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  • Dear Little Endo Warrior- Empowering Your Journey to Revelation

    13 MAR 2024 · In this episode, titled 'Dear Little Endo Warrior: Empowering Your Journey to Revelation,' we unfold a narrative that is both personal and universal, speaking directly to those touched by endometriosis. Framed as an intimate letter to my younger self, it extends a hand to every listener, offering guidance, empathy, and understanding. We journey together through the challenges and triumphs of living with endo, sharing practical advice, emotional support, and the hard-earned wisdom that comes from personal experience. This episode is more than just a conversation; it's a shared journey towards healing and empowerment, offering revelations that illuminate the path forward for every endo warrior listening. MORE ENDOMETRIOSIS PODCAST EPISODES ON THE BRIE POD: - My scars only tell a small part of my story: - Endometriosis Warrior featuring fellow Endo Sister, Stephanie Tupper - Today is my 2nd Anniversary of Endometriosis Laparoscopic Surgery: - Endometriosis and My Pregnancy Journey!:
    14m 27s
  • Jaw Journey Unveiled - Answers From My Surgeon

    10 JAN 2024 · Season 4, Episode 1: Jaw Journey Unveiled: Answers From My Surgeon on The Brie Pod" In this special episode, join me on The Brie Pod as I bring you firsthand insights and revelations from my recent face-to-face with the surgeon—a month before my upcoming jaw surgery. Delve into the intricacies, fears, and vulnerabilities surrounding this serious undertaking as I share the answers and knowledge gained from this pivotal appointment. Get ready for a captivating episode shedding light on the transformative journey ahead. Subscribe, follow, and be part of the countdown to February 7th—a day that promises to be as transformative as the jaw surgery itself. Stay in the loop with my jaw surgery journey! Catch daily prep updates on TikTok: @the_brie_pod or find me on Instagram @thebriepod for exclusive behind-the-scenes content. Don't miss a beat—subscribe, follow, and join me on this transformative adventure! 💫 #TheBriePod #JawJourneyUpdates The Brie Pod is about to soar to new heights, and I can't wait to have you along for the ride!
    34m 46s
  • Surgical Countdown - Embarking on My Jaw Journey

    13 DEC 2023 · Step into my shoes as I share the intimate details of my upcoming jaw surgery journey on Surgical Countdown. In this episode, I'm laying bare the emotions, decisions, and meticulous preparations leading up to my surgery date on 2/7/24. Feel the excitement building, the nerves tingling, and the anticipation reaching its peak as I unravel the complexities of my decision-making process. This isn't just a personal narrative; it's a roadmap for anyone contemplating a similar path. From initial contemplation to the final countdown, I'm leaving no stone unturned. But the journey doesn't stop here. Stay tuned for a follow-up episode in January, where I'll address every question, concern, and curiosity that arises post-surgery. Dive into my reflections, lessons learned, and the unveiling of my transformed self.
    28m 53s
  • The Power of Yoga: Healing the Mind and Body with Noele Brabon

    20 SEP 2023 · Join us in this episode as Noele Brabon, a licensed clinical social worker and yoga instructor, shares her incredible journey into the world of yoga and meditation. Discover how she turned her initial skepticism into a life-changing practice that not only brought her inner peace but also inspired her to create a safe and inclusive yoga community. In this episode, you'll learn how mindfulness and meditation play a pivotal role in Noele's practice and how they can enhance your emotional well-being, reduce stress, and improve your relationships with yourself and others. Noele's story is a testament to the profound impact that yoga and meditation can have on our lives, offering a powerful invitation to explore these practices and embark on your own path to self-discovery and well-being. Don't miss this opportunity to dive into the world of yoga with Noele Brabon and uncover the transformative potential it holds for you.
    1h 9m 30s
  • Motherhood Unfiltered

    14 JUN 2023 · Motherhood has taught me what I’m mentally and physically capable of, as well as what I still need to work on. Motherhood has shown me a love I have never felt before, but also fear I have never felt before. Motherhood has brought me many beautiful moments, and moments full of tears but most of all. I have learned that grace has been something I must try to put in the forefront. In this episode, I get raw, real, and unfiltered!
    37m 12s
  • Flying With an Infant- My Five-Hour Flight With an 7-Month Old

    26 APR 2023 · We have taken many flights throughout the years, due to our traveling lifestyle, but I have never traveled with a child before until now. In this episode, I share the Good, Bad, and Ugly of our trip as well as some personal recommendations on making this trip as comfortable as possible. There will always be the occasional stare, look, and snicker but at the end of the day it is all about getting to your destination as stress-free as possible. During this trip, I found that specific airlines and their policies can make or break your experience. So be sure to research what they will and will not do without a specific request. It has been a while since we last caught up, but I am excited to check in! It's Brie Pod Wednesday!!
    27m 51s
  • Traveling {Alone} While Breastfeeding Baby

    22 MAR 2023 · Traveling is essential for Jeremy's job, and as many know, we have moved from OR to AZ. Even though we have moved, I still have to come back every other month for the orthodontist because I'm still on the road to jaw surgery... Yesterday, I took my very first solo trip without my son. Between delayed flights and frantically searching for ice (because I couldn't watch any more breastmilk go down the drain) to the emotional roller coaster ride of being away from my son for 24 hours. I have had some time to share my experience. I made mistakes and learned a lot along the way. In this episode, I'm sharing the mistakes I made, and tips for traveling solo as a breastfeeding mama.
    33m 26s
  • Season 3, We're moving! [Recorded Wednesday, 2/8/23]

    9 FEB 2023 · It's been three weeks, I believe since I have shared a podcast episode, but it's because so much has happened, and so much is happening! We are in the midst of a move, many doctor appointments between the baby and myself, as well as chasing my career goals. Tune into this episode on the latest in the life of Brie. 2023 truly came in hot
    20m 6s
  • Season 3, Unfiltered I- I am Brie, Hear me ROAR!

    5 JAN 2023 · It is out with the old from 2022 and in with the new. The Brie Pod is welcoming 2023 with open arms and bringing forth your motivation, to 𝗰𝗮𝗹𝗹 𝗯𝗮𝗰𝗸 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗽𝗼𝘄𝗲𝗿 in life, career, health, and relationships--within a supportive community. In 2022, Instead of following resolutions, I defined my year by words. Last Year I chose the term "safety", and I share in this podcast how it defined me in the year 2022. I also share what term I will be focusing on this year. This episode is also about the mama bear, well truly lioness that has been coming out to protect my son. I was recently questioned yet again by someone and this time - I am screaming with grit, I am Brie, Hear me ROAR!
    22m 36s
  • 2022 Year in Review- Season 2, Chapter 12 of 12

    14 DEC 2022 · Can you believe it has been two years of The Brie Pod!?! In this episode, - I talk about the lessons I have learned and how I have applied them in life. - I share a look back on 2022 and how far The Brie Pod has come. - I share the lessons that gave me meaning and my new outlook going forward in 2023. I am so thankful for each and every one of you and hope you continue to follow The Brie Pod! You are worthy, You are Loved, You are Cherished, and I am proud of you!
    26m 58s

The Brie Pod is your dedicated guide to mastering the art of reclaiming your power across various facets of life, including career, health, and relationships. Embrace a transformative journey within...

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The Brie Pod is your dedicated guide to mastering the art of reclaiming your power across various facets of life, including career, health, and relationships. Embrace a transformative journey within our nurturing community that reassures you that you're never alone ❤️.
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