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  • EPISODE 48 | 5 tips for better meetings.

    16 DEC 2022 · It's no ones favourite subject on the podcast today... meetings. Not many people love them, but most of us spend a good deal of our lives in them, so listen for top tips on how to make meetings matter.
    27m 31s
  • EPISODE 47 | It's time we had a catch up!

    9 SEP 2022 · It's been a little while since our last episode, so it's time we had a catch up! We talk about the break from squeeze, whats changed for us at iManage, and what's coming next.
    19m 46s
  • Episode 46 (High functioning teams with Piers Thynne at McLaren Racing)

    23 JUL 2021 · Its been a while since our last episode, but today we are bringing you something a little different… and if you’re a fan of motor sport like bob and I, something a little bit special… We're talking to Operations Director of the McLaren Racing team, Piers Thynne.
    30m 38s
  • Episode 45 (Self control)

    23 FEB 2021 · What if self control was our super power. So finally tuned that we knew exactly when to exercise it, but also when to go with instinct and impulse. That would be pretty useful. For most of us self control is something we could do with developing. Today we talk about four strategies for improving your self control.
    46m 54s
  • Episode 44 (The terrible cost of not giving yourself a chance)

    2 FEB 2021 · What is your relationship with risk? Are you somebody who values the chance to make a bold decision and put something on the line, or do you operate exclusively in the realm of near certainty, finding your comfort in knowing. Today we explore these ideas and the upsides and downsides to both ends of the spectrum. Enjoy the podcast, I’ll catch you on the other side.
    38m 49s
  • Episode 43 (Turning dissatisfaction into action)

    16 DEC 2020 · Many of us have areas of our lives that we are dissatisfied in, but many times we don’t move from that space of dissatisfaction into action. Why not? Today we explore the idea of executing and making things happen in your life.
    41m 36s
  • Episode 42 (Resilience)

    10 NOV 2020 · As the second national lockdown begins Will and Bob talk to us about resilience. The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties has to be one of the most valuable traits in the current climate, both professionally and personally. So today we draw from the example of Lucy Hone to draw out three critical elements of resilience.
    44m 21s
  • Episode 41 (The new normal)

    5 OCT 2020 · We’ve avoided talking too much about COVID on this podcast although it’s impossible to ignore the business and behavioural implications of COVID as we talk about other things, but given our most recent Boris speech which seemed to increase the duration of covid related limitations, today we talk about the new normal, how we are all coping with it, and what we have learned 6 months into these huge changes.
    45m 9s
  • Episode 40 (Becoming an intreprenuer)

    21 SEP 2020 · Well we are back after our summer pause, I hope you were all able to have some kind of break over the summer despite all of the limitations. In this episode we are talking about what it means to be an intreprenuer, that is an entrepreneur within an organisation.
    56m 10s
  • Episode 39 (Supporting innovation)

    27 JUL 2020 · “There is a way to do it better, find it.” So said Thomas Edison, potentially the greatest American inventor of all time. Innovation is the secret sauce for most organisations doing business today, and failure to innovate is demonstrably linked to failure to grow, and even to the death of some companies altogether. So how well is your organisation supporting innovation from the inside?
    36m 34s

Hello and welcome to Squeeze, a management training podcast designed to help squeeze the best out of you. Each Monday our experts in behavioural training, Bob Bannister and Will Karlsen,...

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Hello and welcome to Squeeze, a management training podcast designed to help squeeze the best out of you. Each Monday our experts in behavioural training, Bob Bannister and Will Karlsen, sit down to discuss personal effectiveness, helping you to fine tune your management and leadership skills. From
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