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    Will Smith and the Shattered Fragments of Black Men

    31 MAR 2022 · How many Black men pretend that they are okay when they are not okay? How many Black men are trying to smile through the pain? How many Black men spend years swallowing down sadness, pretending they are fine? If we are going to construct narratives, let us build narratives that tell Black men that crying isn’t weakness, that hurting is part of being human, that protecting Black women doesn’t always mean violence. Teach Black men that to love anyone, you must love yourself first, and that starts by confronting your past so that you are in a position to love fully, honestly, and openly. I am so tired of seeing Black men in pieces. I am not celebrating the fragments of Black men.
    14m 21s
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    Dear White Women, It's Not You, It's Me. I'm Breaking Up With You!

    17 MAR 2022 · It would have been too much like right for Jane Campion to leave Black women out of her speech. Leave Black Women Alone! As the saying goes, it is not you, it is me. Throughout history up until today, you have always been who you are, and it is my fault for not believing what you showed me. What I want for Black people is liberation and justice. I cannot fight for those things while trying to pull you along. I am breaking up with you!
    15m 10s
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    When It Comes To The Murder of Breonna Taylor, There is No Glass Half Full

    11 MAR 2022 · Why must the road to reform be paved with our bodies, bones, and blood? Why must we fight through rage before we ever get to redemption? There is no silver lining when I look at the murder of Breonna Taylor and the aftermath.
    16m 39s
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    Black Joy Is An Act Of Defiance

    3 MAR 2022 · For 2022 choose your peace. Find your joy. As Black people, we must put boundaries around our joyful moments and protect them at any cost. Do not continue to allow this world to rob you of your joy. You are free to pursue a life of happiness, which doesn’t require White people’s permission. When you pursue something, you chase after it. It requires that you wake up every day and say, “Today, I will seek out joy. Today I will refuse to let racism rob me of my joy.”
    10m 25s
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    Karen Is You

    18 FEB 2022 · Just looking at Karen, she seems harmless. She is often very unassuming and is non-threatening in appearance. While the Karen memes are sweeping across the internet and becoming a part of our lexicon, it is important to note women like Karen are dangerous women.
    12m 44s
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    Love Letter To Black Women

    14 FEB 2022 · It’s difficult sometimes because we know the reality of being Black in America and it easy to forget about things like love and joy and laughter and peace. But we all need those things. Sometimes because the world has been so harsh it is difficult to love and allow yourself to be loved. But you deserved to be loved and loved the right way.
    6m 5s
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    Be Like Bob

    9 FEB 2022 · I challenge you for 24 hours to Be Like Bob. If you catch yourself apologizing for nothing whatsoever, ask yourself, “What would Bob do?” If you want to call your statement stupid before you say it, ask yourself, “What would Bob say?” When someone attempts to steal your idea in a meeting, think, “What would Bob do?” Be Like Bob! Or better yet, be like you in all your magnificence!
    10m 53s
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    I Am Not A Person of Color. I Am Black.

    7 FEB 2022 · Just because we are minorities does not mean that we view our struggles the same. Many Persons of Color are anti-Black. Many minorities will side with a White person if it means they can be near the proximity of Whiteness. I am not a POC. I am Black.
    13m 19s
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    Black Women Do Not Exist To Save You

    7 FEB 2022 · We cannot nurse you through racial discord. We cannot hold your hand through fighting racism because both our hands are too busy fighting to save our lives and family’s lives. Throughout history, we have left breadcrumbs of our resistance. We have written the playbook on how to fight for liberation.
    2m 46s
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    Do Not Move Off The Sidewalk - Holding Your Space In A White World

    5 FEB 2022 · My challenge for Black people and People of Color, particularly Black women and Women of Color, is to hold your space. I challenge you for the next 24-48 hours to be aware of your body in spaces and do not move for a White person or make any apologies for physically occupying any space. You are here! And you belong here!
    17m 30s
Real Talk about racism, politics, and feminism - unfiltered and unapologetic.

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