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Success Made to Last Legends

  • Legendary Author and Futurist Kim Scott of Radical Candor debuting Radical Respect

    23 APR 2024 · Come out of denial, laugh at yourself, get radically candid with YOU. Enjoy best selling author Kim Scott. Debuting Radical Respect, the prequel to the best selling, brilliant book Radical Candor.  Kim is a consummate team buiilder, collaborator and has successfully operationalized radical candor through out the client base of Just Work, a company co-founded by Jason Rosoff. She was a member of the faculty at Apple University and before that, led AdSense, YouTube, and DoubleClick teams at Google.  Hear about what gets in the way of radical respect? Bias, Prejudice and Bullying are the big three behaviors.  Boil it down to bias is unconscience, prejudice is meaning it, and bullying is just being mean regardless of conscious or unconsciousness.  Listen to the story of Kim's dog. It's the memorable tale that differentiates between being clear versus being mean.  Buy all of Kim's books, but most importantly, be radically respectful with radical candor. 
    32m 17s
  • Success Legends Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of World Emblem- Hear the triumphant story of the Founder's Son

    15 APR 2024 · Inside the story of World Emblem is the tale of perserverance, courage, overcoming the odds and tenaciousness.  The company's zero moment of truth came when the founder called his son Randy with the news that the company was closing. Together as a family, they started over again and built an enterprise that today, produces over 1 million emblems and patches every single day.  Hear Randy's zero of moment when his son survived a car accident leaving him in a perilous position.  This podcast has triumph embroidered on it.  Visit to engage with this great company.
    28m 4s
  • Success to Significance Legends with Kimberly Paley and Chef Vitaly Paley

    9 APR 2024 · Kimberly met Vitaly. The Paley's partnership started in New York City. She was a professional dancer. He a talented musician that attended Julliard. His family had immigrated from Russia. To make ends meet, both worked in the restaurant industry. There they met and envisoned a future marriage.   Moved to France for a year to train as a Michelin two star restaurant. Kimberly worked the front and Vitaly was in the kitchen. Married in December 1988, they just celebrated their 35th anniversary.  Restaurants united them. Using knowledge to master the cullnary skills, they eventually opened up their own restaurant in Portland.  Wineries opened, the source of food was extraordinary.  Now, they are letting the next generation that they mentored, take over the reins. It was a rewarding 27 years of running their own enterprises.  Listen to the Paleys talk about PAUSING. Through James Beard awards and winning the Iron Chef, they pause to reflect on lives of significance. 
    39m 23s
  • Success to Significance Legends with Stew Redwine of Oxford Road and Host of Ad Infinitum Podcast

    6 APR 2024 · Stew Redwine provides such a clear vision for podcasting and podcasters with "love thy audience."  He optimistly predicts explosive growth for podcasting because of the backlash of anti-screens. He opines that it's okay to listen to content, but it's not okay to over expose your children to too much screen time.  Hear Stew's unique perspective on sonic branding and the importance of sound. He talks about the linkage of sound to emotion and how sound makes you feel.  Enjoy the conversation, especially on significance. Stew talks about helping others and reflects on his own personal relationships that are altered by giving.  To learn more about Oxford Road, visit We are surrounded by advertising. Admire advertising and benefit from it with Oxford Road Podcasting Agency.
    38m 27s
  • Success Made to Last with Maisie Ganzler- Author, Advocate and Strategist with Bon Appetit Management Company

    4 APR 2024 · Legendary leader and author Maisie Ganzler graces our studio and riffs about her book "You Can't Market Manure at Lunchtime: And Other Lessons from the Food Industry for Creating a More Sustainable Company.  During Maisie's 30 year tenure at Bon Appetit Management Company, she shaped the overall strategic direction, especially in her years as Chief Strategy and Brand Officer. The daughter of two non-profit leaders, the rebellious girl from a bohemian home turned out to be a leading advocate.  Witness her TED Talk "How the Humane Sausage Gets Made."  Enjoy this illuminating conversation and buy the book. 
    34m 6s
  • The 2023-24 Blazy Awards Hosted by Kent Blazy, Hall of Fame Songwriter

    2 APR 2024 · The Blazy Awards are presented annually to outstanding musicians and songwriters, celebrating their success and significance over the past year. The theme of this year's event Be Inspired. Kent Blazy, Hall of Fame Songwriter, host this awards program that features Song of the Year, Album of the Year, The Blazy's Newcomer of the Year, Musician of the Year, Sound Engineer of the Year, Duet of the Year, and The Blazy Lifetime Achievement Award. Please visit to become a candidate for The Blazy Newcomer of the Year.
    25m 54s
  • Success to Significance with Legendary TV Pioneers Doug Momary and Emmy Jo from New Zoo Revue

    28 MAR 2024 · We all have our heroes. Two of mine are Doug Momary and Emmy Joe, the stars and pioneers of the hit children's television series The New Zoo Revue.  Hear the genesis of the series, the bean bag frog named Freddie, the support of Mattel, the supporting cast, the birth of children, the journey of 196 shows supported by over 600 original songs.  Doug and Emmy Joe are so gracious, so kind, so loving. Their focus on kindness and relationships back to 1970, had stickiness. The series was syndicated into the 1990's and has now gained renewed interests with the next generation.  Enjoy this magical conversation with two beautiful people that had a simple, profound idea that has enduring positive impact to this day.
    36m 16s
  • Success Made to Last Author's Corner with Nina Roesner- The Respect Dare

    28 MAR 2024 · Nina Roesner is a national treasure! She has led countless women through a practical and life-changing journey, and in The Respect Dare she offers readers the hope that so many others have found. Day by day, true stories and thought-provoking questions will help readers apply biblical wisdom to the most important relationship in their life. Enjoy this thought provoking author and speaker Nina Roesner as she guides you through 40 days of deepening your connection with God and your husband by simply shifting the way you think about one key area of relationships--unconditional respect. In The Respect Dare , Nina shares true stories and thought-provoking questions that will help you apply biblical wisdom to the most important relationship in your life. This book is filled with stories of struggle and success, and many practical applications of respect that have dramatically changed marriages across the globe for the better. Nina has already led countless women through this practical and life-changing journey, and in The Respect Dare , Nina addresses the most common questions shes received over the years: How can I foster a culture of respect with my spouse? What does it mean to honor God through marriage? How can my relationship with God impact my marriage? Experience the meaningful intimacy God intended and discover what he can do in your heart and in your marriage when you choose to show respect his way.
    36m 15s
  • Success to Significance with Esther Seigel and Spencer Brewer Legendary Pioneers of Assemblage Art

    28 MAR 2024 · Legends are made when they create breakthrough concepts that people can relate to and start playing with themselves.  Enjoy this exclusive conversation with Esther Seigel and Spencer Brewer, an extraordinary husband and wife collaboration that have pioneered the movement of assemblage art. What has been the real discovery?  Assemblage art creates more play time. It also creates a zero judgement zone for couples. Now that's a legendary outcome. 
    40m 11s
  • Success Made to Last with Author and Comedy Writer Richard Sparks- "New Rock, New Role"

    20 MAR 2024 · You know Richard Sparks through the brilliant creation of the "Schoolmaster" routine presented by his friend Rowan Atkinson.  Today, Richard is now writing his fifth Sci-Fi book that blends the gaming world and epic fantasy. Showing his keen sense of humor, the main character is an elderly gamer.  Enjoy this conversation, live from LA. Learn about Richard Sparks as a lyricist, librettist, TV writer and director.  This is one great storyteller that respects open space giving the audience loose space to take a journey. 
    38m 13s

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