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Success Made to Last Legends

  • Success with Dr. Noah St. John, legendary author and breakthrough coach leading to $3.2 billion

    21 MAY 2024 · Dr. Noah St. John came from suicide and the darkest moment of his life to helping millions of people breakthrough income ceilings.  He shares his legendary "PH Formula" that became an enabler.  His latest book is "The 7-Figure Effect: Your Ultimate Guide to a Life of More Impact, Influence, and Financial Freedom.  Hear his advice on inner success and outer success that can lead to significance. You will also enjoy his take on speeding up epiphanies.
    26m 24s
  • Legendary Singer and Songwriter Larry Stewart of Restless Heart

    19 MAY 2024 · Though Larry Stewart was exposed to music early on, it was sports that initially captured his attention. After receiving a baseball scholarship to Nashville’s Belmont College, Larry, whose father had passed away from a heart condition, found music as a way to close the gap he was feeling without his dad.“In some ways, I moved to Nashville to live out my father’s dream,” admits Larry Stewart of what was to become his musical destiny. “When I got here, there were all kinds of people who valued musical talent–and I found myself slowly fitting into the music business.”“The way I act is very normal. I just do what I do and let it go at that,” explains the soft-spoken vocalist. “It comes from growing up in a small town where the people respected each other and looked after each other. The values I learned there pretty much shape the way I look at the world around me.“I had a pretty basic childhood. My parents loved me and I was around music from the first day I remember. My dad was a great singer and as I got older, I played piano for him, but I also played a lot of sports. They gave me support with whatever I did. They taught me lessons and gave me the tools to seek my dreams.”“Being in Restless Heart showed me how powerful music can be,” Stewart says, defining his motivations. “I always knew how much it moved me–and there I saw it did the same thing to other people. To me, you need to sing songs for more than yourself. Making records is a privilege. I think you need to find songs that might give people a little insight into their own lives. Or give them words they may not have to tell the people they care for how they’re feeling.
    29m 6s
  • Legendary Actress and Author Roma Downey- Discover Unexpected Blessings

    19 MAY 2024 · Roma Downey is an Emmy-nominated actress, producer and noted author of Box of Butterflies. She gained fame for her role as the kind-hearted angel Monica on the popular network series Touched by An Angel. With her husband, Mark Burnett, she produced the Bible mini series, A.D., The Dovekeepers, and Answered Prayers. For more information, visit @RomaDowney on Facebook or 
    19m 24s
  • Legendary Chanda Bell- Co-CEO of The Lumistella Company- home of The Elf on the Shelf

    11 MAY 2024 · Legendary stories and family tradition can be simple and profound. Such is the case with Elf on the Shelf. Meet Chanda Bell, daughter of a magical Mom that created Elf on the Shelf. Together with her twin sister, they have created Lumistella, Hear about faith, hope and love starting with every child. Through Elf on the Shelf and all the other Northpole characters, an extraordinary magic is preserved. This makes their company timeless and universal.  Visit the most inspiring Chanda at and start your Christmas/Holiday season early with an Elf on Your Shelf. It's a tradition that must be carried forward. 
    32m 39s
  • Legendary College President Barbara "Bobby" Gitenstein debuts Experience is The Angled Road

    10 MAY 2024 · Barbara "Bobby" Gitenstein debuts Experience is the Angled Road, Memoir of an Academic. It's about leadership, not a handbook on how to be a leader.  This show has a surprise element in when Bobby discovers a hat box from her Mom that was full of letters. It helped Bobby remember the smell, touch and sound of her beloved Mom who passed away from Alzheimers.  Hear Bobby's explanation of why we are the sum of our angled road. Listen to the entire journey of Bobby which includes her pursuits in music and why we call her Dr. Adagio...leisurely and thoughtful. 
    32m 54s
  • Legendary, Genius leaders in light- Gilbert and Suzanne Mathews of Lucifer Lighting

    8 MAY 2024 · This conversation is with two genius leaders in the lighting industry. Gilbert and Suzanne Mathews are two of the most intriguing guests on Legends.  Gilbert is from the family that led Frost Brothers, an upscale retailer. Suzanne is a noted art collector and former gallerist.  Their exquisite lighting company started with a diminuative strip light from Switzerland. Gilbert negotiated the rights to market this light in the United States. A friend at Frost Brothers suggested that that call it Lucifer Light which means bearer of light in Latin.  Gilbert and Suzanne collaborated with this starting fixture and began lighting Federated Store, Saks 5th Avenue and the Statue of Liberty store. Next came Windsor Castle, The White House and other elite venues.  Parents of two daughters, now leaders in the business, they have accomplished nothing short of a world class enterprise that is a "lighting practice" constantly improving, constantly designing the next enhancement to architecture.  Talent hits a target that no one can hit. Genius hits a target that no else can see.  Gilbert and Suzanne are geniuses in the "lighting practice."  Visit 
    43m 14s
  • Rick Kaufman and Glenn Allen, Legendary authors of Played: The Games of the 1936 Olympics

    8 MAY 2024 · Legendary storytellers Rick Kaufman and Glenn Allen riff about their seminal book and upcoming series Played: The Games of the 1936 Berlin Olympics. They tell heartbreaking stories that help us conclude that the 1936 Olympics was the most significant games of all time.  They have written this important book through the lens of historians, weaving important people and details together to tell the bigger story.  The mentors of Rick and Glenn are no less than Ron Howard, President Bill Clinton, and Jonathan Demme. Both were taught to trust their own instincts.  Purchase the book today and enjoy reading about American Olympic Committee President Avery Brundage, unmoved by the new Nazi regime's anti-Jewish doctrines. He leads the fight to participate in the 1936 Berlin Games after much debate of a U.S. boycott. Brundage desperately wants to be on the International Olympic Committee. If he doesn't get the Americans to Berlin, he can kiss that dream goodbye. When the vote is decided in Brundage’s favor, AP Sports Editor, Alan J. Gould, friend and champion of the athletes, travels to Berlin to cover all of the “games” being played. Through his eyes we see the machinations of Brundage’s complicity with the Nazis, the tenacity of the proud American athletes, and the extreme pressure from the Nazis on their German athletes. Their stories, heartbreaking and tragic, give rise to feats of heroism that go beyond the playing field. PLAYED is a cauldron of politics, sports, espionage and courage. Along the way we meet some of the most famous people of the time; Mae West, Charlie Chaplin, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Joseph Goebbels, Leni Riefenstahl, Eva Braun and the madman himself, 
    40m 26s
  • Success Legends with Paul Jensen-Executive Producer Texas Media Production Alliance

    3 MAY 2024 · Paul Jensen, former Navy Pilot, Film Producer, native of Philly, leads The Texas Media Production Alliance (TXMPA).  He is THE industry advocate for increased creative media production in Texas serving since 2006.  Hear Paul's tips on raising funds for independent filmmaking. When you have a unique Texas story, that's a huge leg up. Native Texans will "find a way" to help you get your film made. Give them a chance to brag about Texas and thtey will accelerate your project.   Visit and support this very influential group of advocates TODAY.
    20m 40s
  • Entrepreneur Jordan Sakala, Founder of Laborhutt, CU Grad, Navy Veteran, building enterprises based on community

    30 APR 2024 · Hear the story of Jordan Sakala, Navy veteran, University of Colorado graduate, entrepreneur.  He hails from Zambia where he was defined by exploring, community and keen sense of discernment.  Jordan came to the US at nine years of age. Being open to what life brings you is a valued skill from his home country.  Jordan's latest venture is, a self funded community based company that identifies people in need of moving furniture. Laborhutt finds available people with trucks who are willing to spend their time and truck to help others, all for a fee.  Discover and support Jordan's company. 
    33m 8s
  • Legendary Author and Futurist Kim Scott of Radical Candor debuting Radical Respect

    23 APR 2024 · Come out of denial, laugh at yourself, get radically candid with YOU. Enjoy best selling author Kim Scott. Debuting Radical Respect, the prequel to the best selling, brilliant book Radical Candor.  Kim is a consummate team buiilder, collaborator and has successfully operationalized radical candor through out the client base of Just Work, a company co-founded by Jason Rosoff. She was a member of the faculty at Apple University and before that, led AdSense, YouTube, and DoubleClick teams at Google.  Hear about what gets in the way of radical respect? Bias, Prejudice and Bullying are the big three behaviors.  Boil it down to bias is unconscience, prejudice is meaning it, and bullying is just being mean regardless of conscious or unconsciousness.  Listen to the story of Kim's dog. It's the memorable tale that differentiates between being clear versus being mean.  Buy all of Kim's books, but most importantly, be radically respectful with radical candor. 
    32m 17s

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