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  • That Will Nevr Work S5E48 “Money Matters Simplified: Unlocking the Economics of Everyday Life with John Foster"

    14 JUN 2024 · Today on the podcast features a discussion with John Foster, an accomplished author, executive, angel investor, and educator in economics for kids, emphasizing the critical role of economics in understanding personal finance, business operations, and entrepreneurship. John advocates for simplifying complex economic concepts to make them accessible to children and adults, underscoring economics as a foundational knowledge for making informed financial decisions and understanding the commercial world. The conversation delves into various aspects of economics and business, such as debt management, opportunity costs, and the importance of negotiation skills in both professional and personal contexts. Highlighting cultural differences in negotiation practices, the discussion also covers strategies for effective negotiation, including understanding one’s worth and having alternative options. Additionally, the importance of resilience, learning from failure, and preparation in achieving success is discussed. The podcast concludes by mentioning free educational resources available at middle, aimed at enhancing students’ understanding of communication and economics, alongside a metaphorical reflection on decision-making and personal growth.
    25m 11s
  • That Will Nevr Work S5E47 “From Solo Efforts to CEO Success: Mastering the Shift in Entrepreneurial Mindset Jeremy Shapiro"

    12 JUN 2024 · Jeremy Shapiro emphasizes the crucial transition entrepreneurs must make from working in their business, where they focus on technical tasks, to working on their business, where they concentrate on strategic growth through marketing, sales, system implementation, and team building. It outlines the journey from being an employee or solopreneur to becoming a true business owner, as inspired by Robert Kiyosaki’s cash flow quadrant, highlighting the necessity of shifting focus from day-to-day operations to creating a self-sustaining business that operates effectively even in the owner’s absence. This involves embracing the mindset change required to take on the responsibilities of a business owner, including dealing with sales, ensuring profitability, and adapting business models for consistent cash flow. Jeremy shares personal anecdotes and stories, like taking time off for family or dealing with unforeseen accidents, to underscore the importance of having reliable systems and a capable team in place. It stresses the need for implementing technology and systems, calculating an effective hourly rate, and hiring employees who align with the company’s core values and mission to grow the business while maintaining personal freedom.
    24m 25s
  • That Will Nevr Work S5E46 “From Dropout to Digital Dynamo: Uniting Love, Leadership, and E-commerce in an Entrepreneurial with John Chan"

    10 JUN 2024 · In this podcast episode, John Chan, with a background in web design and digital marketing shares his journey from dropping out of university to co-founding a growth agency that assists ecommerce brands. The discussion delves into the importance of building a strong team, managing conflicts effectively, and the nuances of working with a spouse as a business partner. Emphasizing the need for a shift from a “me versus you” to an “us” mentality, the conversation highlights the significance of communication, empathy, and active listening in both personal and professional relationships. The entrepreneur also discusses adapting to client preferences, the importance of understanding customer feedback for effective marketing strategies, and the value of recognizing and learning from mistakes. Additionally, the podcast touches on the necessity of adaptability, the benefit of sharing personal experiences to help others navigate entrepreneurial challenges, and the importance of making informed decisions. The episode concludes with an invitation for continued engagement with the podcast, underscoring a shared entrepreneurial journey and the willingness to connect and learn from one another.
    24m 3s
  • That Will Nevr Work S5E45 “From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Unlocking Your Life’s Potential with with David Bush"

    7 JUN 2024 · In the “That Will Nevr Work” podcast, host Maurice and guest David Bush delve into the theme of transitioning to extraordinary lives through self-discovery, identifying personal values, and dedicating time and effort to meaningful pursuits. David shares insights on the importance of recognizing one’s abilities and passions, the role of dreams and callings in overcoming skepticism, and the value of persistence and a strong work ethic in achieving success. The conversation underscores the necessity of living purposefully by engaging in one’s calling, making hard choices, and embracing challenges and failures as part of personal growth. They discuss the detrimental impact of conforming to others’ expectations and the importance of crafting a personal plan that aligns with one’s goals. Highlighting stories of perseverance, such as pursuing a professional football career despite setbacks, David illustrates the power of self-belief and commitment. The text also touches on the significance of questioning limiting beliefs and seeking truth to live an extraordinary life, summarizing six commitments essential for this journey. Additionally, David’s experience in arena football and his partnership with Kurt Warner serve as examples of choosing an extraordinary path. The podcast wraps up with a reflection on stepping out of comfort zones, encouraging listeners to pursue an extraordinary life over an ordinary one.
    29m 31s
  • That Will Nevr Work S5E44 “From Employee to Entrepreneur: Mastering Sales, Branding, and The CEO Mindset with Success Champ Donnie Boivin"

    5 JUN 2024 · The Will Nevr Work podcast features an insightful discussion with Donnie Bolvin who is not only the CEO of Success Champions and Success Champion Networking but also an entrepreneur with deep expertise in sales, business development, and community building. This entrepreneur, who also manages a farm, shares valuable experiences and advice on transitioning from being an employee to becoming a successful business owner. The conversation covers a wide range of topics crucial for small businesses and solopreneurs, including the significance of adopting a CEO mindset, the importance of sales and effective personal branding, and strategies for overcoming the common fears and challenges associated with sales and business growth. Key points discussed include the necessity for individuals moving from employment to entrepreneurship to develop skills beyond their technical expertise, such as selling services effectively, delegating tasks, and building a strong personal brand that resonates with their target audience. The guest emphasizes that sales should be approached as genuine conversations aiming for a mutually beneficial outcome rather than aggressive deal-closing tactics. Furthermore, the importance of networking, consistent practice to overcome sales-related fears, and the power of passion in driving successful sales and business growth are highlighted. The episode also delves into practical tips for solopreneurs on identifying their market, managing operations, and leveraging social media for outreach. A poignant story illustrates how even highly introverted individuals can become successful in sales through persistence and embracing discomfort. Donnie underscores the difference between selling products one is passionate about versus selling out of necessity, suggesting that true enthusiasm is key to engaging effectively with potential clients or customers.
    25m 24s
  • That Will Nevr Work S5E43 “Mastering the Art of Value: Jon Weberg’s Journey to Transformative Business Success”

    3 JUN 2024 · Jon, an American entrepreneur, growth consultant, and self-published author, shares insights into his consulting approach and business philosophy. He emphasizes the importance of targeting successful businesses and clients who can truly benefit from tailored, high-level information and services. John advocates for consistently producing valuable content to attract the right audience and build meaningful connections through stories and resonant messaging. His anecdotes underscore the significance of providing value, overcoming self-doubt, and serving others not just for financial gain but also for personal fulfillment. He highlights the crucial role of digital marketing, social media, individual voice, and effective communication in achieving business success. Furthermore, John discusses the importance of genuine passion, caring, and quality in building impactful relationships, rather than focusing solely on metrics. He offers strategies for social media marketing, such as using short videos and syndicating content across platforms, advising mastery of one platform before expanding. John stresses the use of humor, storytelling, understanding the target audience, learning from challenges, and always taking positive actions.
    29m 45s
  • That Will Nevr Work S5E42 “Love at First Site: Mastering the Art of Audience Romance in Digital Marketing with Jennifer Tamborski"

    31 MAY 2024 · It is crucial understanding one’s brand and target audience in when crafting a successful marketing. A digital marketing strategist guest emphasizes that a brand is not what the business claims but rather what the audience perceives. It underscores the importance of tailoring communication to meet the audience’s preferences, drawing a parallel to understanding love languages and the concept of “dating your ideal client” to identify those who are both enjoyable to work with and capable of affording services. The discussion includes the necessity of aligning service offerings and price points with the target audience’s needs and financial capabilities, suggesting a focus on delivering value that justifies charges. Moreover, they explore charging based on the value provided, adjusting services to what clients can afford, and transitioning service models to better align with personal interests and preferred client profiles. It details consulting packages designed for micro business owners and larger revenue businesses, introducing the concept of “fractional” roles to offer expertise without the full-time expense. The importance of clear messaging, effective marketing strategies, and the risks of over-reliance on social media platforms are discussed. Diversifying communication channels, such as email lists, is recommended to mitigate these risks. Traditional marketing strategies are considered, with an emphasis on their effectiveness depending on the product or service offered. The text advocates for creating a marketing funnel to guide potential clients through the journey to purchase, using major retail stores’ funnels as examples. Jennifer Tamborski requests that the audience listens to her podcast, Marketing Matchmaker, as a resource for further learning about marketing strategies, ending the discussion with a playful sign-off. This summary encapsulates the text’s comprehensive exploration of modern marketing strategies, focusing on audience understanding, value-based pricing, strategic communication, and the integration of various marketing channels to build a strong, recognizable brand.
    24m 29s
  • That Will Nevr Work S5E41 “Designing to Impress: Mastering the Art of Storytelling and Graphic Design in Presentations with Danielle Hennis"

    29 MAY 2024 · Danielle Hennis highlights the crucial role of graphic design and storytelling in enhancing presentations, with a focus on creating visually compelling narratives that resonate with audiences. It stresses the importance of avoiding text-heavy slides and using storytelling to make complex concepts engaging and memorable. Key elements such as color, font, and typography are emphasized for their impact on audience attention and perception, underscoring the need for design choices that align with the message’s content for better legibility and comprehension. The discussion also covers strategies for managing presentation anxiety, including exercise, breathing exercises, and therapy, along with the significance of understanding the audience to communicate effectively without jargon. Simplicity in slide design is advocated to maintain audience focus, and resources like the book “Designing for Nondesigners” are recommended for learning basic design principles. The text challenges the traditional multimedia effect by suggesting that remote presentations can be more memorable than hybrid ones if they focus on storytelling and clearly communicate the significance of the content. Structuring presentations effectively by creating outlines, focusing on one idea per slide, and being selective with data and images to enhance storytelling are recommended practices. Tips for transitioning from virtual to in-person presentations include practicing in small settings and utilizing speaker notes. The necessity of rehearsing presentations multiple times to ensure smooth delivery is emphasized, along with where to find presentation coaching services offered by Danielle Hennes, who provides actionable tips and workshops to improve presentation skills.
    27m 48s
  • That Will Nevr Work S5E40 “Leading Through Storms: Dr. Judy Morley on the Timeless Traits of Transformative Leadership”

    27 MAY 2024 · In the podcast, the host introduces Dr. Judy Morley, a seasoned coach, speaker, author, and entrepreneur with over two decades of leadership experience. Dr. Judy shares her insights on the pivotal role of leadership in achieving success, drawing from historical instances such as the Civil War to illustrate how effective leadership can offset other shortcomings. She stresses that leadership is indispensable for organizations, especially during times of adversity like mergers, shifts in leadership roles, or global crises. Through the discussion, several key traits of successful leaders are identified, including persistence, vision, and the capacity to unite people behind common goals. The conversation also delves into the importance of patience, clear communication, and optimism in leadership, while also recognizing the necessity of confronting challenges realistically, as encapsulated in the Stockdale Paradox. Further, the dialogue highlights the need for leaders to have a strong belief in themselves and their vision, suggesting various ways to reinforce this belief through support systems, learning from success stories, and embracing change. Emphasizing the constant nature of change, as noted by Heraclitus, the podcast points out the importance of adapting to new circumstances, like technological advancements, to stay relevant and progress. Leaders are encouraged to maintain a balance between preserving effective traditions and exploring innovative approaches, with an overarching theme of continual learning and self-improvement. The episode wraps up with information on how to reach Dr. Judy for coaching and underscores the value of intuition and simplicity in making decisions, favoring multiple options for flexibility.
    24m 25s
  • That Will Nevr Work S5E39 “Defying Destiny: Unlocking the Entrepreneur Within - Shattering Myths with Erin Craske"

    24 MAY 2024 · On the “That Will Nevr Work” podcast, Erin, an award-winning strategist, delves into the misconception that people are inherently destined to be either employees or entrepreneurs. She argues that societal conditioning, rather than genetics, shapes these roles and emphasizes the power of individual choice and mindset in pursuing entrepreneurial paths. The conversation covers the detrimental effects of limiting beliefs and societal conditioning on personal growth and career choices, advocating for a mindset shift to overcome self-doubt and external obstacles. Erin stresses the importance of challenging negative feedback, redefining self-imposed labels, and surrounding oneself with supportive individuals to foster personal growth and empowerment. The discussion also highlights the necessity of hard work, effort, and dedication to achieve success, debunking the myth that talent alone is sufficient. It underscores the role of passion and motivation in finding resilience and satisfaction in one’s endeavors, suggesting that enjoyment in what one does can lead to a fulfilling community and an effortless life. The concept of effortless living is explored as changing perspectives rather than the absence of challenges, with the first step being to embrace authenticity. Erin advocates for liberating oneself from fears and limiting beliefs by rebelling against unsatisfactory lives and focusing on internal change. This involves accepting oneself, uncovering true potential, and training the mind to foster positive change towards living authentically and prioritizing personal growth. The conversation concludes with an emphasis on breaking free from past conditioning to choose a path aligned with one’s desires, and an invitation to engage further with the podcast and its social media channels.
    27m 42s

Join the ranks of inspired entrepreneurs worldwide by tuning in to "The TWNW Show," an award-winning podcast that stands among the top 10% globally. Hosted by serial entrepreneur Maurice Chism,...

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Join the ranks of inspired entrepreneurs worldwide by tuning in to "The TWNW Show," an award-winning podcast that stands among the top 10% globally. Hosted by serial entrepreneur Maurice Chism, this captivating show features thought-provoking conversations with remarkable individuals, offering invaluable insights and influential concepts in the realms of business and entrepreneurship. As the host of "That Will Nevr Work Podcast," Maurice Chism shares motivational tips and valuable resources to empower entrepreneurs on their journey to success. With its rapidly growing popularity, the podcast is making waves internationally, particularly in Denmark and Canada, where it's climbing the charts on Apple Podcasts. Subscribe now and become part of our thriving community of entrepreneurs, gaining inspiration and practical wisdom to elevate your business to new heights!
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