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  • Am I Your Filler Call?

    13 APR 2021 · Bob and Scooty talk Masters betting (2:20) and why they don't like attending sporting events in person (7:00). Scooty's topics this week include filler calls (14:38), Zoom doctors (18:58) and Kanye West's new documentary (28:10). Bob calls Joey Cold Cuts to question why he only posts his great golf shots on social media (26:30). Listener voicemails to end the show (37:47).
    Played 42m 10s
  • Todd Frazier, Friend Of The Pod

    6 APR 2021 · Bob and Scooty recap Jerry's L and discuss gambling on the National Championship Game. Bob gives his top 5 McDonalds items. MLB veteran Todd Frazier joins for an incredible conversation about which team has the best postgame meal, if he hits traffic on the way home from the game, being a clubhouse guy, winning the Little League World Series and The Home Run Derby and the one pitcher he hated going up against.
    Played 1h 15m 28s
  • Bob And Cuts

    30 MAR 2021 · Joey Cold Cuts joins for an hour of banter covering all subjects from sports betting, golf douche bags, Adam Sandler and Tableside Meals
    Played 57m 5s
  • The Real Ari Gold, With Jeremy Piven

    23 MAR 2021 · Bob sits down with Jeremy Piven to discuss acting alongside the greats, if Entourage will ever die and Jersey Jerry. Last Call is available in theaters, on demand and digital March 19th.
    Played 40m 46s
  • KFC Barstool, Friend Of The Pod

    16 MAR 2021 · Kevin Clancy joins Bob to talk about the rise of Barstool, how to deal with haters and the disaster that is the New York Jets. Bob's confidence rises as he becomes a chain guy.
    Played 35m 42s
  • Forrest Galante, Ultimate Friend Of The Pod

    9 MAR 2021 · Forrest Galante joins Bob and Jerry to discuss his least favorite animal, near death experiences and much much more. Bob isn't fooled by influencer merch launches.
    Played 51m 25s
  • Welcome Back, Ladies

    2 MAR 2021 · Bob and Jersey Jerry sit down with the ladies from the Home Team podcast to discuss sex, lip injections and the truth behind foot fetishes.
    Played 44m 13s
  • Going Deep With Chad Kroeger And JT Parr

    23 FEB 2021 · Chad and JT join Bob to discuss everything from flip flop etiquette to The Ellen Show. Bob wonders why the world doesn't make a bigger deal out of NASA events.
    Played 43m 52s
  • "You Brought Hummus To A Super Bowl Party?"

    16 FEB 2021 · Bob and Kevin Connolly discuss Super Bowl Party etiquette and prop bets. Jerry defends his decision to shop at Whole Foods.
    Played 42m 2s
  • The Show Goes On

    9 FEB 2021 · Bob and Jersey Jerry are joined by Kevin Connolly to announce some big news.
    Played 38m 22s
A comedic view on sports and life's day to day, hosted by Instagram star Robby Berger.
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Categories Comedy
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