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Sova Tales with Karen OLeary

  • Abe the Service Dog

    3 FEB 2021 · Abe is a service dog. He helps his friend, BJ, around because she is blind. He helps her move safely across the street. He assists her at restaurants and other activities. Listen along to learn more about Abe and his job as a service dog.
    Played 8m 43s
  • Return to Coney Island

    29 FEB 2020 · What happens when an ordinary sleepover with their grandmother turns into an extraordinary magical moment in time for twins, Emma and Simon? They are transported to Coney Island on June 24th, 1928 with a shake of their grandmother's enchanted snow globe. Follow along with the first chapter of Return to Coney Island: The Enchanted Snow Globe Series by Melissa Stoller illustrated by Callie Metler-Smith. For the entire book, purchase here:
    Played 9m 26s
  • Neil Armstrong's Wind Tunnel Dream

    29 FEB 2020 · Neil Armstrong was quite famous for being the first man to walk on the moon. Have you ever wondered what sparked his interests? When he was a little boy his love for airplanes brought him on an amazing journey which led him to building his own wind tunnel. This is only the first chapter. If you are looking to read the entire book, check out Amazon to purchase the full story. Enjoy, Neil Armstrong's Wind Tunnel Dream! Link:
    Played 7m 21s
  • The Real Farmer In The Dell

    29 FEB 2020 · The Real Farmer in the Dell by Sandra Sutter is an updated version of the well known story The Farmer in the Dell. Sing-a-long to this fun version of the story. Your kids will be asking you to listen to it over and over and you will be humming along too! Enjoy!
    Played 3m 52s
  • The Story of Babar the Little Elephant

    28 FEB 2020 · Babar was a curious elephant who had many adventures. This story of Babar the Little Elephant is geared toward children range from Kindergarten to third grade. Babar loses him mother at the beginning of the story so if this is sensitive, please fast forward through the beginning part of the story. Babar leaves his home and goes to the city and connects with a nice woman. He does find his way back to his home and his family and friends. He is welcomed back with open arms. Enjoy the story of Babar the Little Elephant.
    Played 8m 54s
  • Thank You Ma'am

    28 FEB 2020 · Thank You Ma'am, a story written by the great Langston Hughes. This story is about a little boy who wants to buy blue suede shows, but he goes about it the wrong way. When he meets up with Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones, she teaches him a thing or two about what happens when you go about trying to get something in a "devilish way." Langston Hughes' story is great for listeners from kindergarten/first grade through sixth grade.
    Played 10m 24s
  • Yertle The Turtle

    28 FEB 2020 · Yertle the Turtle, a Dr. Seuss character, who is unhappy with his small stone throne. He decides to gather turtles from around the pond to stack upon one another so that his thrown can become ever higher. Initially, the throne is not high enough, so he wants more turtles to stack upon each other to make himself as high as he possibly can, until that plan ends up falling Listen along to the turtle who wants to be the greatest king of the pond, but his power ends up going to his head. Reading Level is Grade 2-3, Listening Level great for many age ranges to connect with how power cannot be held by only own person for a successful society.
    Played 8m 9s
  • Pull a Funy Face

    28 FEB 2020 · Dinosaurs are amazing characters to have in children's books. Bertie is a T.Rex who is trying to figure out a way to make friends. He does not want them to be afraid of him. Listen along to figure out what he does to make them laugh. This story is a great lesson about judging others and realizing that dinosaurs or other things in life that may seam scary really have something wonderful to offer, especially when you find humor.
    Played 4m 20s
  • Best House of All

    28 FEB 2020 · Have a little architect? This little girl is a budding architect. While she is discovering places to live, she finds the best home of all.
    Played 3m 37s
  • Alfie Blows Bubbles

    28 FEB 2020 · Alfi Blows Bubbles is a story about a boy who goes on a high flying adventure. Enjoy the story Alfi Blows Bubbles by Tony J. Moon.
    Played 7m 23s

A kid-lit podcast with engaging stories read aloud and layered with captivating sound effects. Our mission is to make literacy more accessible to students. We also try to provide dimension...

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A kid-lit podcast with engaging stories read aloud and layered with captivating sound effects. Our mission is to make literacy more accessible to students. We also try to provide dimension to stories by adding in sounds effects to help engage more reluctant readers. We are motivated to closing the achievement gap and summer slide by making audible stories available to young learners.
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