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Speaking of Grief

  • Personal Insights on Forgiveness of Self and Others as it Relates to Grief and Loss.

    27 JUL 2022 · In this, my final Speaking of Grief podcast on Bold Brave Talk, I share some personal stories and insights on how I learned to forgive myself and others after losing my husband to suicide in 2015.
    45m 56s
  • Claudia Coenen-Grief Counselor, Thanatologist, and Author of Shattered by Grief.

    20 JUL 2022 · Claudia Coenen is a certified grief counselor and thanatologist (The study of death, dying, grief, and loss). She presents workshops and lectures on creative ways to process grief. Claudia is the author of Shattered by Grief-Picking Up the Pieces to Become Whole Again and she is currently nurturing a new book; an anthology on creative intervention for grief through a seasonal lens.
    55m 50s
  • Author Denise DeSimone-From Stage IV to Center Stage

    13 JUL 2022 · Karen talks with author, healer, and public speaker, Denise DeSimone about her book. From Stage IV to Center Stage tells of her inspirational, miraculous journey from being diagnosed with stage four throat and neck cancer with possibly only several months to live, to being asked by her beloved Boston Red Sox to sing the National Anthem at renowned Fenway Park.
    55m 46s
  • Grief Healing Through Psychic Mediumship with Psychic Medium and Author, Walter Zajac

    15 JUN 2022 · Gifted Psychic Medium and published author, Walter Zajac, returns for a second time to Speaking of Grief. Today's show will focus on Walter's ability to connect with those who have crossed over, and how engaging a truly gifted Medium to connect with a deceased loved one, can be a wonderful healing modality for those of us who are left behind to grieve their loss. In addition, as a Certified Reiki Master, Walter will share with us how important energy alignment is for the health and wellbeing of our body, mind, and spirit. He will also talk to us about Neuro Linguistic Programming as a healing tool, and if we have time, as a Certified Tarot Card Reader, we can discover how tarot readings may be used to facilitate healing.
    55m 46s
  • Finding Love Again After Loss With Expert Dating and Relationship Coach, Christine Baumgartner

    8 JUN 2022 · Christine Baumgartner, also a widow, has been a successful dating and relationship coach for over 13 years, part of which was coaching for best-selling author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, John Gray. Her Transform Your Dating Life system has helped hundreds of people, including those who have lost a spouse or partner, find love again. Christine also cohosts her own podcast, Let’s Talk Dating, with author of 50 Ways to Love Your Lover, Barry Shelby.
    57m 10s
  • The Grief, Grace, Wisdom, and Joy of Aging With Mindfulness Teacher and Empowerment Life Coach, Cynde Denson.

    1 JUN 2022 · The inevitable loss of our youth and the natural decline of our physical bodies is for many of a certain age, cause of great distress and grief. Mindfulness teacher and Empowerment Coach, Cynde Denson, will discuss her own experience of how her grandmother and mom approached their Golden Years and inevitable transition; embittered, resentful, angry, in denial, and envious of those they saw as having a happier existence—and how she and we can do it differently; how we can become an elder vs. elderly and embrace aging with an attitude of gratitude, mindfulness, surrender, acceptance, and as an opportunity for deeper inner awareness and expansiveness of mind and spirit—and lastly, giving ourselves permission to fully grieve every inevitable loss along the way.
    56m 18s
  • The Grief and Trauma of Sexual, Physical, Emotional Abuse with Author and Counselor, Pamela Malloy

    25 MAY 2022 · Today’s guest is Pamela Malloy. After barely surviving a sexual assault as a child, Pam has since made it her “soul” purpose to not only find a lifelong path to heal herself, but also others who have been abused, either sexually, physically, and/or emotionally. She holds a Masters degree in Counseling and is a Licensed Professional Counselor. As an intuitive healer, Pam’s approach to treatment is holistic and focused on Body/Mind/Spirit. She is also the author of Tales of Tara-The Awakening, the first book of a trilogy that depicts her awakening to the truth of what occurred as well as to the awakening of her own spirituality.
    56m 46s
  • Lisa Joy Walters- Clairaudient Spiritual Medium, author, and former Widow Walking Forward Podcast Host.

    18 MAY 2022 · Karen's guest for the second time, is former author and podcast host of Widow Walking Forward, Lisa Joy Walters. Lisa is also a gifted clairaudient Spiritual Medium who helps connect folks to their loved one's on the other side of the veil. On today's show, Lisa will share with us all that she has been guided to learn from those on the other side, including her very talkative, deceased husband, Doug. I hope you will enjoy this "lively," and "spirited" discussion!
    55m 39s
  • Spiritual Medium and Widow Walking Forward Podcast Host, Lisa Joy Walters

    4 MAY 2022 · Today, Karen speaks with Spiritual Medium and Podcast Host of Widow Walking Forward, Lisa Joy Walters. Lisa will talk about the loss of her beloved husband in 2015, and the healing work she has done and continues to do via her podcast and her gift of connecting people to their loved ones who have crossed over.
    55m 10s
  • Grief/Loss Organization, The Dinner Party-With Host Melanie Wilson

    27 APR 2022 · Melanie Wilson is one of hundreds of people throughout the U.S. who hosts a “virtual table” with a forward-thinking organization. The Dinner Party which we will be discussing on today’s show is a platform/support group by which 20, 30, and 40 somethings can gather together over a meal, whether virtually or in-person to talk about and help each other through a shared experience of grief and loss such as the loss of a parent, sibling, child, partner, spouse, friend…any and all types of loss due to any cause such as illness, accident, addiction, murder, suicide, or acts of God. Through what the Dinner Party calls Affinity Spaces, tables can be and are built by and for people who share a particular loss, experience, or identity
    54m 26s

Welcome to Speaking of Grief with your host Karen Trench. After experiencing a profound loss, Karen is now here to help you illuminate YOUR path of grieving and to give...

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Welcome to Speaking of Grief with your host Karen Trench. After experiencing a profound loss, Karen is now here to help you illuminate YOUR path of grieving and to give some measure of comfort in knowing that you are not alone and you can and will survive whatever hardship or loss that has been laid upon your path.
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