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  • Episode 19: Happy (Healthcare) Holidays

    19 DEC 2018 · The end of the year is a time for reflection. A look back at what's come before as we embrace each other (and ourselves) for the year ahead. And looking back at 2018, things weren't all that bad - as long as you don't look too close at the American Healthcare System. But rest assured, Seth Denson is back and ready to talk about it. And today, on the final 2018 episode of Somewhere in the Middle, we'll be looking back at what happened in the year, looking forward at what's next, and most importantly, talking about how we can fix the healthcare system.
  • Episode 18: Somewhere In The Midterms

    7 NOV 2018 · Keen listeners of the show will know that Somewhere In The Middle is normally a program that broadcasts on Mondays. However, last night was the national midterm election and doing a show the day before the big day just didn't seem right. So this week, Episode 18 of Somewhere In The Middle picks up on the day after the midterm election, following the Republican's party's retention of the Senate and the Democratic's Party's victory in the House. Folks on the left may say their side was victorious, whereas folks on the right might say their side won too. Despite our differences, following an election like this one will surely lead to calmer minds and cooler heads... right?
    51m 19s
  • Episode 17: For Goodness Sake

    30 OCT 2018 · This week on Somewhere In The Middle, Seth returns from hiatus to talk about recent happenings in political news, update on the midterm elections, and share a few words on the tragedies of this past Saturday.
    52m 11s
  • Episode 16: They-bies?

    15 OCT 2018 · This week, the state of New York passed a law electing for parents of newborns to choose their babies gender as a Male, Female, or an "X." The idea is for the newborn to grow up, and decide for themselves how they believe they should be categorized by gender. Safe to say folks are a little divided on the whole thing. And when folks are divided, there's no better time to find a place for conversation somewhere in the middle.
    39m 9s
  • Episode 15: #shutupandvote

    11 OCT 2018 · Two weeks ago, Kanye West encouraged audiences at NBC's Saturday Night Live to pursue conservative ideologies. Last week, Taylor Swift broke her political silence and encouraged her fans to vote for democrats. And at the top of it all, in 2016, we elected a television host to be our President. It's safe to say America's got a problem with celebrities. But who should we be listening to? Should we be listening to anybody at all? Is there an answer somewhere in the middle?
    49m 35s
  • Episode 14: Catching Up

    1 OCT 2018 · This week on Somewhere In The Middle, there's been a lot of news that's been swept under the rug due to the overxposure of public limelight on the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. Texas Senate democratic candidate Beto O'Rourke holds a 55,000 person rally in Texas, Elon Musk is removed from his ivory tower as chairman of Tesla, and the White House orders an FBI investigation into the allegations against Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh. What does all of this say about America in 2018? The answer might surprise you.
    1h 5m 53s
  • Episode 13: Court of Public Opinion

    25 SEP 2018 · In the age of Facebook, Twitter, and snap judgements, public opinion seems to shift about as fast as the internet moves. And when you're electing somebody to the highest court in the land, fact is, you've gotta get things right, regardless of what the peanut gallery might think. Today on the show, Seth invites Scott Snellings back onto the program along with Andrew and Zach to talk about Brett Kavanaugh's process of nomination to the Supreme Court, and how the allegations (and public opinion around it) have shaped the process - for better or worse.
    58m 50s
  • Episode 12: Pulling Weeds

    17 SEP 2018 · This week on Somewhere In The Middle, we're talking about an issue that seems to be coming up more and more each election season- medical (and recreational) marijuana. Why is it legal in some places, but not others? Is the federal government turning a blind eye to the whole thing, or is something being done? And most importantly, what's the big deal anyway?
    40m 21s
  • Episode 11: Just Do It

    10 SEP 2018 · In the wake of a certain shoe company's promotion of a certain athlete, Seth tackles a controversial topic that's been making waves since it's debut on the national gridiron in 2017 - kneeling during the national anthem. Is taking a knee a desecration of our patriotism? Is it an exercise of our very first amendment right? Or is there an answer somewhere in the middle?
    42m 54s
  • Episode 10: Agape Ministries with Floyd Stanley

    28 AUG 2018 · Today on Somewhere In the Middle, we take a (fairly short) step away from politics to talk about something a few keen-eared listeners from last week's show may remember - Agape International Missions. Believe it or not, Floyd Stanley happened to be in town to send his daughter off to college and we managed to get him in studio to talk to us about his transition from living a comfortable life in the states to giving a comfortable life in Uganda and Cambodia. Rest assured, we get to politics towards the end, but Floyd's is a story worth hearing. You won't want to miss it. If you'd like to get involved or learn more about Agape International Missions, check out their website at
    1h 5m 11s

It's probably safe to say that politics are a little divisive in our United States. The 24 hour news cycle has drastically altered the way we receive and interpret information,...

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It's probably safe to say that politics are a little divisive in our United States. The 24 hour news cycle has drastically altered the way we receive and interpret information, and suddenly we're in a world where Twitter is leading the news. And while some might claim that the truth is relative, it's not hard to realize that people are divided. So what's the secret to getting back in sync; to falling back in step and finding a common ground with each other? Seth Denson might just have the answer.

Welcome to Somewhere In The Middle.
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