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Strange and Dreadful Things

  • Remastered: The Great Audubon Flood of 1958

    22 JUN 2024 · In this remastered version of an earlier episode: In 1958, a legendary flood struck western Iowa that would claim many, and would forever change the lives of all those who survived.
    Played 13m 46s
  • The Night Watchman of Lake Hope Furnace

    13 JUN 2024 · The Lake Hope Furnace has stood for over one-hundred years, a remnant of the former thriving iron industry in southern Ohio. But its more than a historical monument. The furnace is the home of one of Ohio's most famous urban legends: The Night Watchman of Lake Hope Furnace. 
    Played 6m 31s
  • Howard Long Accused by Young Girls in Iowa

    5 JUN 2024 · In 1937, Howard Long had a good life - a good wife, his own business, and a stable income during the Great Depression. All of that came to sudden halt when he was arrested and thrown in a jail cell with three other men. Right away he wanted to know why he was there. When he was told, he couldn't hardly speak. Several young girls had accused him doing the unthinkable. 
    Played 14m 6s
  • Remastered: Loving Henry

    23 MAY 2024 · In this remastered edition of an earlier podcast: In 1907, henry Warren walked into a local newspaper and placed an ad for a wife. He became a sensation, and was dubbed 'Loving Henry.' But under his charming good looks he was harboring a dark secret that would take decades to reveal itself. 
    Played 10m 59s
  • STRANGE: The Franklin Hotel

    7 MAY 2024 · Strawberry Point is known for being home to the world's largest strawberry. But what many people don't know is that it's also home to the Franklin Hotel, a 150-year-old hotel and event venue that has the spirit of a 1920's prostitute still wandering the halls. 
    Played 9m 34s
  • The Diamond Coal Mining Disaster of 1883

    19 APR 2024 · In February 1883, dozens of men and boys descended into the depths of the Illinois prairie to mine coal. By noon, the pump man saw water rising in the mine tunnels. Little did he know that something was horribly wrong. In a matter of minutes, a third of the men in the mine that day would meet a terrible end in what would become one of the worst coal mining accidents in Illinois history. 
    Played 15m 40s
  • Mabel Moore: The Bride Abandoned for Revenge

    5 APR 2024 · Mabel Moore had just gone to St. Louis with her new husband, Arthur. After just a few days and one bad argument, he left her stranded there. Abandoned in a strange city, Mabel turned to the unthinkable. When police investigated later, what seemed like a straightforward story became unbelievably bizarre. 
    Played 9m 29s
  • Carol Eberle: Death by Wedding Dress?

    18 MAR 2024 · Carol Eberle was getting married, and she was overjoyed. But no one else really was. Something had happened just a few weeks before that had soured several people toward Carol in their small North Dakota town. She didn't care one bit what they thought, but sometimes karma has a way of catching up with people. 
    Played 14m 53s
  • Swift Runner: Murderer and Cannibal

    3 MAR 2024 · Swift Runner and his family journeyed into the Canadian wilderness in 1878 for the winter. Only Swift Runner emerged the following spring. He said that his entire family starved to death, but there was something off about his story. When police investigated, one of the most infamous tales of murder and cannibalism in Canadian history was revealed.
    Played 23m 23s
  • Why Did the Farmer Try to Shoot the Deputy?

    10 FEB 2024 · Henry Kuehl was just trying to do his job. On a warm January night, he rode out to a rural Iowa farm to help settle a dispute between the farmer and his landlord. The night started off normal enough, but soon degeneratedinto an evening that Kuehl would never forget.
    Played 6m 37s
Strange and Dreadful Stories of True Crime, Dark History, and the Paranormal that your grandma didn’t want you to hear.

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