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Soulmate Twin Flame Gurus

  • What Does A Twin Flame Chaser Experience During Separation?

    31 JUL 2023 · A twin flame chaser experiences a wide range of emotions and heartache during a separation phase from their twin flame. A twin flame runner runs for a variety of reasons and they will have their own experiences. The twin flame chaser experiences something completely different and it can leave them feeling devastated, lost and confused. Some will even question their own sanity at times. We mention in this episode two different YouTube videos that may help a twin flame chaser understand what the runner experiences as well as how to do deal with twin flame sickness when their separation becomes too painful.
    12m 18s
  • Your Twin Flame is Dating or in Another Relationship! Now What?!

    10 MAR 2023 · Twin flames can meet when one or both of them is in another relationship. Now, just because you or your twin flame are in other relationships does not make them a false twin flame. The twin flame journey is always one of the most challenging connections we experience. But when your twin flame is dating someone else, or in another relationship, it is so hard to deal with. Here are some tips on what you can do if you're in this situation.
    11m 12s
  • Why a Twin Flame is in Denial

    6 MAR 2023 · Many twin flames, sadly enough, deny the connection to their twin flame. When a twin flame denies your connection, although you know its there, it is really a difficult situation to manage. And it can be heartbreaking. Twin flame denial happens for a variety of reasons, and in this podcast we will discuss some of those issues.
    10m 18s
  • My Twin Flame Just Wants to be Friends! Now What?!?

    3 MAR 2023 · Have you been friend zoned by your twin flame? Well what happens next?? During a twin flame journey, the suggestion of being just friends can often come up. Some may decide right away that they just want to be friends, while others may change their mind a bit further down the path of their twin flame journey. Can twin flames truly stay in the friend zone? Yes BUT it is much more rare than romantic twin flames. Why does this happen and what should you do when it does?
    10m 43s
  • Why a Twin Flame Ignores, Ghosts or Blocks You

    27 FEB 2023 · The three behaviors of ghosting, ignoring and blocking often go together, and the reasons are often the same. You would think if someone to blocks you, ghosts you, or ignores you, you have done or said something really, really BAD. It really is a cold, and dare I say rude and cowardly thing to do to someone, yet is happens to so many people in relationships these days.. even to twin flames. And is that truly the behavior of a spiritual partner? Sadly in many cases, yes it is.
    12m 22s
  • Divine Timing in Twin Flame Relationships

    23 JAN 2023 · Divine timing determines when a twin flame enters your life. It's the time you set with your twin flame, in your twin flame blueprints, that designates when, where and how you will first meet. Sometimes waiting for that divine timing to occur can be frustrating, and this is the time to turn your focus to yourself and your own spiritual growth. This will make sure you're ready when your twin flame does appear.
    8m 3s
  • Why Twin Flame Runners Run

    16 JAN 2023 · When you twin flame decides to become a twin flame runner it can leave you feeling devasted, lost and confused. There are many reasons why a twin flame can become a runner and run from your twin flame connection. Here are our top reasons why twin flames runners run. *Our Music License
    9m 14s
  • The Importance of Inner Work for Twin Flames

    9 JAN 2023 · Inner work is a crucial part of any twin flame journey. Twin flame unions are a spiritual connection so it's important to continue spiritual and personal growth as part of that journey. Ideally this should be done on an individual basis as well as with your twin flame.
    15m 32s
  • Twin Flame Connections and the Responsibility That Comes with Them

    19 DEC 2022 · Whatever the reason or the cause, these connections exist, we can’t claim we have no responsibility in how we deal with them nor how we handle them. So many people want to know why they have this connection, what does it mean, and what the point of it is. What people really need to do is open their eyes to their individual responsibility regarding this spiritual connection and what power they have concerning it as well as what power they don't have with their twin flame connection.
    21m 3s
  • Soulmate and Twin Flame Telepathy

    16 DEC 2022 · Telepathy exists between many soulmates and twin flames. Telepathy is defined as communication from one mind to another by extra-sensory means. Whether it’s a romantic partner, friend or family member, many people experience this ability to know what is going on with the other. Do you share a telepathic connection with your soulmate or twinflame? Or anyone else?
    8m 16s

Soulmate and twin flame relationships can be challenging at times, especially when problems arise. Sarah and Sophia are soulmate twin flame relationship experts with over 30 years experience in guiding...

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Soulmate and twin flame relationships can be challenging at times, especially when problems arise. Sarah and Sophia are soulmate twin flame relationship experts with over 30 years experience in guiding many thousands from around the world navigate issues in their spiritual partnerships.
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