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The 100+ Podcast

  • Bumper Episode: Helena Traill explains why and how she started 100 Stories

    21 JUL 2020 · Welcome to the 20th Episode of the 100+ Podcast, a podcast which brings together stories of people affected by cancer. This is the final episode of Season 1, in which we have had 19 amazing guests and over 1000 downloads. So thank you to everyone! Sashia Palmqvist (founder of A Friendly Movement and guest on episode 12 of this podcast) interviews Helena Traill (founder of 100 Stories) in this bumper 1 hour episode. They talk about why and how Helena created the 100 Stories Book and 100+ Podcast.
    55m 26s
  • Claudia Knowles and founder of Black Women Rising, Leanne Pero: The Power of Narrative

    14 JUL 2020 · For episode 19 of the 100 Plus podcast, the penultimate episode of season one, I interviewed not one, but two guests: Claudia Knowles and founder of Black Women Rising Leanne Pero. They both shared their cancer stories and then we discussed Claudia’s current project for her Masters of Research in Health and Design at Imperial College London. She is creating a breast cancer journal which shows how the power of narrative and expression can be extremely useful to any large event in life. This journal is aimed at women who have finished active primary breast cancer treatment within the last 3 to 12 months. Leanne was on the co-design group, so it was great to chat to both of them about an exciting up and coming resource that I am sure will help many women! If you would like to get involved with testing of the journal, you can find Claudia on twitter @ClaudRKnowles
    25m 18s
  • Radiotherapy in a Pandemic with Nicheless Dey

    7 JUL 2020 · Today’s guest is Nicheless Dey. Nic was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2015. He had ignored his lumps for three to five years and so now is very vocal about his diagnosis to make sure no one else makes the same mistake. Nic is story number 98 in 100 Stories Book and in the first paragraph wrote ‘please, please don’t be an idiot like me. Go get yourself check out’. For this episode Nic shares with us his experience of going through a round of radiotherapy during a pandemic. He recorded sound bites over the 15 fractions. So the podcast starts with this 5 minute sound bite, then followed by an interview!
    29m 43s
  • Brain Tumour Charity Special with High Profile Supporter Hal Cruttenden

    30 JUN 2020 · Episode 17 of the 100+ Podcast, a podcast which brings together stories of people affected by cancer is a Brain Tumour Charity Special! Helena Traill, founder of the 100 Stories Book, interviews Hal Cruttenden who is a High Profile Supporter of the charity. Helena and Hal chat about The Brain Tumour Charity, the 100 Stories Book, open conversation surrounding cancer and why English people don’t like talking about death (it's a funny episode, I promise!). Hal’s mum died of a glioblastoma (a type of brain tumour) in 2013, so since then he has raised loads of money for The Brain Tumour Charity.
    32m 27s
  • Putting you in control of your cancer care with Paul Landau

    23 JUN 2020 · For this episode of the 100+ Podcast, Helena Traill is joined by founder of Careology Health Paul Landau. Careology is an app which helps cancer patients manage their treatment plan and symptoms. It can help you track how you are feeling, keeps your notes, manages your medication with reminders of which drugs to take. And then everything is viewable in a very simple calendar which can be shared with your loved ones of oncology team.
    20m 37s
  • Ellen Bisci: the Late Affects of Cancer

    16 JUN 2020 · This week, 100+ Podcast host Helena is going by Ellen Bisci. Ellen had a rare form of Leukaemia when she was 9 and then relapsed when she was 12, causing multiple strokes. The treatment Ellen had has left her with multiple late effects and so she is making it her mission to raise awareness and build a community for others who are also living with late effects. 
    21m 1s
  • Delightfully Depressing with Emma Louise McAuley

    9 JUN 2020 · For episode 14 of the 100+ Podcast we are joined by Emma Louise McAuley. Emma Louise was diagnosed with breast cancer three weeks after her mum died from the same disease. I chat with her about her cancer story, fundraising for Trekstock and a group of badass babes!
    29m 4s
  • Blogging and Wellness with Nikki Bednall

    2 JUN 2020 · Today we are joined by Nikki Bednall who is a stage 3 breast cancer survivor and blogger at a well as a guest writer for other bloggers in the community. Nikki is a systems analyst at a leading UK university and continues to support people who have received a cancer diagnosis through her voluntary work at Breast Cancer Now. Nikki is a wellness advocate for lifestyle after cancer and advocates for World Cancer Research Fund where she has been a guest speaker.
    18m 32s
  • Mental Health and Starting 'A Friendly Movement' with Sashia Palmqvist

    26 MAY 2020 · For anyone who might be going through difficulties at the moment, I believe that this 100+ podcast episode could be of help and provide much needed positivity during lockdown. I learnt loads in this 20 minute conversation with Sashia Palmqvist, age 24, about mental health and how to support friends affected by cancer. Sashia is also the founder of a new instagram page 'A Friendly Movement', which shares positive real stories – performing good deeds & promoting good people!
    21m 41s
  • Jolene Dyke: Living with Melanoma

    19 MAY 2020 · Jolene Dyke was diagnosed with melanoma in 2004 at the age of 18 after she had a 1.5mm mole removed from her neck. She was diagnosed Stage 4 melanoma in 2010 at the age of 23 and has been living with cancer ever since. We chat about her diagnosis and how she found her tribe online, plus a bit about the charity Trekstock!
    16m 2s

A podcast bringing together stories of people affected by cancer. 1 in 2 people born after 1965 in the United Kingdom will develop cancer in their lifetime. This means the...

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A podcast bringing together stories of people affected by cancer. 1 in 2 people born after 1965 in the United Kingdom will develop cancer in their lifetime. This means the majority of the population will either be directly or indirectly affected by it. In each episode Helena Traill will introduce a new guest who has been affected by cancer. Discussions will include why open conversation is so important, how social media has enabled or disabled these conversations and why cancer is still perceived as a taboo subject. Find out more at
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