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  • Cathy Huang with Applause on Automation Balance and Testing's Future

    9 APR 2020 · Hello friends - in this episode we have an in-depth conversation with Cathy Huang from long-time sponsor and supporter of STP, Applause ( Specifically we learn from Cathy's customer feedback and experiences around automation strategy, artificial intelligence and some possible new capabilities coming to the Applause solutions. Thank you for listening and please consider giving us a rating and review online wherever you listening to this podcast.
    44m 21s
  • Jennifer Bonine on Disruption, AI and Beach Parties

    6 MAR 2020 · We welcome back to the show the co-founder and CEO of PinkLion.AI Jennifer Bonine to discuss her upcoming trifecta of a workshop, a session, and a keynote at STPCon in San Diego, California - March 30 - April 2. But please, don't be surprised if you hear Jennifer talk about her world-wide participation in global development projects, socially responsible initiatives, and the future of what we do as testers and quality analysts in the 4th industrial revolution. Learn more about Jennifer's participation in STPCon at and more about PinkLion business at
    51m 17s
  • Paul Merrill on Woodworking and Drones

    3 MAR 2020 · Paul Merrill is CEO and Principal Software Engineer in Test of Beaufort Fairmont Test Automation Services. He is also an incredibly ingenious tester, developer and teacher on the subjects of quality and test automation. We had a far-reaching conversation on topics from testing, DevOps, woodworking, and shoes. Learn more about Paul's upcoming keynote, session, and workshop at
    48m 28s
  • Nancy Kelln on Risk-Based Test Reporting and Robots

    21 FEB 2020 · STP Radio welcomes Nancy Kelln back to the show, where we chat about her upcoming workshop and session at the Spring 2020 Software Test Professionals Conference in San Diego at the end of March. Nancy is a fantastic teacher and speaker, and this year she's going to include robots in her workshop. Real, honest-to-goodness, robots. Don't miss it! Learn more at
    30m 48s
  • Leandro Melendez on Transport Level Data Correlation and So Much More

    13 FEB 2020 · Leandro Melendez (a.k.a. Señor Performo) joins us for a pretty in-depth conversation about his upcoming performance workshop in which he helps people to learn one of the hardest and most complex part so performance test scripting: transport level data correlation. Wow! Leandro has been a lead consultant for Qualitest ( for more than 10 years and travels the world-over assisting their customers with performance testing and engineering initiatives. Register for STPCON here:
    39m 25s
  • Melissa Tondi on Agile Test Strategy

    31 OCT 2019 · In this episode of STPRadio I catch up with agile testing guru Melissa Tondi at the recent STPCON Conference held in Boston, MA. Melissa shares some insights about her fantastic workshop on agile testing management and strategy, her session on modern testing and even the future of her session proposals for STPCON Spring 2020 in San Diego. New England clam chowder for the win! Visit to learn more!
    27m 12s
  • Kirk Walton and tapQA

    10 OCT 2019 · At the recent STPCON in Boston, MA I had a chance to catch up with Kirk Walton of tapQA - a fantastic bunch of test consulting gurus from my home state of Minnesota here in the Mid-west of the USA. We chatted about hot trends in customer demands of testing, the future of our practices and approaches and we both agreed that broomball is not actually a sport. Learn more about tapQA at their website:
    36m 10s
  • Live from STPCon Fall 2019

    26 SEP 2019 · It's happened again, on this time Señor Performo Leandro Melendez joins us as we celebrate 10 years of STPCON here in Boston. In this episode, as usual, we have audience participation sharing testimonials from the conference, a heart-warming New of The Damned story, celebration of Dot Graham's lifetime achievement and planes flying overhead! Learn more at!
    1h 11m 37s
  • Catch up with Diego Molina from Sauce Labs

    25 SEP 2019 · Hola Software Test Professionals! This is an interview with attendee Diego Molina from Sauce Labs with our guest host Leandro Melendez. They had a great conversation about general test automation, new innovations from Sauce Labs and the STPCON conference here in Boston. The entire interview is in Español (Spanish) so for the English speaking audience, you might skip this one! Estamos en la #STPCon y nos topamos a nuestro amigo Diego Molina! Aprovechamos para platicar con el literalmente secuestrandolo y entrevistandolo! Nos cuenta su trayectoria y movimientos en el mundo del testin con recomendaciones para los amigos Latinos y de habla
    59m 22s
  • Get Right with Robin Goldsmith

    19 SEP 2019 · Returning to STPCON this Fall 2019 is Robin Goldsmith, the president of the SQGNE - one of the longest running communities in New England. Robin is going to share the teachings from his forthcoming book "Write Right Agile User Story and Acceptance Test Requirements Right" - we had a delightful conversation packed with information for anyone visiting the Boston area for the first time. Learn more about Robin's session here:
    46m 25s

STP Radio is brought to you from the community of Software Test Professionals to showcase contemporary software testing topics, techniques, tools, practices and thought leaders from the industry. More information...

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STP Radio is brought to you from the community of Software Test Professionals to showcase contemporary software testing topics, techniques, tools, practices and thought leaders from the industry. More information can be found at:
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