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Sporting Good Posture

  • Weight Loss Slackers, Principle Strickland Says DISCIPLINE!

    10 MAY 2024 · You can't be a slacker when it comes to weight loss! But, how do you avoid slacking when trying to lose weight? Why is it so hard to slim down and get fit? In all 3 Back to the Future movies, Principle Strickland (and Sherriff Strickland) had it all figured out: DISCIPLINE! And he wasn't wrong. Often, people aren't reallly slackers and don't lack motivation, and even have a great capacity for discipline. But without this one factor of discipline itself, none of what you do matters, no matter how motivated you are, no matter how hard you try. Sound familiar? Want to know what this factor is? It's so powerful it took Coach Frank 12 minutes to describe and the simplicity of it is astounding. That's right... it's EASY and SIMPLE to achieve the proper discipline to get to the ideal you, only if you know this one magic factor. And you'll learn it, all inside of 15 minute run time. So, adjust the volume, get comfortable for the next 15 minutes, because your future is going to change. Healthy weight and fit, ideal and optimum body performance are just ahead. Tune in, listen and learn how now!
    15m 37s
  • Bulging Discs More Common Than You Think, Coach Frank & Producer Frank Discuss Theirs

    25 APR 2024 · The bulging discs people are walking around with are so subtle, even when they're in pain, they would never suspect, unless they know this... Join us for this very special episode of Sporting Good Posture where I get my show producer Frank Sardella on the air with me and we discuss our surprise bulging disc cases that went so undetected, we didn't even know we had them, but when we found out, it explained even the non-chronic pain and stress we carry in our neck, shoulders and back. Find out what we're doing about it and why noting the subtle symptoms is key to screening yourself for any early warning signs to avoid them altogether or catch them before they become a real problem! Tune in now and find out!
    37m 53s
  • Triggers of Weight Gain AND Weight Loss and Control Them!

    12 APR 2024 · Have you ever wondered what makes the body gain weight? Is it eating fat and accumulating it? NO! It's a trigger and that trigger either makes your body go into the fat production business, making it a fat factory and storage facility, or it triggers fat burning. Can you learn to control the switch? You can if you know this secret. Learn in 7 minutes time howto turn off fat production and turn on fat burning. Wouldn't that be worth it? I think so too! Tune in and learn, now!
    9m 42s
  • Your Workstation Doesn't Cause the Stress You Carry

    12 FEB 2024 · If Work Stress Doesn't Actually Come From Work, Where Does It Come From? Do you carry stress in your shoulders, neck or back? Do you blame your workstation? Do you sometimes work from home and find it uncomfortable? Well here's another question to ask, though you may think it unrelated: What is your overall posture like? Are you sporting good posture or something you'd rather not talk about? Thousands are spent each year on employee sit stand desks yet people still complain of stress they carry, try to relieve it with sit-stand desks, posture chairs, cushions, yoga, massage and the like. All to no avail. Listen for 15 minutes to posture lecturer and professional screener, as well as creater and producer of the Sporting Good Posture digital radio show, Frank Sardella, as he explains the research he did on over 50,000 people just like you and what your own person posture has to do with some of the workstation issues you're having and how you can change it too! Tune in now!
    24m 31s
  • How to Get Slow or Stuck Weight Loss Up to 88 MPH!

    12 SEP 2023 · NO FLUX CAPAICITOR REQUIRED, but you're going to go back to the future of your ideal weight, in an alternate timeline of health where you reach your weight loss goals faster than ever, where weight loss kicks in immediately and where you lose weight before and during the Holidays, WAY BEFORE you ever get to New Year's Day! No resolutions required, just 10 minutes to listen to the secret of how it's been happening for so many several years in a row now, losing all the weight they imagined and more, reaching goals before New Year's and cruisnig into next year with higher aspirations and way more choices! Want to join in? Listen in now!
    10m 23s
  • The Sinister Dead-End to Health and Fitness, How to Get Aounrd It

    29 JUL 2023 · Have you been diagnosed with something and been convinced to live with it? Do health conditions you have to "live with stand in your way? Ever wonder if there is anything beyond the label of diagnosis? Well there is plenty if you just ask one question after discovering what you suffer from: WHY? And this key question asked enough times leads to an answer you wouldn't have otherwise known was there! Want to know what this sinister dead-end is and how to break through it to a better quality of life, ideal health, an optimum body and total wellness? Listen in to this short lesson and find out now what it is and what you can do about it! Tune in now!
    14m 7s
  • Correcting Deficiencies That Stop Weight Loss With Supplements

    15 JUL 2023 · Did you ever wonder why you weren't able to lose weight? When you do a program and you follow it like you're supposed to that you don't seem to get the results you wanted? Why you don't get the weight loss you expected? A lot of it comes down to nutrition and deficiency. Today Coach is going to talk to you, in less than 12 minutes about the secrets of why weight loss gets halted and what deficiencies are to blame, all while explaining the natural and logical solution. Sound like a lot in 11 minutes? Well, it is, but the most empowering few minutes to jumpstart ANY weight loss effort and difficulty into a successful run at your goals! Tune in now!
    11m 48s
  • Can You Get Fat From a Car Accident?

    28 JUN 2023 · Can an auto accident or two (or seven!) make you fat? What do millions of car accidents have to do with millions spent on weight loss? What does pain have to do with inability to lose weight? Why does inflammation relate sometimes DIRECTLY to weight loss roller-coastering? Find out the answers to all of this and more as coach Frank even reveals a case study of such a case along with answers for you on how to undo it all and not only lose weight where you couldn't before, but how to keep it off for good and start living out the life you'd always wanted! Tune in now!!!
    14m 33s
  • Spinal Compression, Spacemen Show How to Be Immune

    12 JUN 2023 · Are you stressed and compressed? Carrying stress in your shoulders, neck or back? Have non-chronic pain in those areas? Or maybe something worse like an injury? You'll want to hear this! It just may be this single factor in your environment no one realizes is working against them, compressing you downward with pressure you can't lift. THAT is what Coach Frank reveals in today's episode! You absolutely need to know this one factor. But, if you can't fight back against it, why even bother? Because knowing it, you open the door to space-age technology, literally based on a concept that keeps astronauts and spacemen even coming home slightly taller after their trip to the stars, and certainly feeling better physically than before they left. Can we bring that down to Earth for everyone though? Why should astronauts get all the benefits? Don't you deserve some too? Well, listen to this episode and find out the exact way you can take control of the situation. Learn the one factor that's working against you and how to work around it! Tune in now!
    20m 45s
  • Car Accidents, Even Minor, and their Effects Later in Life

    11 MAY 2023 · Almost 100 episodes and Coach never did one on car accidents! This is the one and in just 12 short minutes, he covers it all! After covering his "Smikey and the Bandit" car situation, where doing a 180 with no car controls left him with whiplash, it left the rest of us with questions: What effects can even a minor car accident have on you? Why does "no more pain" not exempt you from later problems? What effects can accidents have in later years? Why is even a 5 mph accident significant? How do sports injuries mimic auto accidents? How can you change your game and escape these effects? Get answers to all of this and more in just 12 minutes of explanation. Surely an episode you'll listen to again and again, but also share with friends too! Find out how to live pain-free for years to come! Tune in now!

Join Coach Marghella (Dr. Frank Marghella, chiropractor in Franklin TN) with guests and tips, tricks and hacks to getting to your optimum level of fitness no matter what level of...

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Join Coach Marghella (Dr. Frank Marghella, chiropractor in Franklin TN) with guests and tips, tricks and hacks to getting to your optimum level of fitness no matter what level of game you play. From soccer star to soccer mom, there is something for everyone from amateur to pro level. Let Coach Marghella help you achieve your ideal. Presented by Ideal Health and Wellness Center in Franklin, TN.
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