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  • Giulia Millanta - Smart, Pensive and Cool in Four Languages

    22 MAY 2024 · What does a Florence, Italy transplant in Austin, Texas have in common with a community radio dj in Kansas City? Turns out a connection to the first man on the Moon, Neil Armstrong.  Listen to this episode of the Tasty Brew Music Podcast to learn the details.  A creative and prolific artist, Giulia has released a number of solo albums, touring nationally throughout the USA and internationally. An accomplished guitarist, Giulia also plays ukulele and sings in four languages. She has been called smart, pensive and cool credited with psychedelic grooveability whilst “baring her clairvoyant soul” to “deliver musical mojo.” I am in awe of female artists who travel the world solo… it is not for the faint of heart.  The dedication must be steadfast and the nerves of steel.  Millanta’s newest record Only Luna Knows  and her cookbook ‘Dinner with Giulia” – Flavors, Songs and Stories of a Florentine Troubadour are available now! Enjoy my conversation with singer songwriter and lucid dreamer … Giulia Millanta. 
    28m 26s
  • Liz and Nilko/Tipps and Obermiller - Folk Alliance 2024 Takeover Episode 3

    19 MAY 2024 · The final installment of the 2024 Folk Alliance International Conference Takeover of the Tasty Brew Music Radio Show spotlights two musical and life partner duos… Liz and Nilko of New York City and Tipps and Obermiller of Fort Worth, Texas.  First up Liz and Nilko, a New York City based “Latin Americana” duo combining and celebrating the music of their backgrounds… Appalachia and the Andes Mountains.   LIZ CHIDESTER is a critically acclaimed and award winning Americana singer/songwriter, actor, teaching artist, and ukulelist.  Since his 2009 Carnegie Hall solo debut, multi-faceted touring artist Nilko Andreas has been performing for audiences on three continents as an internationally awarded classical guitarist, Composer, Actor, Music Director and singer. The goal is to have their harmonies contribute to the healing of the Americas. They have performed at different festivals around the US including the Folk Alliance International Festival in Kansas City, NJ Uke Fest, and the Lavender Festival in Charlottesville, VA. When Hilary Tipps and Steve Obermiller met, it took no time at all for these Fort Worth, Texas songwriters to fall in love and start their lives together. It took another decade of trying to create life, deal with death and build careers in teaching and nursing before they wrote their first songs together. Now they are fully invested in their passion for songwriting and performing. They bring a connection of energy and charm unique to a couple dedicated to each other, their music and their audience. Enjoy these conversations and musical interludes with Liz & Nilko and Tipps and Obermiller.
    48m 24s
  • Backyard Betties and Colin Cutler - Folk Alliance 2024 Takeover Episode 2

    19 MAY 2024 · Collaboration and networking are instrumental in whatever success I enjoyed in my former corporate work life and now in my post career volunteer world.  Nancy LaBerge of Calgary’s “Backyard Betties” was introduced to me via email by Linda Wilson, a former radio colleague….giving me the heads up Nancy and her group would be coming to Kansas City for the 2024 Folk Alliance International Conference.  Might there be any broadcast or performance opportunities for the Backyard Betties on the Tasty Brew Music Radio Show?  Of course.  I soon came to know that Nancy, through her affiliation with the Calgary Songsmiths, had already come into my orbit through a songwriting collaboration exercise with our local Heartland Song Network members borne from a prior year’s introduction at Folk Alliance. Joining Nancy LaBerge in three-part harmonies are Pip Hazel and Sarah Nielson on percussion with Mark Cassano on guitar.  The Backyard Betties are exceptionally talented with a strong commitment to connecting with their audiences through songs of love, life and loss while fostering the growth of emerging songwriters in their community.  Colin Cutler, an Army Vet, is a Greensboro, North Carolina-based singer-songwriter, folk musician, poet, and storyteller toting a banjo and guitar. Whether solo or with his band, Hot Pepper Jam, he is a wide-ranging performer whose musical roots draw from the breadth of American folk music—from Appalachian oldtime to blues to gospel to country to rock’n’roll—to form what No Depression has described as “one magnificent tapestry of roots music.”. In the course of curating a private showcase for a Folk Alliance International Conference, it becomes quite daunting to make decisions with so very many talented artists making submissions.  Colin Cutler made the decision easier for me to choose him when his bio revealed his latest work “Tarwater” was based upon the work of Georgia author Flannery O’Connor.  That was enough of a hook to send me down the rabbit hole of his background and discography.  Enjoy my conversations with and in studio performance by Backyard Betties and Colin Cutler.
    48m 13s
  • Folk Alliance 2024 Takeover Episode 1 - Genevieve Racette and Remi Goode

    25 APR 2024 · It always lovely to welcome Montreal’s Genevieve Racette back to the KKFI studios whenever she can make it to Kansas City; this visit was facilitated by Genevieve’s attendance at the 2024 Folk Alliance International Conference.  Please excuse some background construction noise that may be discernible while she and I are having our conversation…Both the street in front of the station and our building itself is under some serious reconstruction to accommodate a street car line extension and new tenants. As a woman in the music industry, Genevieve prioritizes surrounding herself with like-minded women-identifying individuals, taking pride in the fact over 80% of her team consists of woman-identifying musicians and industry members.  She has showcased at prestigious music events such as Folk Alliance, Folk Music Ontario. Americanafest, Canadian Music Week and more.   Her fourth record, “Golden” is set to be released this Fall. Next up in the Folk Alliance 2024 Takeover… Arizona’s Remi Goode is a trained classical guitarist and choral singer turned alternative folk/pop singer-songwriter. When she first decided to put her voice and guitar together and write original music, she quickly developed a style that highlights her careful classical sensibilities, pure vocal quality, and the distinctive sound of a nylon-string guitar. With an affinity for small arrangements and modest production, Remi’s highest priority is lyricism. She writes with blunt honesty and introspection, searching for the root of the dynamics within a relationship or a deeper understanding of her own self-conception. Although Remi’s analysis of herself and others is often unforgiving, her songs always contain a qualifying aspect of emotional ambiguity—an expression of both grief and acceptance at having to navigate a world that isn’t black or white.    Enjoy  these conversations and performances in Episode 1 of the Folk Alliance 2024 Take Over of the Tasty Brew Music Podcast.
    50m 45s
  • Erin Eades - Twang, Angst and Blues!

    20 MAR 2024 · Originally from the mountain state of West Virginia, Eades began making music at the age of 12, when out of boredom her father handed her a 1950's Gibson that had been stored away, waiting for someone to play.   It wasn't long before she began writing songs, recording her first album at age 17 as part of the duo Special Guest.  After a more than decade-long hiatus from music, Eades began playing music again after moving to Kansas City and began her solo career in 2015.   Her music is genuine, and shares bits of her story, drawing from experiences that many find relatable.  Influenced by the strong female singer-songwriters she listened to growing up, including Joni Mitchell, Carole King, and Jewel, she followed their lead and added her own tinges of twang, angst, and blues. I am a fan of her versatility and fluidity between genres and it is always a pleasure just to have a regular conversation with her on any number of given topics.  Erin has played out in public somewhat sparingly since the pandemic but as you’ll hear on this recent visit to the Tasty Brew Music Radio Show, Erin recently released some new music after nearly a 5-year hiatus of publishing any new work and is ramping up her in person footprint to promote the new music that is coming.  It was an honor to air the radio broadcast debut of her new song “Lesser of Two Evils.” Enjoy my conversation with Erin Eades! 
    20m 26s
  • Ben Gage - You Could Use His Company

    9 MAR 2024 · I am so honored when a friend and artist such as songwriter Kelly Hunt recommends a fellow musician to me for consideration.  In the case of songwriter and fellow Buckeye Ben Gage, she could not have been more spot on with her recommendation.    As you will  hear in this conversation and performance on a recent Tasty Brew Music Radio Show, Ben sounded totally at ease and seemingly is a rather comfortable space in his lyrical life.  A couple of corrections to note in my on air comments. The Folk Alliance International Conference for 2025 will be in Montreal not Toronto and although its true Travis Kelce played college ball at the University of Cincinnati, he is in fact from Cleveland.   I love how Ben blends folk and roots blues. I understand how he grew up in the rust belt of Northeast Ohio along the great Lake Erie with roots running  deep alongside hard working Ohio blue collars. His tenacity, love of family, and respect for a long day can be heard in his music.  He now travels the country full time sharing and collecting stories and songs.  Enjoy this episode of the Tasty Brew Music Podcast and be sure and check out Ben’s work and schedule at  
    46m 10s
  • Emma Jo - The Heartland's "Girl Bandit"

    17 FEB 2024 · I met Emma Jo via other songwriting friends in Kansas City and it has been interesting, even instructive, to witness her evolution as a young woman who follows a lyrical life. Raised in Kansas City by a mother who loved country music and a father who breathed rock & roll, Emma Jo has spent the better part of her life latching onto a deep-rooted passion for music and performing. From stealing the spotlight at age four during a local talent show, to learning guitar on an Esteban purchased from an infomercial, to releasing a full-length acoustic album titled Waiting to Be Heard at fifteen, there has not been a moment when she wasn’t living and breathing melody.  I was gratified to learn in this conversation that Emma Jo loves is committed to living and creating here in America’s Heartland.  I knew when I first heard her newest record, “Girl Bandit” I wanted to have her on the radio for a more robust conversation than what I could grab in between or after a set at a local gig.  Ultimately, Girl Bandit is a record that was destined to be written. It serves as not only as documentation of one woman’s search for strength in dark times and her eventual triumph, but as an emotional support record for life changes.   Emma Jo says “I’ve dealt with loss and trauma and pain, just like everyone. Girl Bandit is a record about how I discovered I was living the wrong life, grappled with that, and made the decision to change it – and it’s a call to action to take the first step out of darkness.” I have the privilege of hosting shows on community radio that permits me to play the songs and talk to whomever I want. I take into consideration what may be of interest and entertaining to my listening audience.  I am grateful for the opportunity to memorialize these experiences for the Tasty Brew Music podcast.  Enjoy this conversation and in studio live performance from the Heartland’s own Emma Jo.  
    51m 21s
  • Chilean Folk and Gypsy Jazz with Medicentuna and Daniela Conejero

    2 FEB 2024 · In the Fall of 2023, a contingent of folk and jazz artists from Frutilla, Chile (fru-tee-ya Chill-ay) came to Kansas City as part of a cultural exchange facilitated by The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and their Creative Cities Network.  The Network was created in 2004 to promote cooperation with and among cities that have identified creativity as a strategic factor for sustainable urban development. Almost 300 cities around the world which currently make up this network work together towards a common objective: placing creativity and cultural industries at the heart of their development plans at the local level and cooperating actively at the international level.  To date, Kansas City is the ONLY US City with the UNESCO Creative Cities designation. Martina performing as Medicentuna and Daniela Conejero visited with me at the KKFI studios for a lively conversation  and enchanting on air performance.  Enjoy this unique and captivating episode of the Tasty Brew Music Podcast!
    34m 46s
  • Alicia Stockman - Utah based Folk meets Americana!

    3 DEC 2023 · Alicia Stockman was in Kansas City to play an intimate house concert for the Labyrinth Listening Room Series curated and hosted by fellow music lover Howard Dolginoff.  I happened to be hosting Siren Song on 90.1 FM KKFI that same day and Howard brought Alicia to the studios so we could have a chat and share some tunes with our listeners who were not able to make it to the show. Alicia is a Utah-based folk meets Americana Singer Songwriter whose songs are written like intimate moments that draw listeners into a relatable emotional journey.  You’ll hear that her musical start was in a loud rock and roll band playing cover songs in bars with sticky floors; she eventually broke away to perform her own songs, finding a home in the Americana scene.   Her work sparked the interest of “Nashville’s Americana Queen, and former Tasty Brew Music Podcast guest, Mary Bragg, who began collaborating with and producing Alicia’s album, “Four Walls.”  Enjoy this on air conversation with and musical performance by Alicia Stockman.  
    37m 59s
  • Sarah Lee Guthrie - A Legacy Lyrical Life

    10 OCT 2023 · I’ve been fortunate to see Sarah Lee Guthrie perform on multiple occasions with her family at the annual Woody Guthrie Festival aka Woody fest in Woody’s hometown of Okemah, Oklahoma.  The very first song I remember learning to sing outside of church hymns was Woody’s This Land is Your Land in grade school choir back in the late 1950’s.  When contacted recently by Sarah Lee’s management to gauge any interest in an interview prior to an upcoming Sarah Lee Trio gig in the Kansas City area, I jumped at the chance.  I personally find it a challenge to prepare for a conversation with the descendant of a legacy artist like John Prine or Woody Guthrie; you want to be respectful of the legacy but not dwell on it to the exclusion or minimization of the talent of the artist you are speaking with… but I’m happy to say that most times it is a wonderful experience and Sarah Lee, in this instance, could not have been more gracious and forthcoming. Sarah Lee has been touring with her father Arlo Guthrie right up until he retired a couple of years ago.  She has had folks like Pete Seeger and Ramblin’ Jack Elliott as grandparent figures in her life spending a good many of her Thanksgiving holidays playing Carnegie Hall as part of the annual folk gathering started by the Weavers decades ago. Though her lineage is undeniable, many are drawn to the clarity and soul behind Sarah Lee’s voice.  As her website bio says, you’ll be drawn to the gentle urgency of her interpretation of songs that flows from the continuity of her family, her vital artistic life and the river of songs that have guided her to where she stands how.  Enjoy this conversation with Sarah Lee Guthrie.    
    27m 34s

Conversations and musical interludes with artists, industry professionals and supporters of the Americana/Global Roots Music scene. This podcast is curated by Diana Linn, Member of Folk Alliance International and the...

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Conversations and musical interludes with artists, industry professionals and supporters of the Americana/Global Roots Music scene. This podcast is curated by Diana Linn, Member of Folk Alliance International and the Americana Music Association and Host of the Tasty Brew Music Radio show on 90.1 FM KKFI, Kansas City's Community Radio Station.
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