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  • What could have happened to Jay Slater?

    24 JUN 2024 · Jay Slater went missing while on holiday on the island of Tenerife last week. The last known contact the 19-year-old had was during a short phone call to a friend, in which he said he had missed a bus trying to get back to his accommodation and so was attempting to walk instead - a journey that would take 11 hours.      Rescue teams including helicopters, rescue dogs and drones have entered the second week of the search, as his family and friends become desperate for answers. What could have happened to him?      On this episode, Niall Paterson learns more about Jay Slater’s story and what might have happened to him from our correspondent Shingi Mararike. Plus, Sue Sim, former chief constable of Northumbria Police, joins Niall to discuss the social media wildfire surrounding the case.  Producer: Emma Rae Woodhouse  Editor: Philly Beaumont 
    Played 19m 56s
  • Why won't politicians really talk about social care?

    21 JUN 2024 · Four out of five people will need social care before they die - yet it's hardly been mentioned in the election campaign to date.       The architect of the government's delayed social care reforms, Sir Andrew Dilnot, has told Sky News politicians need to "grow up" and tackle the crisis in the sector.       On this episode of the Sky News Daily, Niall Paterson is joined by political correspondent Rob Powell to discuss the current state of social care and what political parties are promising to change.       We also hear from Norman Phillips who is a full-time carer for his wife, Ros, who lives with multiple sclerosis and dementia. He tells them the physical, mental and financial toll the lack of access to social care is taking on their lives. Producer: Sydney Pead  Editor: Philly Beaumont 
    Played 21m 42s
  • Putin, North Korea and a ballistic bromance

    20 JUN 2024 · Russia and North Korea have signed a defence pact to help each other in the event of aggression against them. As part of a two day trip, Putin visited Pyongyang, greeted by a red carpet, roses and ceremonial gunfire before signing what Kim Jong Un has called an alliance. On the Sky News Daily, Niall Paterson speaks to Sky's Moscow correspondent Ivor Bennett and Beijing correspondent Nicole Johnston about what this unusual relationship between the leaders means for their respective countries, and the rest of the world. Producer: Sydney Pead Editor: Philly Beaumont Promotions Producer: David Chipakupaku
    Played 19m 9s
  • Poll suggests record Tory slump - what could change in two weeks?

    19 JUN 2024 · Sky News has partnered with YouGov for the general election campaign and today the second of their three MRP polling projections is out.    It makes for very bleak reading for the Conservatives, suggesting they have not made any gains during the campaign and could slump to historically low seat numbers.       The poll also suggests Labour's majority is up, the Liberal Democrats are up as well and Reform UK could win several seats.      On this episode, Niall Paterson analyses the implications of today’s poll with our deputy political editor Sam Coates.     Plus, Sky’s political correspondent Tamara Cohen joins us from Edinburgh where she was at the launch of the SNP manifesto.  Producers: Sydney Pead  Podcast Promotions Producer: David Chipakupaku    Editor: Wendy Parker
    Played 20m 30s
  • 'We need to have an adult conversation about migration'

    18 JUN 2024 · More people in the UK think immigration has a negative impact on society than a positive one, according to a YouGov survey for Sky News.        In the first general election since Brexit, all the major parties mention migration in their manifestos. Both the Conservatives and Labour are placing promises to tackle illegal boat crossings high on their list of promises if they get into Number 10.       So what do voters think about immigration and how could it affect these elections?   Host Niall Paterson is joined by Sky News’ community correspondent, Becky Johnson, who’s been speaking to voters in Swindon about their views. Plus, economics and data editor Ed Conway digs into the statistics to reveal exactly how big an impact migration, both legal and illegal, has on the UK.       Producers: Emma-Rae Woodhouse   Podcast Promotions Producer: David Chipakupaku    Editor: Philly Beaumont  
    Played 21m 3s
  • Reform's election promises examined | Royal return

    17 JUN 2024 · Reform have launched their manifesto which they're calling "Our Contract With You" in South Wales.  The "contract" is promising big spending, dwarfing what Labour and the Conservatives have committed to.  The party says it will pay for the plans by measures including scrapping net zero targets and what remains of HS2.  In this episode Niall Paterson gets analysis on what's in the "contract" from our chief political correspondent Jon Craig.  He also speaks with our royal correspondent Rhiannon Mills about the Princess of Wales and the King – and their return to public life.  Full list of candidates for North West Essex constituency, which we mention in the podcast:   -Kemi Badenoch, Conservative and Unionist Party   -Erik Bonino, Independent  -Edward Gildea, Green Party  -Andrew David Green, Independent  -Niko Omilana, Independent  -Smita Rajesh, Liberal Democrats   -Grant StClair-Armstrong, Reform UK  -Issy White, Labour Party  Producer: Emma Rae Woodhouse  Editor: Wendy Parker 
    Played 20m 33s
  • Is new Ukraine support a 'game-changer?' | Your Euro 2024 primer

    14 JUN 2024 · In a show of unity aimed at President Putin, G7 leaders meeting in Italy this week finally agreed to a deal to use profits from frozen Russian assets to provide around $50bn (£40bn) worth of support to Ukraine. And in another significant announcement, President Biden signed a 10-year bilateral security deal between the US and Ukraine which Kyiv is calling 'historic'.     On this episode, Niall Paterson explores the impact these deals will have for Ukraine in its war against Russia with international editor Dominic Waghorn.     Plus, Rob Harris, our sports correspondent, joins Niall to talk us through what to look out for as the European football championships get under way.    Producer: Sydney Pead  Editor: Wendy Parker  Promotions producer: Jada-Kai Meosa John 
    Played 20m 9s
  • Got any change? Why were there no surprises in Labour’s manifesto?

    13 JUN 2024 · It was Labour’s turn to launch their election manifesto today. It was a restatement of the party’s main policies with no surprise announcements in the 133-page document.       Sir Keir Starmer reiterated his key pledges including no new taxes on “working people” and a promise of “economic stability”.     Niall Paterson digs into Labour’s promise of economic growth with Ed Conway, Sky’s economics and data editor, and speaks to political correspondent Serena Barker-Singh, who was at the launch in Manchester.      Plus, John McTernan, political strategist and former political secretary to Tony Blair, discusses the politics of their manifesto and whether it matters that there were no new announcements.    Producer: Sydney Pead  Editor: Wendy Parker  Promotions Producer: Jada-Kai Meosa John
    Played 20m 50s
  • Is bigger always better? Why smaller parties are having a good election

    12 JUN 2024 · While the Conservatives and Labour battle it out for No10, recent polling reflects a changing mood from the electorate towards the smaller parties.      The latest YouGov poll suggests Reform UK have climbed within one point of the Conservatives, the Lib Dems are up four points, and Labour are dropping below 40%. In 2017, the two big parties got 82% of the vote. Now, the combined Labour-Tory vote could be as low as 56%.     With the Green Party launching its manifesto today, on this episode of the Sky News Daily, Niall Paterson and our deputy political editor Sam Coates dive into the dissatisfaction with Sunak and Starmer.      Plus, Scarlett Maguire, pollster with JL Partners, discusses how well the smaller parties are doing.    Producer: Sydney Pead Editor: Wendy Parker
    Played 19m 37s
  • Can the Conservative Party manifesto revive Sunak's campaign?

    11 JUN 2024 · Rishi Sunak has launched the Conservative's election manifesto, promising to slash taxes in a bid to revive the party's floundering campaign.       In his address at the home of the British Grand Prix, the prime minister pledged £17bn in tax cuts including lowering national insurance by 2p, scrapping it entirely for the self-employed and stopping state pensions being taxed with "triple lock plus" - which the party said would all be paid for with £12bn in cuts to the civil service and welfare.     But will it be enough to turn around the fortunes of the Conservatives?     Today on the Daily, Niall Paterson crunches the numbers with Sky's economics and data editor Ed Conway and political communications strategist Jo Tanner unpicks what the Tories are trying to do with this manifesto. Plus, Sky News' political correspondent Darren McCaffrey on if it will shift the dial for the election.    Podcast Producer: Sydney Pead Podcast Promotions Producer: Jada-Kai Meosa John Editor: Philly Beaumont 
    Played 24m 1s
The Sky News Daily podcast with Niall Paterson brings a deeper look at the big stories - with Sky News correspondents and expert guests.

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