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    The Atheist Experience 28.23 with Johnny P. Angel and Secular Rarity

    10 JUN 2024 · Johnny P. Angel and Secular Rarity combine for a wild show featuring callers that find divinity through getting high (huh?), the numeric secrects of the universe and more!
    2h 10m 43s
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    The Atheist Experience 28.21 with Secular Rarity and Armin Navabi

    27 MAY 2024 · Have an Atheist Experience with Secular Rarity and Armin Navabi as they work through callers determined to prove god’s existence.   Moses in FL says our lives are the manifestation of god’s truth. Why should emotions override the data? How is it that living our lives shows the truth of god? How do the narratives contained within religion affect a person’s self respect? What is the point of using logic if it is not to achieve better things and progress? When those who follow Jesus are supposed to be good people, why do Christians still do terrible things? What kind of love uses threats of eternal fire and torture? Caleb in OH tries to prove that god exists by stating the universe has a beginning because it is expanding. We don’t know if the universe had a beginning or not. What was the second law of thermodynamics like before the big bang happened? How do you know that other people besides the disciples didn't write the Gospels? Even in modern times with video recordings, people come up with all kinds of narratives of how they perceive current events. What do you think it was like 2,000 years ago?  Landy in FL wants us to know that we are all beings of light and science is catching up to what the Bible tells us. Why do letters in a text adding up to a certain number matter with anything? Why should we believe this is any kind of code? Every religion uses number games within their scriptures. Why should we believe one over another? What Biblical information is science just catching up to?  James in CA asks what the hosts think about Paul’s argument for Christ being the Messiah. Paul, Mohamed, and Joseph Smith all said the same thing and we reject all of them. How can we believe Paul’s claims if he is not even an eye witness? Why is Paul’s revelation moment any more true than those that others have had?  Thank you for joining us this week. Question of the week is “What is Jesus's Secret hobby?
    1h 56m 59s
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    The Atheist Experience 28.20 with JMike, Jim Barrows and Shelley Segal

    20 MAY 2024 · Today you will have a total Atheist Experience as the one and only Shelley Segal treats us to the best start to the show ever! Jim Barrows and JMike walk us through what does and does not matter when providing evidence just before learning there are holograms in our brains! Shelley provides a beautiful concert to conclude our show.   Nick in WI believes that he has found god in the same way he would find a specific car in a car lot. If you were to search for god, what reason would you have to think god exists before you start searching? Why would we care about the characteristics if this god has not been demonstrated to exist? How do you explain a Christian foundation’s findings that say prayer has no more effects than a placebo? What does “spiritually alive” mean? Considering the history of the Cananites, how did they get from polytheism to theism? Why blame god for something that is part of you and wanting to know as many true things as possible? Mac in CA has the argument from perennialism to prove god and is described as god has been contacting humans through history. The sound trailed off into underwater territory.  Sura in India says there is a strong force that is driving all religions. All religions attempt to explain things we have no control over is a more reasonable explanation than adding a supernatural god to the equation. Why postulate a god for natural phenomena? How do the percentages of people that believe something have any bearing on the truth? Oliver in FL wants to know what science or LGBTQ has to do with atheism and atheists use faith for not having evidence for god. By your definition of faith, what am I believing in as an atheist that I can’t substantiate or confirm? What is the entailment for when we continue to ask for evidence? Why would Einstein saying anything get us to believe in this useless god of Spinoza? Angus in NE,  Jesus Mythicist asks what the hosts think of Yahwey or Yesua never saying anything. The same thing can be said of The Hobbit or other stories. What does what someone says prove anything about their existence?  Dave in India asks the hosts if they would consent to the point that there is a hologram in their brains. How would that point to god? Personal experience does nothing to move the needle here. How does your brain making you see stuff get us to god? Under what circumstances should we assume the supernatural is real? Why would you believe our lives as atheists are meaningless? That was awesome wasn’t it? Thank you for hanging out with us this week! Question of the week is: Why did god really go no contact with people?
    2h 6m 49s
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    The Atheist Experience 28.19 with Secular Rarity and Forrest Valkai

    13 MAY 2024 · Have an Atheist Experience with Secular Rarity and Forrest Valkai as they work together to catch a troll who won’t answer a question only to later have another transphobe try a bait and switch tactic with the call screeners.   Kevin in GA asks the hosts why he is incorrect by believing there is an intelligent designer without having specific proof such as a video describing how a car is made. What do you have to compare a designed universe with? Not knowing something is not the same as magic. There are multitudes of different types of proof that are needed for us to believe that a creator designed the universe. We do know where things came from and they are all from natural sources. If there is no proof, what is it that leads you to accept it and why do you believe your god is real?   Royal Trans Atheist in the UK asks about the morality of homosexuality under atheism. Why are you going out of your way to poke at people? What is your understanding of how reasoning and logic leads one to accept that being homosexual is how one is born? Overwhelming consensus is that it is not a choice but is part of the spectrum of human sexuality. At what point in your life did you decide to be straight? Do you believe that homosexuality is immoral? “Pleading the fifth” is now how this show works; if you are going to be a troll, at least be honest.   Seethi in OH asks Forrest about a call where Forrest had said there is no gender of a sex. Forrest explains that gender is a social construct and changes throughout time. Using the proper terminology from a scientific perspective will be inclusive. Agreeing on the facts and agreeing on what the facts mean are two different things. It is important to be careful to not cause more harm when describing how gender does not line up with sex, even when trying to be well intentioned. Caleb in OH has evidence of the supernatural and asks the hosts their belief of the supernatural. Neither host believes in anything they do not have evidence for. How would accepting the universe having a beginning get us to god? Why would we believe anything contrary to the wealth of knowledge we already have about the universe?   Mr. British in London asks the hosts if atheism is appropriating the word “theist” in a proper way? What could this possibly mean? Is it misappropriating the word “symptom” to use the word “asymptomatic”? Can a term be used to describe whether or not something possesses a particular quality? Why should we use the word “secularism” when it does not mean the same thing as atheism?   Mike in SC asks SR about his prior belief and if he just grew out of religion. SR explains his deep belief and involvement early in life until an effective method was demonstrated to him. Forrest describes his exposure to a variety of churches and religions and how he applied the same rules to those beliefs as he did for anything else. Mike then asks if all atheists believe that gender is fluid. The majority care about gender identity, but as with other groups, there are atheists that are transphobic. If you are not willing to speak up against policies that are harming trans people, then we would argue you do not have a trans friend.   Thank you for joining us this week! Remember to call the show and not just comment in the chat! The prompt for this week is: What is a good come back for, “You need Jesus”?
    2h 6m 47s
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    The Atheist Experience 28.18 with Jim Barrows and The Cross-Examiner

    6 MAY 2024 · Have an Atheist Experience with Jim Barrows and The Cross Examiner and work through the current challenging issues that both theists and atheists continue to sort through.  Chidumeei in PA asks how he is to tell atheists that they are not morally superior.  How do you deal with Christians that think they are morally superior? You take it one step at a time like you do everything else. Many people go through the angry atheist stage, and sometimes this is frustration from learning the Bible is wrong and realizing people have been lied to. If you slow the conversation down, ask for definitions, and look for understanding, people will realize the conversation is more important than the finger pointing.  Miguel in CO asks about how society handles transgender people in sports. How does society reconcile the two established facts of transgenderism being real, and the hormonal treatment being good but not perfect? Sports matter more than we think it should, and solutions that we come up with for one sport may not work for another. Maybe early recognition of one being transgender will solve some of the issues. It would be insulting to all genders to just boil it down to not allowing men to compete with women. People do not on a whim just decide to change their gender. Be careful to weed out the lies such as “six year olds getting surgeries”.  Brandon in CA wants to know why we embrace the trans community by using pronouns. What problem do you have with inclusion? How has the use of pronouns just come out of nowhere? We are hoping to build a society where it does not matter where you are dropped in, and the bottom rung of the ladder keeps going up so that everybody is included. What skin do you lose by using pronouns? Dan in Canada has just been through the loss of a service dog and wants to know if it is okay to be Catholic without proof of god. How do you feel about believing a story without evidence of your dog being in a better place? What is your community around you now like? You may consider calling for someone to talk with or It is okay to go to a church; there are times when communities offer more benefits than risks. The thing to look forward to when you do not believe in a god, is the exciting prospect that the future is yours to make and do what you want.  Chloe in MI says that the USA is not a Christian nation even though she is a Christian and does not see the attitude of Jesus and putting other people first. How do we define what a true Christian is? What do you think people mean when they say it is a Christian nation? In addition to legal meanings that are wrong on many levels, it could mean that people who are white evangelicals feel like they are losing their power. How do we determine whose interpretation of the Bible is correct? Who has the proper insight to know what the Bible means? We agree the United States is not a Christian nation.  Thank you for tuning in this week! Prompt of the week is: How did god the father get out of paying child support? 
    1h 54m 6s
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    The Atheist Experience 28.17 with Secular Rarity and Armin Navabi

    28 APR 2024 · Show notes upon receipt
    2h 7m 14s
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    The Atheist Experience 28.14 with Christy Powell and Jamie Boone

    8 APR 2024 · Recorded in front of a LIVE studio audience in Austi, TX! Join The Atheist Experience with Jamie Boone and Christy Powell and work through issues, lack of evidence for god, and religious trauma challenges.  Caleb in OH, believes the Big Bang is evidence for god, and asks the hosts if atheists believe there is no evidence for god. Evidence that is meaningful, compelling or that stands up to scientific rigor has not been observed yet. The universe having a beginning is consistent with many religions. How is your religion any different?  Why would an all powerful and all loving god not show us something on this show? Call back with one good argument that is overwhelming.  Yetmas in FL makes an analogy about god, people, and ants, and then asks why we are searching for god evidence when we have not even mapped 25% of the ocean floor. This is 25% more than before there was science.  AJ in MN asks the hosts what they used to justify the Bible when they used to believe. Christy described having to read a chronological Bible that noted the numerical differences realizing it was not inerrant. Jamie never looked into the claims, and when he finally did, he became an atheist. How many talking animals do you need in a story before you realize it is not literally true?  Terry in NY wants to know how to bat away the indoctrination and fear of hell. Why would we lose sleep over the Christian hell if we are not worried about the Hindu hell? Your nervous system does not need to be argued with and it is okay to struggle with this distress. Adult logic may not work with your first early childhood concept of hell. Recognizing this conflict is the first step to acceptance. Is it fear or is it guilt that is so scary? A book called, Leaving the Fold, by Marlene Winell is a good place to start along with where they are trained to help through this struggle.   Jon in Canada says that the 10 Commandments are necessary for society to function and prove the existence of god. How can you tell me that they eradicated slavery? How do you explain the basis of Chinese civilization before the Ten Commandments? Katie in OK is trying to determine if she has religious trauma or if it is being raised in a hetero culture. Living in a religious society is almost certain to cause cuts and scars. Having to pretend to believe in something you don’t believe in can be traumatizing. If it hurts, you are allowed to have compassion on yourself and do something about it. Barry in GA says that faith is the basis for believing along with the word of god. Where does faith come from? What does it mean if something that you read moves you? What other creation stories from other faiths have you read? Why do you use faith for the Bible but not anything else? What would you say to someone that has faith in Allah? Josef asks the hosts their opinion on the scriptures that condemn homosexuality. Jamie disagrees with the verses. Christy finds these verses to be a big problem and is what caused him to challenge Christianity. If you remove a person's exposure to a type of person, it is easier to make them hate that type of person.  Thank you for tuning in! Question of the week: Missing from the Sermon on the Mount is, Blessed are the ___.
    2h 4m 2s

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The Atheist Experience is a weekly show in Austin, Texas geared at a non-atheist and atheist audience. The Atheist Experience is produced by the Atheist Community of Austin. The Atheist...

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The Atheist Experience is a weekly show in Austin, Texas geared at a non-atheist and atheist audience. The Atheist Experience is produced by the Atheist Community of Austin.

The Atheist Community of Austin is organized as a nonprofit educational corporation to develop and support the atheist community, to provide opportunities for socializing and friendship, to promote secular viewpoints, to encourage positive atheist culture, to defend the first amendment principle of state-church separation, to oppose discrimination against atheists and to work with other organizations in pursuit of common goals.

We define atheism as the lack of belief in gods. This definition also encompasses what most people call agnosticism.
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