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The BOM: Engineering a Path Forward

  • How to Build A Better Space For Artists and Engineers w/ Chris Iwasjuta

    14 MAY 2024 · In this episode of The Bom: Engineering A Path Forward, we take a look at the way that collaboration spaces can be redesigned to better foster innovation with artists, designers, and engineers. We’re going to hear from the Co-founder of MotionLab.Berlin Chris Iwasjuta about the origin story of MotionLab, why he felt this calling to build a collaboration space for designers and engineers, and how a double-decker bus became a brand feature of MotionLab.
    36m 23s
  • Practical Advice for an Imperfect World With Sera Evcimen

    30 APR 2024 · In this episode of The Bom: Engineering a Path Forward, we welcome Sera Evcimen, Founder of the startup consulting firm Pratik. Pratik focuses on finding practical solutions to finish hardware stacks and help get their product to market. Sera’s unique insight into the process of fleshing out a product’s design and manufacturing explains why she chooses to only work with companies that are designing meaningful and impactful hardware. If you’re curious about the best path forward for an engineer in the startup space, Sera has some advice, so tune in.
    37m 49s
  • Weaving the Fabric of the Future With Madison Maxey

    23 APR 2024 · In this episode of The Bom: Engineering a Path Forward, we sit down with the Founder and CEO of Loomia, Madison Maxey.Loomia is  an e-textile company that is redefining what’s possible in flexible circuitry and electronics-integrated fabrics. We’ll get a peek into Madison’s predictions about the future in the wearable electronics space and what she learned throughout her five year journey to get Loomia off the ground.
    32m 29s
  • Where Open Source Meets 3D-Printing w/ Vijay Raghav Varada

    16 APR 2024 · Today, on The Bom: Engineering A Path Forward we sit down with Fracktal Works Co-founder Vijay Raghav Varada. Vijay walks us through the need for 3D-printed parts in advanced manufacturing and where traditional CNC parts fail, why he decided to keep Fracktal Work projects open source, and the exciting possibilities of what advanced 3D-printing might hold for the future of tactical hardware. 
    35m 9s
  • Sitting Down For Family Dinner Aboard Space Stations

    26 MAR 2024 · In this episode of The Bom: Engineering a Path Forward, I’m going to ask you to think about a rather futurist question: what does daily life look like in space? Sure, we have the Hollywood version of life amongst the stars. Star Wars, Dune, and even cult classics like Alien give us an idealistic glimpse. However, these are far from the reality of what it’s like to gather around and break bread in zero gravity. Today’s guest is Sana Sharma, the co-founder and chief design officer at the Aurelia Institute, a non-profit space architecture R&D lab. Throughout this episode, she gives us an inside look into the incredible research she and her team have conducted into the ways that astronauts live their daily lives while on missions in the final frontier, how advanced technology doesn’t have to exclude the human factor, and how she hopes her research will change the future of space exploration. 
    38m 38s
  • How A Music Collective Is Reimagining Sound Engineering

    19 MAR 2024 · In this episode of The Bom: Engineering a Path Forward, we’re talking about the process of turning engineering components into musical instruments and how that has the potential to change many aspects of our culture. At least, that’s what my guest today, Kirk Pearson, founder of Dogbotic, believes. Dogbotic is a music and sound research collective that is redefining what music is and is working to make musical and electrical engineering education more accessible. 
    37m 58s
  • Episode 42: Anna-Katrina Shedletsky Teaches How To Adapt To A Changing Problem

    12 MAR 2024 · Majenta Strongheart sits down with Anna-Katrina Shedletsky, the co-founder and CEO of Instrumental. Instrumental is focused on one of the most important aspects of the manufacturing world today. Creating a more efficient quality tracking system in the production process that so many hardware companies rely on. From the beginning Anna and the whole team at Instrumental asked the question, how do we increase yield, decrease wasted product, downtime in production, and critical mistakes in the products and electronics that you’re probably listening to this podcast on. 
    32m 27s
  • Episode 41: Wearables That Matter: How Effective Data and Health Sciences Can Change The World with Rosalind Picard

    5 MAR 2024 · Rosalind Picard is the founder and director of the Affective Computing Research Lab at MIT and co-founded both Affectiva and Empatica. Both companies are aimed at using extensive AI and wearable tech to improve the lives of people with chronic illnesses and make robots act a little more human. Ironically enough, she never wanted to start any kind of company but the need for better data and better measurement tools pushed her past the point of research and into the public sphere of engineering consumer products.
    30m 39s
  • Episode 40: The 60 Second Architect with Tomide Adesanmi

    27 FEB 2024 · Tomide Adesanmi is the co-founder and CEO of Circuit Mind. Algorithmic software that helps electronics engineers and designers go from architecture to complete schematics in roughly 60 seconds. In Tomide's experience, far too many electronics designers and engineers spend far too much time drawing and planning the architecture of their motherboards. Researching components suppliers, reading complex manuals and workflows, and starting over when something doesn't work right on the motherboard all contribute to this loss in innovation. These experiences shaped Tomide's vision for Circuit Mind during his time in the defense industry and why Tomide firmly believes that AI is a tool to enhance a designer's workflow, not steal their career. Join Circuit Mind's live explorator Webinar on February 29th, 2024,
    29m 45s
  • Episode 39: A Quick Announcement

    29 AUG 2023 · Majenta expresses gratitude to the fantastic listeners and shares some thrilling news. While The BOM takes a brief break to gear up, Majenta teases upcoming interviews featuring guests from Motorola and other incredible technology and hardware companies. She encourages listeners to dive into the podcast's treasure trove of past interviews with tech leaders, entrepreneurs, and hardware creators. She also announced the Hackaday Super Conference 2023, with tickets currently live on Eventbrite. Scheduled for November 3rd-5th, the conference will offer workshops, the Hackaday Prize ceremony, and captivating talks. With early bird tickets already taken, swift action is advised for interested attendees. Listeners are invited to stay connected via social media and the podcast's website for updates on their upcoming return, ensuring they remain engaged in the enriching discussions on innovation and creativity.
    1m 57s

The BOM (or “bill of materials”) is a weekly Supplyframe DesignLab Podcast hosted by Head of Design & Partnerships Majenta Strongheart. Each week, through digestible conversations with the world’s leading...

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The BOM (or “bill of materials”) is a weekly Supplyframe DesignLab Podcast hosted by Head of Design & Partnerships Majenta Strongheart. Each week, through digestible conversations with the world’s leading innovators, hackers, and entrepreneurs, Majenta and her guests explore the future of how hardware projects are built and brought to market, investigate technological solutions to the world's toughest challenges, help bridge the gap between makers, startups, and investors, and celebrate the transformational power of design.

Presented by Supplyframe DesignLab
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