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The Awakening Podcast

  • Episode 08 - Why Should YOU Awaken ?

    20 NOV 2018 · In this episode I discuss the benefits of you becoming awake and aware. Get more information like this at
    Played 4m 7s
  • Episode 07 - What Is Awakening

    26 SEP 2018 · In todays Episode I talk with my friend Indrek Stern about vipassana meditation and what awakening is like. Get more information like this at
    Played 33m 45s
  • Episode 06 - Why Do We Have To Pay To Live On Planet Earth

    23 SEP 2018 · Why do we have to pay to live on a planet that we were born on? That is the question I am going to address in this Episode. get more info at
    Played 5m 3s
  • Episode 05 - Be Curious (with Dragos Folea)

    19 SEP 2018 · Be Curious! That is the Motto of this Episode. Host Christopher Schulz aka Crystal Chris invites guest Dragos Folea after discovering that we share a similar journey.
    Played 1h 6m 45s
  • Episode 04 - Death of Mac Miller, XXXTENTATCION and Daniel Kueblboeck

    17 SEP 2018 · In this Episode we are talking about the topic of death what happens after and the people mentioned in the title who recently passed.
    Played 5m 37s
  • Episode 03 - The System On Planet Earth

    16 SEP 2018 · In this Episode I talk about the system that has been created on our planet that controls peoples lifes.
    Played 11m 30s
  • Episode 02 - What is Enlightenment

    12 SEP 2018 · What is enlightenment? What is awakening or waking up? We are going to discuss this in this episode which is an extract of a YouTube Video I made. find out more @
    Played 12m 23s
  • Episode 01 - Introduction to Awakening

    21 MAY 2018 · Story of my journey on discovering myself and others.
    Played 18m 12s
Wake up become a Buddha. Learn to become enlightened. Learn about yourself, your surroundings what is going on with our planet and the spirit world.

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