villian. (A guy who had the NERVE to catch a David Wright foul out in his final Major League AB.)
    22m 24s
  • Daily Mets Podcast: Episode 185 "The One With The Best Groundout To Third Ever"

    29 SEP 2018 · 854 days in the making, David Wright returned for his second-to-last appearance as a Major Leaguer. The fans went crazy; David spoke about it after the game, and Mickey Callaway weighed in on the lackluster 8-1 loss to Miami. Josh recorded the podcast during halftime of the UCLA-Colorado game in Boulder; you'll love the band.
  • Daily Mets Podcast: Episode 184 "The One Where The Catchers Slug And The Announcers Eat Cake"

    28 SEP 2018 · Best part of the 4-1 win against Atlanta? Right. The candy corn and cake at Gary Cohen's 30th Anniversary As A Met celebration before the game. (Is candy corn considered a vegetable?) Jason Vargas steamrolls the Braves, two catchers launch long home runs, and the Mets get to within 9 of .500. Josh explores these topics and wonders when David Wright will bat.
    11m 42s
  • Daily Mets Podcast: Episode 183 "The One Where deGrom Sticks The Landing"

    27 SEP 2018 · Engrave his name on the Cy Young Award now. Jacob deGrom goes eight, retires the final 20 he faces, the Mets hit just enough and all is right with the world. Josh gives you more than a dozen wacky deGrom stats, all with the same theme -- why was is this hard to get this guy a winning record??? deGrom speaks about his accomplishments and Mickey Callaway adds his 2/5 of a nickel.
    15m 42s
  • Daily Mets Podcast: Episode 182 "The One Where The Captain Comes Back"

    26 SEP 2018 · #5 is alive! And speaking to the media upon his reinstatement to the Mets roster. David Wright sound, John Ricco sound, the plan for David unveiled... oh, and the Mets lost 7-3 to Atlanta, and Mickey Callaway explains why Noah Syndergaard left after 89 pitches and a 3-0 lead.
    28m 49s
  • Daily Mets Podcast: Episode 181 "The One With A Peek Into The Future"

    25 SEP 2018 · With the Mets off on Monday, Josh rolls out interviews with top Mets prospects. Justin Dunn and David Peterson highlight the DMP and there's a brief lookahead to the homestand as well. Only six podcasts to go for '18 :/
    15m 30s
  • Daily Mets Podcast: Episode 180 "The One Where Kevin From The Office Brings In His Homemade Chili"

    23 SEP 2018 · In a game that set the sport back several years, the Mets and Nats slog through 4 1/4 hours of walk-filled baseball on a soggy Sunday; Josh tells you how bad it got, warms your heart with more good news about "Real Deal" McNeil and offers opinion on which Met(s) could use a change of scenery.
    14m 7s
  • Daily Mets Podcast: Episode 179 "The One With... One Hit? That's All They Got, Was One #$&% Hit?"

    23 SEP 2018 · Harry Doyle said it best in Major League and Saturday the Mets indeed got one hit off a guy whose last name look likes a typo. Josh reviews what went wrong (including his misunderstanding of "Faith Day"), looks ahead to the series finale, and invokes a song you forgot you knew from Sesame Street. Also, Mickey Callaway speaks.
    13m 17s
  • Daily Mets Podcast: Episode 178 "The One Where deGrom Makes It Quite Clear"

    22 SEP 2018 · Get your tux pressed, Jacob. Barring something totally goofy, you'll be accepting the Cy Young Award at the Baseball Writers Dinner this coming January. Lowering his ERA to 1.77, deGrom evens his record at 9-9 as the Mets beat the Nationals. Josh sums up deGrom's credentials, Mickey Callaway explains why he pulled Jake after 88 pitches, and there's a preview of today's game too.
    13m 4s
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